Labor Uncertainty = Excellent Opportunity to Rebuild Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys are saddled by many contracts that are too expensive for players that produce too little.  This is well known.

Marion Barber was the 2nd highest paid RB in the league last year, Roy Williams' contract is legendary, Leonard Davis makes 6-million a year to play at a backup-caliber, and Terence Newman is set to make $8 million next year.

As we explored in a FanPost a couple months ago the Cowboys could cut between $22 and $30 million dollars from their payroll by dumping contracts next year.

However, it is expensive to cut players.  Things such as signing bonuses and guaranteed money have to be taken towards the "cap hit" in the year you cut that player.  Therefore, it might cost almost as much to get rid of some players as to keep them!  What is a team to do?


Well, the labor uncertainty may have granted the Cowboys an excellent opportunity.  Per the National Football Post:

If the lockout is lifted via an injunction NFL players are pursuing in Minnesota federal court , then another uncapped year is likely to unfold, according to the Washington Post.

What an excellent opportunity for the Cowboys.  They could jettison all the extra baggage (compromising up to 1/4th of the team's total salary cap amount!) in this uncapped year.  This would free the Cowboys to massively restructure their team and bring in big-time free agents like Asomugah and Huff.

Some might say - but I thought you said it would be "expensive" to cut players?  Ah, no, this is where we enter the world of accounting.  You see, the cash has already been paid out to the players.  Roy Williams received the majority of his $50 million deal.  But with the way the salary cap works, things like signing bonuses hit the accounting books in different years.  So Jerry already paid the money, the salary cap figures are just games with numbers.

Therefore, Jerry isn't writing any big checks by cutting players in a season, all he's doing is changing the numbers on the accounting books towards the salary cap -- unless there is no salary cap.

Should there be no salary cap this year, Jerry could free himself from his self-made contract constraints.  Dump the players this year.  Then when the salary cap returns we have a team free to take advantage of all sorts of free agent opportunities -- a team that can rebuild itself from a 6-10 disaster to a Super Bowl contender.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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