How they would Fit...The Tyron Smith Edition...

There has been a lot of Talk about Tyron Smith lately, so I thought I might chime in on it. Now I don't see Dallas drafting Smith, for several reasons. 1. He is seen as a "project type" player, and Jerry has stated that he wants a player that can provide "immediate impact". 2. Dallas historically does not draft Offensive line men in the first round, if I not mistaken they have drafted one in the History of the Franchise. 3. He is not the "prototypical" Dallas Line man. Dallas usually goes for the "Big Mauler types", where as Tyron is a smaller "Zone Blocker". However there are a couple of Dallas Linemen that defy the typical Dallas mold, Doug Free and Kyle Koiser. I will be using these two as a comparison in my study of Tyron Smith. On to the disclaimer, then the jump.

This series is looking at specific players and how they would fit into the Dallas roster using the current roster as a baseline.  I will be giving other options, such as if Dallas gets "player X", and adjusting the roster to fit. Also I will be using the top free agents in this role, for the simple fact that A) Jerry likes to "go Big", and B) it is my post. Any opinions expressed are my opinions only and do not reflect the opinions of the Dallas Cowboys, SB Nation or their affiliates. 

Lets start with some comparisons shall we? First here is Tyron Smith:

Name: *Tyron Smith 
College: Southern Cal     Number: 70
Height: 6-5   Weight: 285 
Position: OT  Pos2: 
Class/Draft Year: Jr/2011
40 Time: 5.08     
Projected Round: 1  Stock:     
Rated number 3 out of 165 OT's 

Now lets look at Kyle Koiser and Doug Free...Bear in mind these are Rookie Stats, so some details may have changed slightly...

Name: Doug Free 
College: Northern Illinois     
Height: 6-6   Weight: 324 
Position: OT  Pos2: OG
Class/Draft Year: Sr/2007
40 Time: 5.19      
Projected Round: 2-3  Stock:     
Rated number 5 out of 170 OT's

Now lets look at Kyle Koiser's stats, once again these are draft stats, so some details will have changed.

Name: Kyle Kosier 
College: Arizona State     
Height: 6-5   Weight: 293 
Position: OT  Pos2: 
Class/Draft Year: Sr/2002
40 Time: 5.09       
Projected Round: 7-FA  Stock:     
Rated number 19 out of 28 OT's  

Notice who Tyron most resembles coming out of College...Kyle Koiser. Now I am not Saying that Dallas should draft Tyron Smith to make him a Guard.  However I would draft him because that is his floor, i.e. the least that Tryon Smith will be in the league. So if Dallas were to draft Tyron at #9,  because he will not make it to the second round, then Dallas just drafted either their future LT, moving Free back to RT;  a future RT replacing Columbo; or a Guard that can replace either Koiser or Davis depending on who is let go in the off season.

So here is the scenario that I would Like to happen...Trade down with either ST Louis or New England, 14th and 17th respectfully, thus picking up an extra second rounder, and draft Smith there as most drafts appear to have most O-Line going no earlier than that. then I would try and Move back into the First round and Get either Derrick Sherrod or Gabe Carmini. if that happens then Dallas just shored up two of the up to four position(LG ,C, RG, RT) that will need to be replaced in the next couple of years. 

Here is the Line up that I forsee with just Smith:

LT- Free, LG- Koiser, C- Gurode, RG-Holland/Smith, RT- Young/Smith

Backups woud be OT- Smith L/RG- Brewster, Center- Costa

Now I am not saying that talent wise, Smith could not beat out Holland or Young. I think that the drafting of Smith pushes both (and coupled with their experience) gives them the starting spot. However this allows Smith to be the "swing tackle" and Brewster to be the "swing guard" with Costa being the backup center on the game day roster. Now Smith could beat out either one, thus demoting either Holland or Young to Back up. Here is how it would shake out:

If Tyron Smith beats out Holland:

LT- Free, LG- Koiser, C- Gurode, RG- Smith, RT- Young

Backups- OT- Brewster, Guard- Holland, C- Costa

If Tyron Smith beats out Young

LT- Free, LG- Koiser, C- Gurode, RG- Holland, RT- Smith

Backups: OT-Young, Guard- Brewster, C- Costa

Now if Dallas were to let Koiser go, considering he is a Free Agent, then you could Put Tyron at his spot, though that would mean either Smith makes the line calls or Costa beats out Gurode, or Gurode figures out how to make the line calls...which means that Dallas more than likely will resign Koiser. 

For the record, I think Tyron Smith is a lot like Von Miller for Dallas, in that he could play multiple positions for Dallas, from LT, RT or Guard. If Dallas were to draft him they would be drafting not only one of the best O-line in the draft, but they could use him to "Fix" one of the several needed positions on the O-line. We all agree that Leonard Davis and Marc Columbo need to be replaced. Why not Draft a player that could replace either one.....just my opinion.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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