Roster Analysis

The day after the Super Bowl is usually the day that most teams start making roster moves and getting ready for Free Agency and the draft.  This year as of now is a bit different.  With no CBA there won't be a Free Agent period.  The draft will still go on however.

To know your teams strengths and weaknesses you must take a close look at each position and see if it is in of an upgrade.

Quarterback:  Romo, Kitna, McGee.

All three made at least 1 start this year.  Romo is the starter next year and Kitna was very solid as a backup.  I'm still not that excited about McGee and we signed someone as a UDFA and he showed promise I wouldn't mind McGee being released.  That being said these three are more than likely all coming back next year.

Running Back: Jones, Choice, Barber, Miller.

I have been in favor of a Jones and Choice rotation at RB for awhile now.  Barber is overpaid and really saw his production diminish.  Barber likely won't be back next year.  Whether or not someone else needs to be brought in depends on how much you like Miller.  He played very little last year.  If a solid RB fell into the 6th or 7th round I would not object to us drafting one.

Wide Receiver: Austin, Bryant, Williams, Hurd, Ogletree, Johnson

If the team decides to release Williams this becomes an area of need.  Austin is very solid and Bryant showed a lot of promise as a rookie but there isn't much depth.  Hurd is a good ST player but not much more and Johnson really doesn't possess any of the tools that say he's going to be the next great one.  Ogletree really took a step back last year and due to his being inactive for most of the season he may have fallen out of favor with the coaching staff.  A 4th or 5th round pick should be used to take someone with good upside.

Tight End:  Witten, Bennett, Phillips, Rucker.

Witten is one of the best TE's in football, Bennett has the potential but has failed to put it together, and Philips is coming off a major injury.  Rucker was mostly ST depth.  I would be in favor of trading Bennett if someone offered a 4th for him.  Phillips is a solid blocker.  I really don't see a need to bring anyone else in except for a UDFA.

Tackle: Free, Colombo, Barron, Parnell, Young

Free was very solid at LT and should be there for a long time.  Colombo sucked at RT and is more than likely gone.  Barron is also more than likely gone.  Parnell and Young didn't see any action and neither has much of a chance of replacing Colombo next year.  The is a priority in the offseason to replace Colombo.  Whether it be through the draft or FA someone has to come in that can start right away.  The tackle class in this draft is nothing special but if we draft it early we could come out with someone like Sherrod or Carimi.

Guard: Costa, Davis, Kosier, Holland.

Kosier is a FA and probably won't be back.  Davis is on the downside of his career but he will be back and starting at RG next year.  Holland is a solid backup but him starting scares me some.  Costa started one game and was alright.  I would like to see Costa given the chance to start at LG.  If he could start and play well then we would at least have a young left side of the line.  Otherwise we will need to sign or draft someone.

Center: Gurode.

Gurode had a solid season and will start next season, however there isn't much depth behind him.  I would be a fan of taking Wisnewski at 40.  He could start at LG if Costa didn't work out and then take over at center in 2012.

Defensive End: Bowen, Geathers, Hatcher, Olshansky, Spears.

Two of those guys are probably gone.  Spears is a FA and Olshansky just isn't that good.  Bowen and Hatcher are decent role players but neither is that impressive as a starter.  This position will have to be dealt with this year.  Whether we draft someone at 9 who can start, sign a FA to fill at least one of the spots or shift Ratliff outside something has to be done.

Nose Tackle: Brent, Lissemore, Ratliff.

I really liked what I saw out of Brent this year.  That is one reason why I would like to move Ratliff outside and use Brent in the middle.  If you go that route however another player will need to be brought in to rotate will Brent.  Someone like Taylor from Baylor would be a welcome addition.

Outside Linebacker: Ware, Spencer, Butler

Ware is a dominant force, Spencer can be and Butler has shown flashes.  I still have faith in Spencer but would like to see Butler get some more time.  A mid to late round pick could be used here but is unlikely.

Middle Linebacker: Brooking, James, Lee

Brooking has been a nice addition but his playing days have passed.  James isn't far behind.  I liked what I saw out of Lee.  He is a smart athletic player who should be starting next year.  Depth is a bit of an issue and we should pick someone up late in the draft to replace James in a year or two.

Cornerback: Newman, Jenkins, Scandrick, McCann

This position needs an upgrade but not a 1st round upgrade.  Newman still has a little left.  I'm not giving up on Jenkins after one down year.  Scandrick was solid as a slot corner and McCann gave us some decent plays.  I would like to use a 3rd round pick on one of the second tier corners.

Safety:  Sensabaugh, Ball, Church, McCray, AOA

Sensabaugh is a FA who is likely gone.  Ball is also hopefully gone.  Church and McCray were both UDFA who showed some promise and AOA has great potential.  However someone has to be picked who can play FS right away and make an impact.  I would really like Moore from UCLA in the second round.

Kicker/Punter: Brown, Buehler, McBriar

Buehler was inconsistent and Brown didn't play for us.  I am not against Buehler getting another shot because I think some of his problems can be worked out.  McBriar is amazing end of story.

Heading into the offseason LG, RT, S, and DE are all positions that need to be fixed.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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