How to get Von Miller without wasting picks to trade up

I recently read the post that suggested trading TNew so we could move up and pick Peterson. I also read about Miller's dream to have the star on his helmet one day. I was saying to myself: "Man it'd be nice to have a local stud play at the opposite of Ware. I'm starting to hate Miller now for having such a good combine and securing himself in the top 5; and too bad we still have Spencer, who now has a big upside ever since ma man Robby took the DC spot." So it hit me! Though unrealistic to a certain point, my next suggestion is still a slight possibility.

I'm a HUGE fan of Anthony Spencer, and I believe that under the right scheme, he could potentially be a true pro bowler for many years at the least. But I've also noticed that the feeling isn't mutual between most of the Cowboys' fanbase, and Miller arguably has bigger upside than Spencer coming out of college.The biggest problem with drafting Miller is that we already have two arguably qualified starters at the position with Spencer and Butler.

I also keep hearing from fans that they want to see more from Butler since he could potentially be a good pass rusher. Soooo.... What IF.... Spencer was not on the team roster anymore? You see where I'm heading?

Let's just say that Peterson gets picked anywhere from the 1st to 4th pick. We notice that Miller is on the board (temporarily) and we know there's no way he falls past the 5th pick, we also know Arizona wants a good OLB and they're IN LOVE with Miller. When it's time for them to pick you listen to the words: "The Arizona Cardinals have traded their #5 pick to the Dallas Cowboys," stop right there... Our first reaction would be: "WTF!!!!!! HOW MANY PICKS DID IT TAKE TO DO THAT?!? ANOTHER DUM JJ MOVE! HOW ARE WE GOING TO MAKE UP FOR ALL THOSE PICKS?"

Then you hear that they only traded a 4th or 5th round pick. Then you go: "Huh?" You then find out that was because you traded a high value player as well. Who could that be? That's right.... Anthony Spencer.

Despite his lack of stats we know he has pretty big value. Ok, it might actually take him and maybe two mid round picks instead of one, but the point is Arizona get what they wanted. A good OLB, who's still pretty young, and could play well with that Steelers' like new look to the Cardinals (remember Horton is now their new DC). We also get what WE wanted. A great pass rushing duo. Now, it might take about a year before Miller is the clear starter since we got Butler, and it's clear he's not an every down LB either...yet. With good strength and conditioning he could be just that. But in the mean time, he can share snaps with Butler which gives HIM more playing time, and now everyone's happy.

Miller really wants to be in this team, and at this point Jason Garrett has been playing hard-to-get to see how badly he wants it. So don't just rule this out. I can also start hearing you say: "Wait... Why do we trade up if we could just pick someone like Robert Quinn if he falls to us and get HIM. This doesn't make any sense." Well the truth is: IT DOES. First of all, a guy like Miller would play harder if his dream of playing with Big D became true. And second of all, if we just stayed in the 9th spot and picked a pass rusher, we would still be stuck with Spencer and Butler and a rookie fighting for playing time. Good luck figuring that one out.

This is a good opportunity to get rid of one of them to have a hole to fill, and it would be great if that was Miller. I do realize though that for a move like this, it would probably need a CBA in place, for which I'm staying positive and saying to myself that it will get done despite all the trouble in there. I also realize that we need help in our secondary, but a good pass rush and good safeties (which we could get from FA and the draft) make your CBs better. I believe Newman has one good year left in him, and he battled through injuries last year which would be minimized with better strength and conditioning which coach Mike now brings to the table.

There's one guy that I'm excited about for next year, his name is Janoris Jenkins, look forward for a move being made to get him next year cuz Rob Ryan likes Florida after what he got from Joe Haden, and if we needed to trade up to get him, it wouldn't be a problem anymore cuz we would have less needs and holes to fill, and he would be good enough to replace Newman and fight for the #1 spot which would make our own Jenkins (Mike) better.

I would also like the idea of drafting the now-well-known Dontay Moch in the second round to -again-, help our secondary with a good pass rush. He is big enough, fast enough, and strong enough to replace either Marcus Spears or Igor Olshansky. We could then worry about an inside linebacker in the third round to be behind Bradie James for year or two, and probably a safety in the fourth (hopefully my man Ahmad Black is still on the board by then).

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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