Incompetence Runs Deep in Dallas Cowboys Organization

"It's a Family Affair y'all"

Incompetence Runs Deep in Dallas Cowboys Organization



You are a Dallas Cowboy Fan.

Now, wait thirty years for a Championship.  That's ---3-0--- for some of the people posting in this site.  How long do you think Jerry will live?  Well, then we can all wait out Stephen.

There is only one reason the Cowboys were 6-10, and have one playoff victory in over ten years.  Shockingly bad team management.

You can start anywhere - but let us start with basic Sports mentality.  It does not even have to be the NFL.  For example, in baseball, something simple that even idiotic Little League coaches know, is that you don't dream like a tween at a Justin Bieber Concert about the World Series, and where it will be played. 

You don't care where they play it.  You make a realistic roster based on pitching, defense, and manufacturing runs; and you make a trade if you are in it.  You take each game as it comes.

I have personally interviewed Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Mike Modano, Rafael Palmeiro,  Pudge Rodiquez, et. all sports stars and numerous other sports figures during the 1999 seasons for the NHL, NFL, and MLB.  I stayed in the player dorms at Wichita Falls that year - I was the only media person to do so.

You want to know what all Sports guys have in common; the winners that is.  They take the games one at a time.  They do not look to the next series, or worry about the next tough defense.  They don't care that James Harrison is going to rip their head off - they make this block, this tackle, this catch, this run, and this decision.  Play-by-play, game-by-game.  THAT IS HOW YOU WIN GAMES.

I understand the concept of having a goal like Rex Ryan's speech in Hard Knocks - that is different.  That was a goal formed to make a psychological impact on each player's psyche.  Rex Ryan's speech wasn't a pipe dream about glory, prestige, and praise.  It was not about the world recognizing our now beleaguered franchise's new Billion Dollar Stadium.  It was about a goal based on the most important factors deep in every male persona, that of personal achievement and manly pride.

I see a lot of looking forward to the reward, and not a lot of intelligent hard football work.... not on the part of the miscast Cowboys players - on the part of the OWNERSHIP and MANAGEMENT.


The "Super Bowl" Roster made me feel like I was taking stupid pills.  Full of overpaid offensive "stars" - who cannot play, undersized or miscast defensive stars, part-time players, other miscast hybrids.  The Hideous Dallas Cowboys "STAR" system at work.  Stars and Scrubs.

When Drew Bledsoe played for the Cowboys, I literally woke up every morning and prayed for God to bring about his sweet death.   That is not a joke.  He was just so terrible, and had a terrible attitude.  I could not understand, why on earth, they did not change him sooner; or better yet why he was signed.  Bledsoe played for the Bills in the years before, and he was terrible then as well.  In fact, they visited Cowboys Stadium the year before he was signed and I was at the game.  I want to say without looking, that it was a final of 9-6.  One of the worst football games I have seen, ever, period.  That was Bledsoe's audition for Jones. 

I understand that the decision to replace Bledsoe eventually rested with Parcells; but I give this story to illustrate a point.  IF YOU CANNOT WIN WITH A PLAYER or they consistently PLAY TERRIBLY you REPLACE THEM. 

Most franchises understand this - not the Dallas Cowboys.  I will give examples.

This is the NFL - I understand you can't always replace starters to train a Clint Stoerner for a year - but if the alternative is someone you already KNOW you can't win with, like Bledsoe was - then you replace him and take your shot with a cast of others.

If you want to win the Super Bowl, and you hire a head coach with many years experience, who has never won a playoff game - wouldn't that be considered gross mismanagement?

If I want to do anything, and I have a basically unlimited budget - the first person I hire to help me - has experience in what I want to achieve.

Jerry sits at a podium, he does not say - "I want to win football games" - he said, "I want to win in the playoffs" - and he hires Wade Phillips.



1.      Offensive line - If Marc Colombo can't block anyone, and you want to win the Super Bowl....  Ok, I'm done.  This is not complicated - they knew the year before when we were destroyed by the Vikings

2.      Leonard Davis contract/play level is a league wide joke. 

3.      Doug Free was a stroke of luck - they had no real idea of what he would do on the left side. 

4.      No back-ups capable of playing at an NFL level.  Giving up on draft picks in 1-2 years.  Unable to draft a lineman at all seemingly.  Extremely poor management.

5.      Secondary - Ok, you want to win the Super Bowl and you have three cornerbacks.  Terrance Newman on your team, three cornerbacks.  Terrance Newman has had nerve damage, abdominal damage, knee damage, and other ailments since he came of Kansas State - and he was very old when he came out - what ever changed.  This is beyond idiotic. 

6.      People acted like Scandrick could play, he graded out as one of the worst corners in the league last year.  If he is "developing" as I would hope, why is there no one behind him?  In this so called "Pass Happy" league and you have three guys, all of whom are starting for you on EVERY THRID DOWN of the 2010 season - and there are no back-ups.  

7.      Alan Ball is an undersized seventh round pick who never showed enough to rate as a 4-5th corner, much less a starting FS in the NFL - he is a hybrid player. 

8.      Sensbaugh is also a hybrid player, not a compact tackler or hitter, because since Roy Williams we are so scared of players like them.  It is a necessity to have some guys that can force plays and make tackles at the point of attack at the SS position in the NFL. 

9.      Mike Jenkins is not ever going to be good, he plays terrible technique.  Jenkins feet are set in stone at the snap, and he uses only athleticism to make plays and recover, he is rarely in good position.  This was true in 2009, but the NFL figures players out on film and then attacks - which brings me to my next point about Jay Ratliff

10.  Oh, almost forgot - this is global thermonuclear mismanagement - almost unbelievable to have three corners on any NFL team.

11.  Defensive line and linebackers - Ratilff is a dominant yet undersized player who is mismanaged and miscast in a 3-4 nose, his constant double teams were destroying any chances our linebackers had of stopping the run. 

12.  Spears injury hurt us terribly.  He is the only true run-stuffer on the line. 

13.  Keith Brooking only had value when blitzing and appears to be done. 

14.  Bradie James still plugs the holes, even without any sideline athleticism. 

15.  Sean Lee is not a 3-4 linebacker.  He is a sideline guy like Chad Greenway, a great player in a 4-3 on the outside.  3-4 inside linebackers are force players - Timmons, Harris, - 250+ pound guys.  Lee can be good in our system, but teams will start to run right at him. 

16.  Anthony Spencer (and Mike Jenkins) together are the potential twins - but that light is dimming by every play on the field.  Spencer often forces players inside and cannot make the tackle, has no foot speed and no creative pass rush moves, just the bull rush.  

17.  So you have Spencer - a 4-3 system converted player, Lee - an undersized 4-3 system converted player, Ratliff - an undersized and mis-used 4-3 system converted player. 

18.  See Pittsburgh's 3-4 defense and particularly linebackers - you think anyone is afraid of the Cowboys - they have no idea how to implement, or run - a 3-4 defense. 

19.  They have no solid ends.  Olshan... who cares?  Stephen Bowen - welcome to the definition of a great hybrid player - a pass russ specialist who cannot be a full time starter against the run.  Demarcus Ware is great and you are paying for it - he is also a converted system player. 

20.  Jerry drafted Ware because of Merriman's agent - not because they thought Ware was better.  Jerry also drafted Spencer before Woodley, Felix Jones before Mendenhall (and Johnson for that matter), and let us not forget the drafting of Julius Jones over Stephen Jackson.  When every defensive guy you draft is being converted to another system, it is poor management. 

21.  The definition of good management is negating risk - every time you convert a player from another system, or position, it adds risk - to an already extremely risky and unsure proposition - the NFL Draft.  The defensive switch to a 3-4 has been poorly managed, and is teetering on failure but must be maintained due to current personnel.

22.  Offensive skill players - The team was 1-5 with Romo.  I think Romo is a top ten quarterback and a franchise player.  Objectively though.... if someone had to hold a kick for the Super Bowl, or make any clutch play or decision, he would be last among almost all NFL quarterbacks.  You may not think this - but when it comes to blowing it in the clutch, Romo has a pretty shocking resume. 

23.  The receivers, outside of and including Miles Austin, are not nearly as talented as the average fan thinks.  There is a reason Miles Austin could not get on the field for over four years - number one he was about as good as Martay Jenkins when he came in - and you see some of the catching and consistency problems in his game that have always been there. 

24.  I don't care about Dez Bryant; he might as well be Antonio Bryant with his attitude and injuries.  Bryant is going to come back from a broken leg eventually and might be fine, but considering that same ankle has not been healthy for 2 years - it is a major concern.  In two years, Bryant could be off the team just like Antonio Bryant - you cannot count on him as a player because of all his never-ending question marks and problems. 

25.  Why do teams not have their star corners and receivers return kicks like Bryant?  - Because it could ruin their career - see Jason Seehorn.  Bryant was returning punts not necessarily just because he was the best; as much as because there is no one else competent on the team, no one who would have a legitimate chance returning punts for touchdowns and consistent yardage.  This is the definition of mismanagement.  This is why you have 4-5 corners on your team - and why if you have 4-5 receivers - the back two can return kicks.  Basic NFL management stuff. 

26.  Roy Williams is Captain God Awful - really, he holds the offense back tremendously.  He can't run routes; he is sloppy, lazy, and weak.  He does not use his hands well, can't get off the press, and can only catch balls that are over his shoulder.  Roy Williams is the type of guy that does five reps in the gym, and then stands around and laughs like when he drops passes- if you work out - you know who this is.  He has only straight-line speed, and one good NFL year in 2006.  If you take that year away he is a colossal bust for the 4th overall pick  - look at the numbers. 

27.  Roy Williams Trade - I could literally, no kidding, go to Kroger and get the bagger to make a better football decision.  Sounds like Jo-Joey----Joey Galloway!!!!!  That was for two first round picks.   If all receivers had to do was run slants, Roy Williams would be a solvent if not great NFL player, unfortunately we live in reality, not Madden 2011. 

28.  Marion Barber is an absolute terrible value for what they pay him.  He puts up bad numbers, and can't really do much for you other than get a 3rd and 1 - once out of every two or three times now. 

29.  Felix is a keeper, but look who it could have been twice over. 

30.  Choice is a team guy and a nice running back - but Lincoln Coleman was a better athlete and put up better numbers in the couple of games he started - and who is Lincoln Coleman - exactly.  Almost anyone can put up 100 yards in a game, Lonye Miller can put up 100 yards in one game, you have to do it 6-8 times a year - maybe Choice can.  You have to block and get short yardage - Choice can't.

There are many other players to talk about being mis-managed, but I'm sure you are sick of me.  Look - the Blame Game is fun to play, we all play it on here - but face facts.

These guys are not that good, or they are being used wrong - and almost every highly over-priced starter was handpicked, traded for, or drafted by - Jerry Jones.  There is zero redundancy on this team for multiple positions, and a huge drop-off with every starter's back up -- sans Kitna.  These are the hallmarks of a poorly managed team.

As far as winning last game goes - there is some legitimacy to the following theory.  The same way you replace Bledsoe when you KNOW you can't win with him anymore - you don't play guys in the last game you KNOW you are cutting next year--- to win the last game and loose three draft spots.  They are already starting McGee - why can't they play any second team RT for even a series, against the other teams second team.  You never throw a game in the NFL - but you see what you have when you know you must cut starters next year.  Why did Roy Williams play at all? 

This is very poor overall management and this is why - now you still have the guys without one snap of NFL experience on your team.  The Cowboys will then also cut several under-performing but veteran players they kept for the last game, weakening the teams overall strength in the long term two-fold, in experience and draft status.

It is also poor management in the fact that the very reason we were not getting ready for the next season is because Jerry could not make a decision on Garrett.  OK, you are in charge of a 2 billion dollar company, you bring in your guy, he turns it around for you with a back-up QB and a team in shambles, and you want to hold it over his head all year.

Good management is putting your great people in a position to succeed - and then letting them do their job.  Not interfering, not micro-managing.  Poor management is claiming you could get any coach in the world to win the Super Bowl with a team that only that particular coach could build - and then loosing that coach because of drunken, arrogant comments. 

That is the absolute pinnacle - the Mt. Everest - of stupidity.  Forget just poor management.

So it is funny to me that you guys keep scribing away, with your great and truly intelligent posts - and your tables, numbers, charts and graphs.  Believe it or not, some of you might know more about football than Jerry Jones. 

Even so.... that does no good if you only have three corners on your team.


----- Oppps, Sorry that was the sound of an enormous explosion  - from the lack of basic football knowledge within the Cowboys management structure and ownership.


Adam R. Smith  

aka.  "Doc" Holiday

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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