In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.

Tom Landry saw unconquered expanse and through his steady and unwavering vision carved out the broad landscape of America’s Team, a utopia for all others on Earth to bear testament to.

Jimmy Johnson razed that Earth in order to plant the seeds in its scorched ashes for nothing short of brilliance emanating from the night’s sky; shone down intensely from the Dallas Cowboys’ Star.

Jason Garrett seemingly resurrected those malnourished roots, left putrid and rotten to the core by the incompetence of the forgotten ones, the malfeasant and ineffective ex-caretakers; in order that our limbs may reach towards those heavens and firmly reestablish what is rightfully ours. To regain our God given appointment as the brightest star in the skies.

Like a phoenix from the ashes of a 1-7 debacle, Coach Garrett put into place his plan. Perfectly planned, perfectly executed, and perfectly delivered. More astonishing though is the number of moves ahead Jason Garrett was. Fellow Cowboys fans, we are witnessing nothing short of Grandmaster at work, Red Jesus has just opened with a Queen’s gambit and already has the end game worked out. While we were busy blogging about Marion Barber’s tie, extolling the virtues of publicly flogging Roy Williams, and celebrating seemingly meaningless victories here and there; Red J was doing all of that and more, had his eye on the prize, masterfully crafting a chain of events that will lead to prominence.

Think about it for a second. The Cowboys went out and interviewed a few different defensive coordinators before snatching up Rob Ryan once he got the final approval from the Godfather. Greg Manusky? The 49ers defensive coordinator? I always got the feeling that Garrett didn't want him to run his defense. He met Rob, I'm sure had an insanely intensive interview and then gave the go ahead for him to join the staff. Days later it comes to light that the Eagles have just fired their defensive coordinator. Think about the title "Rob Ryan to the Eagles" for a few seconds. Unsettling isn’t it? Now take that fear and strike it into the hearts of our oppositions next season when the Cowboys use several different fronts and blitzes that have never been seen before in the NFC East against Eli Manning, Michael Vick, and whatever turd Dan Snyder can squeeze out to play QB for the Redskins next season. I vehemently opine that our defense improved immediately as soon as Rob was signed on board. After all, if Rob Ryan went to the Eagles, somewhere in the back of your mind you would instantly respect their defense that much more. We wouldn’t admit it as Cowboys fans, but all that offensive firepower, and a defense to go with it, would make for tense weeks before Eagles games.

That’s not even taking into account the cornucopia of players that Ryan has connections to in this league. Rogers? Gocong? Jackson? Hell, Asomogha? Check, all free agents and all deeply satisfied customers of Rob. Plus, I have no doubts in my mind that Rex is looking out for his little brother; feeding each other pertinent information. If we could sign Gocong or Jackson and Shaun Rogers this defense gets a lot scarier. I see ILB as a position of weakness and do think we could use another monster on the defensive line to help rotate our players and keep them fresh. I know they were injured, but maybe it’s all part of the plan, maybe that’s what takes me to my next bullet point.

Bill Belichick, one of the most revered head coaches in the history of the league, just had a diamond bullet taken out of his pearl handled, jewel encrusted, golden six-shooter. Mike Woicik. I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I always had the feeling that Junior Seau and Teddy Bruschi had to be using some kind of performance enhancers. These guys were no spring chickens and they were winning championships, I watched in disgust as these geezers would fly around on the field making play after play despite going through a grueling 16 game season and being in successive post seasons in the years prior. No, it wasn't 'roids; apparently they just had the greatest strength and condition coach to ever grace the National Football League. He can train players for speed, for strength, for durability, for stamina, to rehab injuries, and to stay injury free. These athletes are finely tuned machines, and lo and behold we just acquired the best mechanic for the job. Think about a healthy Sean Lee making plays all next year, a stronger offensive line generating more push, a swifter and more punishing Felix Jones and Tashard Choice pounding the rock, a quicker and more voracious defensive line, Ratliff and Ware actually holding up near the end of the year. Maybe he can even condition Roy Williams to run with his legs straight, not like a newly born deer walking for the first time. Maybe, but he's just a man not a miracle worker. Oh, if you’re keeping score, that’s Jason Garrett 2, Pats and Eagles 0.

Jason Garrett was just a hair away from stealing Ray Horton of the Pittsburgh Steelers to coach the Cowboys defensive backs. It was an offer from Arizona that elevated his status to that of defensive coordinator which blocked the move from occurring; and the irascible Dave Campo from being demoted to Waterboys Coach, gotta keep our guys fresh now. When Jerry Jones made a comment that his goal this off season was to assemble a super staff of coaches for us, Svengali Garrett probably just smirked and made an evil pyramid with his fingers; knowing his pet mouthpiece and walking checkbook was out unknowingly spreading his gospel. You know what though? He had the plan laid out for us. I'm sure he's known Dave Campo for a long time and probably respects him as a friend; but if he can improve the coaching players receive, and in turn their production, he will. Coaches want to flock to him. Ryan could have probably been the head coach of the Raiders. He wanted to be the defensive coordinator of the Cowboys. Woicik was at the door to another Super Bowl ring, unlike the Cowboys who are perennially contenders in August; the Patriots are always contenders in January when it actually matters. The same for Horton, he was willing to pack up his bags and come into Dallas to work the exact same position, with a lot less proven talent in the secondary. I mean why would a coach from a team that just played in the Super Bowl want to work for us? Hmm, maybe we should ask ..

Wide Receivers coach Jimmy Robinson. This has already been discussed, but he really has had a  phenomenal run at coaching up talent; and if you were paying attention you saw the Packers receivers just abuse the Steeler's secondary. Nobody criticized the play calling ratio in that game, and I'm sure Jason Garrett wouldn't mind being able to just play pitch and catch all day with our talented receiving corps. I know a lot of people think this move was made with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant in mind; but was it? Obviously they're going to benefit but who will benefit the most? Miles Austin is a hard working athlete, he's going to come back with aplomb next year. Dez Bryant is a physical freak, I could probably coach him and he would break a thousand yards next year if he stays healthy; which he will thanks to our newfound Styx river. No, I think Jason Garrett knows that our depth is going to really be the benefactor of this move. Can you imagine what our offense will look like when the lights finally go on for Ogletree? We'll have three tall, fast, and strong receivers to keep defensive coordinators up at night. All I can say is that if Ogletree's 4.3 speed can get its act together he'd be a better third wideout than Jordy Nelson's 4.5 speed, and Robinson is just the man to do that. Who knows, maybe the Great One believes that Roy Williams can be salvaged and would play for Dallas for a reduced salary; using his intellectual acuity that us mere mortals cannot fathom.

When Wade Phillips was fired we were all wondering whether or not Garrett would be able to cut it as a head coach. What really happened was the machinations slowly began churning and gearing towards spectacular moves that I don't think we fully fathom now. Rob Ryan forewent the opportunity to be a head coach in this league in order to be the DC for Jason. Woicik and Robinson left proven winners to climb onboard. If Horton hadn't been offered a loftier title than DBs coach it's likely he too would have jumped ship.

In fact, John Garrett was offered the position of offensive coordinator of the Dolphins and shot them down. Why? Why would they do this? I'll tell you why, because Jason Garrett is just a natural born leader. People want to follow him because they know he's headed towards great things. And why does Jason do it? Why did he turn down the Ravens and Falcons for their head coaching positions? Jason is just like us, BTB. He's a die hard Cowboys fan. His dad worked for them and every Sunday he probably sat down and watched the Cowboys play with his family; Tom Landry stoically on the sideline leading men towards victory and dreamed the passionate dream. One day, he probably thought to himself, one day I'm going to be the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

So is it fate BTB? I don't know, but everything is coming together so well for us; could this be a precursor of what's to come?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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