Dallas Cowboys Personnel Holes Gape Wider than Expected

When you look at the number of players hitting unrestricted free agency in 2012 and the fact it normally takes rookies a year to catch up to the NFL game - the cracks in our team look more like canyons.


As we look at this team we are all struck by the needs.  They're seemingly more than we can even handle in one draft season.  But the problems don't end there, in 2012 the Cowboys front office may be overwhelmed.

Currently, the consensus for Dallas Cowboys needs are as follows:

Free Safety, Strong Safety, Right Guard, Left Guard, Right Tackle, Defensive End, 3rd WR, and a corner that can replace the aging Newman.

8 players.

But let's look forward to 2012.  Who is hitting unrestricted free agency?

QB: Jon Kitna
RB: Tashard Choice
G: Montrae Holland
TE: Martellus Bennett
LB: Keith Brooking, Bradie James, Anthony Spencer
CB: Orlando Scandrick
K: Kris Brown
P: Mat McBriar

Not only is this list frightening because it means we have to add more needs to the list:

ILB, OLB, Nickle Corner, backup QB

But look at the list.  Who here would we be happy to get off our payroll?  These are all the cheap guys!  Almost everyone on this list will cost significantly MORE to re-sign than they're currently making, decreasing our ability to sign free agents.

This is Anthony Spencer and Martellus Bennett's best chance to make real NFL money on a long-term deal.  They are going to go to the highest bidder and look for a long-term deal.  Does anyone here want to lock up the Marty B show or "Almost Anthony" to 5-year contracts, ensuring we can't replace them with better prospects?

Now turn to Tashard Choice.  Do you think there might be teams in the NFL that might want Choice on their roster?  Honestly, he's the most famous 3rd RB in the entire NFL.  My friends who are Bengals fans talk about how they wish they had him.  Some team is going to try to make him a starter.

Orlando Scandrick?  Has he shown enough for a team to try to turn him into their #2 corner?  If he leaves, how do we replace him?  I like Brian McCann and all but...

Backup QB.  I don't think any of us want to put our season in the hands of Stephen McGee.


It's a mess.  If you look at our 2-year horizon there is not a single position on this team that isn't a need.  Even strengths like OLB, QB, and RB are suddenly now positions of need.  Never mind that Sean Lee is literally our only ILB under contract in 2012.  Even worse, it's all the cheap guys whose contracts are expiring, increasing the difficulty of retaining or replacing them.

Keep this in mind as you think about your desires for 2011 draft picks.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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