How They would Fit...the OMG we picked ANOTHER WR!!!! WTF!!! Edition

This series is looking at specific players and how they would fit into the Dallas roster using the current roster as a baseline.  I will be giving other options, such as if Dallas gets "player X", and adjusting the roster to fit. Also I will be using the top free agents in this role, for the simple fact that A) Jerry likes to "go Big", and B) it is my post. Any opinions expressed are my opinions only and do not reflect the opinions of the Dallas Cowboys, SB Nation or their affiliates. 

Why did I put the disclaimer first? Because I can see them now...Dallas doesn't need a WR!, Why would we draft one?...etc etc. So why do the post? Well because there is a chance that Dallas drafts him. I can see it now, if Green falls down to the  7-8th pick I can see Jerry On the Phone trying to move up to get him. But why would he Fall? Well lets look at the teams drafting ahead of us...

1. Carolina- They could draft Fairley here to bolster the Pass Rush

2. Broncos- may need to replace Bailey, Drafts Petersen

3. Bills.- recently switched to a 3-4, and has a pretty good WR core already drafts Dareus

4. Bengals- Drafts Bowers, hopes that Palmer can make Chad and TO work

5. Cardinals- already have Larry Fitz, Drafts Von Miller to bolster the Pass Rush

6. Browns- Another team that I don't see AJ making it past, but they draft Cameron Jordan instead.

7. 49ers- need secondary help and take Jimmy Smith CB

8. Titans- havent been the same defensively since Hanyesworth left, take Quinn

9 Cowboys- Take AJ Green...Why?..Because he is BPA at this stage...He is widely considered the Best prospect in the draft. If some how he falls this far it would be like getting when we got D-Ware at # 11 in 2005... here is what we know about him now....

Name: *A.J. Green 
College: Georgia     Number: 8
Height: 6-4   Weight: 212 
Position: WR  Pos2: 
Class/Draft Year: Jr/2011
40 Time: 4.49      40 Low: 4.38   40 High: 4.58 
Projected Round: 1  Stock:     
Rated number 1 out of 362 WR's 

So how would Green Fit? Lets look at it shall we?

If this happened RW automatically gets cut, I really don't see him taking that big of a paycut considering he would be the #4 WR. So AJ becomes the 3rd WR right? Maybe, maybe not. We all saw how Dez performed during TC and OTA's. Well AJ is as good if not better than Dez.  So if he performs like Dez did,  I could see where Miles becomes the #3, AJ # 2 and Dez #1. How Scary would that be?  Here is What Dallas Could Do:

Base set: 3 WR's 1 RB 1 TE.

WR's -Dez ,Green, Austin

RB- Felix

TE- Witten

By utilizing the 3 WR base set Dallas Forces the "D" into a Nickel/ Dime Package. This opens up running lanes for Felix by spreading the Defense out. Once Felix has gashed them a couple of times, that opens up the Passing Game. And what a Game it would be. You want to Double Dez? Here how about a few tosses to MIles or Witten Down the Seam. You what to man up and Blitz? A few Screens and Slants to Dez or Green will solve that. Oh so you want to drop 8 into Coverage? here have some more Felix...

Well that is my take on AJ Green, short post I know but frankly he is a WR...a great one perhaps but Just a WR.

Here are some Highlights of Green for your viewing pleasure:

AJ Green: The Perfect Receiver (via johnsobasky)

Now the chances of Green even making it past #4 (Bengals) are basically nil. Not to mention St Louis would be beating the door down to leap frog Washington to get him. but like I said in the Disclaimer this is simply an exercise. I am not advocating That Dallas actually Draft him...but you have to admit it would be sick.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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