Dallas Cowboys Indelible Super Bowl Impressions

Most Satisfying Win 

Super Bowl VI-- Cowboys 24 Dolphins 3.  It felt like the first time.  Because it was.  After the crushing losses to the Packers, followed by the back-to-back Cleveland disasters and the Super Bowl V debacle, this was soul-deep sweet.

Most Devastating Loss

Super Bowl XIII-- Steelers 35 Cowboys 31.  I cannot and will not watch a replay or any NFL Films treatment of this game.   To this day, it just Hurts So Bad, Little Anthony.

Best Cowboy Quarterback Performance

Troy Aikman, SB XXVII

Most Helpful Performance By An Opposing Quarterback

Neil O'Donnel, Super Bowl XXX  ("Honorable" Mention, Craig Morton, SB XII)

Official's Call That Went Our Way

Do you really think Butch Johnson caught that post route from Staubach in Super Bowl XII?  (I don't.)

Much more below...

Official's Call That Killed Us

Fred Swearingen's phantom PI call on Benny Barnes in SB XIII

Best Individual Performance By An Opponent

Lynn Swann SB X

Best Single Play By A Cowboy

Bob Lilly's 29-yard sack of Bob Griese in SB VI

Most Inspirational Play By An Opponent

Don Beebe tracking down and stripping Leon Lett, SB XXVII

Squirreliest Play By Either Team

Johnny Unitas's pass that bounced off the hands of Eddie Hinton, and then either was or was not touched by Mel Renfro before it landed in the hands of John Mackey for a 75-yard touchdown, SB V

Best Performance By A Cowboy Wide Receiver

Michael Irvin, SB XXVII

Best Performance By A Cowboy Defensive Line


Best In-Game Adjustments By A Cowboy Coach

Jimmy Johnson, SB XXVIII

Most Beautiful Setting

The Rose Bowl, SB XXVII

Best Performance By A Cowboy Offensive Line


Shakiest Cowboy Victory


Most Dominating Cowboy Team Performance


Best Pre-Game Trash Talking

Hollywood Henderson, SB XIII

Best Performance By An Opposing QB

Terry Bradshaw, SB XIII   (Runnerup, Terry Bradshaw, SB X)

Best Pre-Game Player Introductions


Best Performance By  A Cowboy Running Back

Emmitt Smith, SB XXVIII

Most Brilliantly Succinct Post-Game Interview

Duane Thomas, SB VI--"Evidently."

Most Exasperated Losing Player

Bob Lilly, SB V  (that helmet is STILL flying)

Most Unlikely Opposing Hero

Jim O'Brien, SB V  (Runnerup, Rocky Bleier, SB XIII)

Most Underappreciated Cowboy Individual Performance

Randy Hughes, SB XII

Most Relieved Cowboy Coach

Tom Landry, SB VI

Most Unlikely Cowboy Touchdown Scorer

Percy Howard, SB X

Most Coveted Cowboy Victory

The next one!

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