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First and foremost I need to announce that his is BY NO MEANS my attempt at a mock draft. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for those of you that do mock the draft as I find mocks to be insightful, entertaining and they usually provoke a bit of thought which often times leads to friendly debate. I, however, don't have the patience to mock the draft (I think I'd lose my mind trying to keep up with team needs, BPA, players already selected, teams schemes and how a player fits that scheme and so on. And for those of you that take it a step further and include trades, I take my hat off to you. This is just me wondering aloud in regards to the first 8 picks leading to possible players available when Dallas is on the clock...

If I am wrong about any of the teams needs feel free to point out my errors, I'm going off my own knowledge of the teams, which of course includes games and media outlets, draft pundits/gurus and things I read on multiple blogs and web pages, so I'm not nearly as informed on these other teams as much as the Cowboys but anyway, enjoy...

#1. Carolina - New coach or not I believe Clausen is given the chance to prove himself (had Luck declared for the draft I'd be singing an entirely different tune). Carolina's other needs are at DT, but Fairley has slipped and I don't believe Dareus has risen to 1st overall status, RG, no guard will be selected 1st overall EVER, there isn't even a top tier Tackle in this draft, let alone a Guard and CB. Peterson is a world talent and I wouldn't be surprised if he is the first DB taken 1st overall, but I think the bigger need is at WR, picking A.J Green not only fills the WR need it makes QB less of a need because he will make Clausen look better.

#2. Denver - I can't see Denver going anywhere but the front 7 with this pick, their defensive front aside from Dumerville was non-existent. They could go QB, but I think they hope for Mallet or Locker in round 2. They need DB help, but I think it's more at SS than at corner and that just won't happen. Dareus could get the nod here with his post combine rise, but i think they go with an edge rusher in Da'Quan Bowers. Teaming him with Dumerville could be dangerous for opposing teams and make the DB's jobs a whole lot easier.

#3. Buffalo - I'm sure they consider the front 7 at this spot, but they want to make more noise. Many recent mocks have Peterson going at this point and while I understand the value, I don't see the intense need. Wouldn't surprise me because it would make a splash, but I think selecting QB Cam Newton would be a bigger seat filler and need filler as well.

#4.Cincinnati - Of course they're upset that A.J Green is off the board since they're having issues with WR1 and WR2 (no need to call names). Julio gets consideration, but they feel for the value they can find a WR in the later rounds. Carson is just as unhappy as his Receivers and it's looking like it's rebuild time so they start at the helm with QB Blaine Gabbert.

#5. Arizona - They are kicking up dust in the desert over missing out on Gabbert cause he would've fit their system nicely. With no QB worthy of this selection they go with the only value that meets a dire need, OLB Von Miller. Every team covets a good pass rush and Miller could be special.

#6. Cleveland - The Browns couldn't ask for a better scenario (ok well A.J Green could've fallen, but still). Their top two positions of need are arguably DT and WR not only do they have Fairley, whose weight has seen him slipping but also Dareus available at DT and Julio Jones on the board at WR. CB is more a luxury for them but Peterson would also be an extreme value pick. (If I were mocking trades Cleveland would swap with Dallas knowing one of these four has to be there, however...) After much deliberation they decide McCoy needs a legit WR and draft Julio Jones.

#7. San Francisco - The 49ers are pleased with the options presented to them as they could use Robert Quinn at OLB and catapult their LB corps into the league's elite, pairing him with Willis and Spikes. They could also use Dareus at DT, they don't care much for Fairley due to his size. In the end Peterson is a great value and fits a primary need so he's the pick.

#8. Tennesse - The Titans are elated. They'd hoped Fairley would slip far enough to get their paws on him, but they hadn't expected Dareus to still be available. The only other need they could consider at this point is QB, but they're in the market for a veteran signal caller so Dareus is a Titan.

#9. Dallas - So like I said if I were orchestrating trades Dallas would've moved up and snagged Peterson at 6, but if we stand pat we have a few viable options and in this scenario I could understand a trade down a few spots since there is still some talent on the board. But I'd rather take whoever we have listed as BPA between Fairley, Amukamara, Smith. If we trade down, JJ Watt is still available as are the other OT's and Cameron Jordan is as well, so are Smith and Harris the CB's and Moore the FS also Aaron Williams CB from Texas is being talked about as maybe the #1 FS. I dunno what Dallas' draft board looks like but I would be excited to see what we did if this is how the first 8 picks were to play out.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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