Thinking Outside The (Draft) Box

First off, unless it is a quarterback that you are selecting, it is highly likely that he will turn out somewhere close at least to what the analysts say that he will be.  There aren't as many variables about players as there are at the QB position.

That being said, I hope, and think we will, trade up in the first round to grab someone that we really like.  You will see who I like for us to go after.  I am looking at this as a best player avaiable approach more than a need.  Besides, you have an advantage this year of filling needs AFTER THE DRAFT with the CBA working the way it probably will as the free agent signing period probably won't happen until after.  Then you can select positions of need from PROVEN players.  So here is my ("PREMATURE") mock draft:

Round 1 - Dallas Trades Picks 9 & 40 to the Cardinals for the 5th pick and select Patrick Peterson - CB / S - LSU.  Mike Mayock, who is the most trustworthy talent evaluator of all of them (Michael Lombardi and Jason La Confora right behind him) says that he actually likes Peterson better as a Safety in the NFL.  He has the ball skills and instincts to do it.  He also has the correct Height and Weight of a prototypical safety (which is 6+ feet 200+ lbs) at 6' 1" 212 lbs.  He also is a Kick Returner as well as a Punt Returner, which we could definitely use since Dez isn't as well known for kickoffs as he is for punts.  I believe personally that getting Peterson would be more valuable than trading down or any other option.

Round 2 - Traded away

Round 3 - With pick #71 we select Marcus Cannon - OT/G - TCU.  A 6' 5" 358 lbs monster.  Personally I like him better at Guard but he could potentially become a great starting right tackle in the NFL.  Read his draft profile here.  For those of you that argue that we need to take a tackle that can start right away, not a project, read what Dwight Freeney of the Indianapolis Colts has to say about Rookie Tackles here.  This is why I think the Cowboys don't draft linemen in the first round.  But that is just my assumption.  This is a great spot to get a Tackle/Guard and let him learn for a year or two.  And having a guy his size is definitely an advantage on the line if he can move it well enough.

Round 4 - With pick #131 we select Kendrick Burney - CB - UNC.  His size knocks him down to the middle rounds but before the season started this last year, he was a Thorpe Award Candidate (the award that Patrick Peterson took home at in the end).  He was a disappointment but he also didn't play a full season.  He is a physical corner though with great feet and had 10 career interceptions.  He was listed as a standout in the Senior Bowl.  Would be a great Nickelback in the NFL.

Round 5 - With pick #140 they select Casey Matthews - ILB - Oregon.  A lot of this is the Pedigree, and the Matthews family is great and none have been considered a bust.  If he is even half of what his brother Clay is in Green Bay, he would be a steal even in the third round.

Round 6 - With pick #171 they select Justin Boren - OG - Ohio State.  Need some depth at Guard behind the guys that we got.  Question is if this guy can play center as well.

Round 7 - With pick #210 (from Chargers) they select Allen Bradford - RB - USC.  I have a feeling we will need another running back for the 3rd guy on the depth chart.  So lets make some competition for Lonyae Miller and the other guys.  I think well with either cut Barber or trade Choice (for the strict reason that he would actually have some trade value as opposed to Barber).

I realize that I will probably receive some flak for trading away our second pick, just to move up to get Peterson.  We could potentially get a later pick if we traded up for the 5th over all.  Maybe get another 4th or so, I would have to do the math.  This is not how the draft will shake up and I still have to watch the rest of the draft and read the news from all of the pro days as well.  Still a lot of research to be done in this regard, but I would like to see this.  I think we draft best player available and then use free agency to fill needs with PROVEN NFL PLAYERS, or just players that we already know what they can do @ the NFL level.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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