What Wes Bunting Says...The Latest Ironman Mock Draft

First off I want to say that there has been a lot of great Mocks these days. Several people have invested a lot of time and effort into these mocks. and it shows. I myself have done several. Now most people have said "We need to trade down because we wont find an "impact player" at #9. I disagree, Tyron Smith, Von MIller, Cameron Jordan, Robert Quinn and  possibly Prince Amukamara, all have a solid chance to slip down to #9.

So Lets assume that Dallas doesn't trade out of the #9 pick. Now what? Should they simply Draft at the spot that they are at? Or maybe look to move back into the First round? Or How about this....

First round.

At #9 Dallas Selects Von MIller, OLB- Texas A&M: With all the hype around Prince, Jordan, and Smith, Miller could potentially get "lost" in the hype.  If those four are taken with in the top 8, (not that unlikely) plus considering the top 3( Fairley, Peterson and Green) then add in Bowers and Quinn( who could benefit from Dez Bryant's success this past year) that puts Von Miller on our Door step. Here is what Wes Bunting Says about him:

An undersized pass rusher who does the majority of his work from a two-point stance. Possesses a great first step and has the initial burst to consistently threaten the edge with his outside speed rush. Is routinely one of the first defensive linemen moving off the ball and really maximizes his initial burst with his good awareness off the snap. Plays with a great motor and always seems to be working hard toward the football. Does a nice job dropping his shoulder initially off the edge, really gives opposing linemen a little target to hit and seems to be sinking his hips and frame over more as a senior when trying to flatten out around the edge. However, will get a bit upright at times when just trying to win with his initial burst and can be pushed past the play easily. 

He's very sudden and quick when attacking up the field and does a great job working the inside shimmy initially, planting his foot in the ground and exploding up the field. Closes quickly on the quarterback once he gains a step and has the lower body strength to fight his way through contact. Possesses good body control and fluidity when asked to change directions and definitely has some lateral quickness to his game as a pass rusher. However, he isn't nearly as effective once an opposing lineman is able to get his hands on him, as he tends to lose balance at times and can be easily kept at bay. Lacks ideal power on his bull rush, allows his pad level to get too high and struggles to disengage through the contact. But, he does display above-average strength in his hands and does a nice job extending his arms into blocks, keeping himself clean and suddenly disengaging from opposing linemen when trying to work his way inside initially off the snap. 

Struggles to stack and shed in the run game. Lacks ideal power on contact and doesn't exhibit the base to sit into his stance, hold the point of attack and shed blocks vs. opposing linemen. Is easily sealed from the ball and can at times be handled by the tight end. However, has showcased impressive fluidity and quickness in coverage this year when asked to drop off in zone and not rush the passer, which really helps his stock as a potential 3-4 rush linebacker. Fought through an early season ankle injury and displayed the type of passion and toughness to play through it despite the fact he wasn't 100 percent. Got healthy as the year went on and was one of the most dominant pass rushers during the second half of the season in all of college football. 

Impression: An explosive pass rusher who has the awareness and first step to consistently win off the snap. Definitely has the ability to be a productive pass rushing 3-4 OLB at the next level. He just needs to continue to polish his game and learn to use his hands a bit better when engaged.

While I admit that he is not the Typical ILB, I would love for him to be lined up next to Ware every down...Just think about that for a the way... Miller put up a 4.06 in the SS with a 37" Vertical Leap.... for Reference DeMarcus Ware put up a 4.07 SS with a 38.5" Vertical Leap....

Second Round

( Dallas trades with New Orleans who get the 41st pick, Dallas receives the 56th and 88th pick in return.)

At 56 Dallas Selects Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor: Due to "Character concerns", and weight issues, Taylor could fall this far. This would be a boon for Dallas as they would be getting one of the better DT's in the draft. He could line up next to Ratliff at either the NT or DE spot between Ware and Ratliff and create all sorts of Mismatches along the line. Lets Look at what Wes has to say about him:

A massive interior lineman with a thick lower half who actually looks to carry his weight pretty well. Exhibits a good first step off the snap for his size and at times can be very violent with his hands when trying to make his way toward the football on perimeter runs. Is a better pass rusher than given credit for and seems improved from last season. Displays some natural power on his bull rush when blocked one-on-one inside. But isn't consistently overpowering because he allows his pad level to get too high and rarely keeps his base under him. Needs to do a better job using his length and hands to dictate to blocks initially off the snap, doesn't extend his arms until well into contact and consistently allows opposing linemen to get under his frame. However, there is a definite improvement in his overall lateral quickness/balance as a pass rusher. He does display some quickness laterally for his size and his combination of size, length and power allow him to slip blocks at times off the ball and fight his way through contact one-on-one. 

Exhibits the kind of lower body strength and natural get-off burst to simply overwhelm blockers at the point of attack vs. the run game. Can simply manhandle opposing linemen one-on-one inside and quickly drive his way into the backfield. Is stout at the point of attack inside and even shows the grace to cleanly move down the line, fend off a block and make his way toward the ball carrier. However, he's still very raw, allowing his pad level again to get too high and failing to consistently extend his arms into blocks, which at times is the difference from him making the play and not. Isn't overly instinctive at this stage either and will struggle to consistently diagnose his run/pass keys quickly and find the football. Would like to see him do a better job sitting into his stance to anchor as well; it would really allow him to play much stronger inside vs. the double. 

Impression: He's got a big frame, a pretty good step for his size and is really powerful both in his upper and lower body. However, technically he's slightly improved but still raw. Nevertheless, I think he's an intriguing tackle prospect because of his size and athleticism. Does have some character concerns though as well and seems like a real boom or burst kind of prospect

Now Just think  about this... With the First two Picks Dallas gets its pass rush fixed.... Miller allows Ryan to Move Ware around, plus Miller himself could move around also. Then you Factor in the Fact that Taylor could easily play the NT spot, thus Allowing Ratliff to move to Any DL spot.... Scary Huh?

Third Round

With the 73rd pick Dallas selects Kelvin Sheppard, ILB, LSU: With Bradie James reaching 30, Dallas needs to draft his replacement. They do so with Kelvin Sheppard. While Dallas hopes that Von MIller can make the move to ILB, they still draft a "backup plan". Kelvin could come in and provide an immediate impact at ILB, and provide insurance if Miller can't make the transition to ILB. What Wes Bunting has to say: 

A thickly put together linebacker who does exhibit an explosive element to his game. Possesses a good first step when asked to attack the line of scrimmage, gets up to speed quickly and knows how to make his way into the backfield once he locates the football. Displays a good thrust from his hips as well when asked to wrap up on contact. Can be a physical striker in a phone booth who loves to bring his legs and wrap up inside. However, isn't the most impressive key and diagnose guy. Fails to consistently read his run keys, fill the proper lanes and make his way toward the action. Takes himself out of a lot of plays and isn't overly physical when asked to take on blocks inside. Can be easily engulfed and sealed from the football and doesn't breakdown real well in space either. Plays out of control at times and too often will whiff in the open field. 

Now, does display some natural fluidity and range in the pass game. Gets a deep drop in coverage, can be physical off the line and isn't afraid to play over the slot. Again, seems to play a bit out of control at times, taking a false step trying to jump a route. But, he has the ability to quickly accelerate out of his breaks once he locates the football and isn't afraid to throw his body around. One of the leaders of the LSU defense and has a real fire and passion for the game.

Impression: Displays some range and natural power, but his lack of great instincts scare me. Has the physical ability to start, but I do question his mental makeup. Nevertheless, should still be able to work his way onto the field as a potential starter at just about any of the linebacker spots.

At 88th  Dallas Selects Dallas selects Robert Sands, SS, West Virginia: While is considered more of an "in the Box" type Safety, does have the skill set to adequately play Zone Coverage, plus has the height to fight for interceptions(6-5) Here is Wes Buntings Report:

A tall, long-armed safety prospect who has a strong frame and plays with a real passion for the game. Brings it every week and isn't a guy who is afraid to throw his body around. Displays impressive pop and power as a striker, lowers his pad level into contact, wraps well through the play and consistently brings his legs. Does a nice job filling the alley when asked to attack downhill and is a good open-field tackler. Isn't as impressive in pursuit. Struggles to consistently take proper angles, will underrun plays and is forced at times to open his hips and use his straight-line speed to track his man down toward the sideline.

For a big guy does a decent job keeping his feet under him and trying to sit into his stance in coverage. Has a tendency to get doubled over at the waist and isn't the most natural of benders, but because of his compact footwork he does have some click and close ability. Now, his footwork isn't overly polished and will double step on his back foot, but he doesn't waste too much motion driving on the throw. Has a very average closing first step when asked to click and close and is a bit tight hipped getting out of his breaks. Possesses good straight-line speed for the position and has the range to make plays sideline-to-sideline once he gets those long legs going. But, he is stiff in his drop, allows his pad level to get too high and is tight when asked to turn and run. Takes him too long to get up to speed and is going to have a tough time in man coverage down the field. Possesses inconsistent ball skills, exhibits good coordination and can go up and make a play at the highest point and adjust to the throw, but his concentration seems to be a bit hit or miss. 

Impression: A tall, leggy strong safety who is at his best coming forward. Will have a tough time turning and running at the next level, but as a downhill, in-the-box safety he has a chance to fight for time on a defense.


Fourth Round

At 105 Dallas Selects DeMarcus Love, OT/G, Arkansas: Dallas finally takes an Offensive Lineman, though most don't like Love. However Dallas is intrigued by his Skillset, and feels that with some work with Houck he can make the transition to the NFL. Here is what Wes Says about him:

Has experience at both guard and tackle in the Arkansas offense and is at his best in the run game when asked to quickly get out of his stance, reach defenders off his frame and eliminate them from the play. Displays natural flexibility in his lower half initially off the snap and has the ability to really fire off the ball quickly. Possesses good range and body control on the move and consistently breaks down well in space. Looks natural dropping his pad level at the point and can really generate a thrust through his hips. Uncoils his arms well into contact and has the ability to routinely eliminate defenders on the move. Now, can get overwhelmed by bigger linemen when asked to hold his own more as an in-line guy. But, exhibits good short-area body control, looks natural quickly redirecting in space and has a bit of a mean streak when asked to finish blocks through the play.

Sits into his stance well in pass protection initally, displays a good first step off the football and consistently is able to anchor on contact when lined up inside. Does a nice job dropping his pad level down, extending his long arms and displays good hand placement inside. Exhibits good lateral agility when engaged, works his feet well on contact and knows how to mirror through the play. However, isn't a real natural bender into contact on the outside. Doubles over at the waist, drops his head, doesn't see what he hits and needs some real work at the point as a offensive tackle. 

Played offensive tackle last season — both on the right and left side — and although he needs to tighten up his initial kick-step and overall footwork, the guy displays really impressive range and athleticism off the edge. Possesses an explosive first step and can consistently reach speed off the corner, but doesn't consistently stay real balanced or compact with his footwork, causing him to get upright at times. Routinely gets doubled over at the waist into contact, drops his eye level and will allow his head to get out in front of him, causing him to lose balance easily on the outside. Nevertheless, plays long-armed and can dictate to blocks on contact in the pass game when he can get his hands on you. Has some versatility and upside at either guard or tackle.

Impression: He's long, athletic and can generate leverage for himself in the run game. Has experience playing on both sides of the offensive line at either tackle and guard and if he's able to work solely at one spot in the NFL, there really is a lot of upside and potential to his game. Looks like a potential NFL starter, but is going to need time.

Fifth Round

At #137 Dallas selects Lester Jean, WR, Florida Atlantic- I will simply let Wes Bunting Describe him for you: 

A long, lean wide receiver prospect who has a big frame with a lot of growth potential. Showcases a good first step off the line and gets on top of corners quickly. Displays some suddenness to his game when asked to beat press coverage and has a gear to quickly get behind corners with the straight-line speed to be a big threat vertically. Isn't the most natural of pluckers and too often lets the ball get into his body. Traps a lot of footballs off his chest and needs to do a better job extending his hands.

For his size, he showcases some impressive body control with the ball in his hands. Has some short-area quickness in order to make a man miss and accelerates extremely well into the open field. Is a bit of a strider who has the ability to run away from defenders once he gets going. Also, displays good body control when asked to snap off routes and work his way back toward the football. Has some suddenness to his game and can cleanly snap on a dime. Now, is still working on the rest of the route tree and is more of a short cross/vertical guy at this stage, but he is a lot more coordinated than given credit for.

Impression: An impressive size/speed athlete who has been productive, knows how to beat press and can separate vertically. Looks like an intriguing developmental type player.

 Imagine what Robinson could do with this kid...

Round Six:

Pick #169-D.J. Young, OT, Michigan State- Here is what Wes Has to say about this Kid:

A former defensive tackle who transferred from Bowling Green after the 2007 season and has started at both right and left tackle over the past two seasons at Michigan State. Possesses good bend in his lower half and is coordinated out of his stance and off the edge, as he does a nice job staying calm with his hands and mirroring through contact. Isn't the most physical of in-line run blockers and has a tendency to fall off blocks too quickly when trying to get a push as he gets overextended into contact trying to make up for a lack of ideal power. But, he possesses the kind of lower half that can get stronger and he does a nice job staying low and blocking with leverage. 

Also will get a bit overextended with his footwork at times when asked to quickset on his kick-slide. However, he looks like a pretty intriguing pass blocker who has the frame and flexibility to keep defenders from getting into chest, slides his feet well toward the corner and has above-average range off the edge. Showcases above average body control and balance through contact and uses his length well to mirror in tighter areas. But, needs to develop significantly as a puncher, too often gets caught transferring his weight to his toes into contact, losing balanced his balance and can be easily slipped/side stepped toward the edge. Gets too straight-legged into contact, which negates his athletic ability. 

Overall: A guy who has come on in 2010. Isn't a real physical run blocker at this stage, but is coordinated and flexible initially pass protection and has the ability to make a roster as a rookie and develop.

Seems like a good pick here, as Dallas could use some more Depth on the O-line. 

Round Seven PIck 210(from Chargers-Crayton Trade)

Brooks Reed, DE, Arizona- Again here is Wes:

An undersized pass rusher who plays 100 miles per hour on every down. Exhibits a good first step off the snap, gets off the ball quickly, keeps his pad level down and is consistently one of the first defensive linemen moving off the line. Has the ability to threaten the edge and get into offensive tackles quickly. Looks comfortable keeping his pad level down into contact, extending his arms and can create a bit of a surge on his bull rush. Plays with good leverage and can be a bit more physical than his frame would suggest.

However, lacks balance and body control at this stage and really struggles when asked to change directions, keep his feet under him and break off any type of counter move. Also seems to routinely overextend into blocks and doesn't have the type of coordination to drop his shoulder and really accelerate around the corner. Is a real linear pass rusher at this stage who hasn't figured out how to maintain his balance off his initial rush. 

Isn't a guy who can stack and shed vs. the run game at the next level, but does play with good leverage when run at and will chase the football in pursuit. Works very hard, fights and scraps for every inch and can work his way into the backfield toward the football, but fails to disengage consistently. 

Impression: Plays hard and at least has the explosion to be a threat as a pass rusher at the next level. However, his ability to develop a counter move and become more than a one-trick pony off the edge is key. Looks more like a nickel rusher or potential 3-4 OLB prospect who I would take a shot on because of his initial burst and overall work rate on the field.

Would be a nice player to have learn from Ware....


Well there it is... I know that I didn't take a O-Line until the Fourth, However The Arguement here is that it was the Defense that caused us to really suck last year, not the Offense. With Miller, Taylor, Sheppard and Sands Dallas addresses a lot of the needs on the Defense, Pass rush being the Main one. So what do you Guys think?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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