Blue Eyed Devil's No-Trade 5-Round Mock Draft

So I’ve been one of the biggest proponents on the site of trading down in the first, getting an extra 2nd round pick, and then picking up an OT and an OG in the first two rounds.  In today’s draft we’re going to see what happens when faced with a dropping blue-chip player.  What do we do then?


Round 1 – Von Miller – OLB:  At the Combine Von Miller put up amazingly impressive numbers.  His vertical jump was 37” (for comparison Ware’s was 38.5” and Anthony Spencer’s was 33”) and his short shuttle time was actually faster than Ware’s.  Combine this with a college production over two years where he posted 17 and 11 sacks and an improving coverage game that netted him an interception this year and you have a prototype for a pro-bowl OLB.  He’s already drawing Ware comparisons and was awarded the Dick Butkus award for best college linebacker in the country this year.  The prospect of having two DeMarcus Wares on one team is far too good to pass up, especially in light of Anthony Spencer’s pathetic 3-sack performance against starting offensive tackles in 2010.

Von Miller is definitely worth the pick but does he fall here?  Tough to say.  San Francisco at #7 is the most likely suitor of the 8 teams ahead of us.  But new head coaches often bring in new QBs, they want their guy under center and if this year has proven anything, it’s that no head coach can trust any of the QBs currently on San Fran’s roster.  San Fran goes QB and Von Miller makes it to Dallas.

Watch Miller embarrass people here ->

Round 2 – Marcus Gilbert – OT:  This is the downside of taking a blue chipper at #9.  In this mock the run on tackles takes off in the 15-35 pick range and Smith, Sherrod, Carimi, Castonzo, Ijalana, and Solder are all gone before pick #40.  In the past Dallas would pass on offensive tackle and go with another pick here.  But they’ve done that for the past 4 years with nothing to show for it.  Today, with their back against the wall and a 9-sacks-allowed Marc Colombo penciled in as starter should they not get an OT, they draft Marcus Gilbert.

Gilbert has strong initial burst and can jolt D-linemen to drive defenders off the football.  He can move and get to the 2nd level.  A 320lb man with a burst should be an upgrade in the run game.  His range isn’t ideal so he could never play on the left side but has enough coordination and technique to handle the pass rushers he’ll see on the right side.

Round 3 – Marcus Cannon – OG:  With the run on O-linemen complete in the first 40 picks, a hole emerges that allows Cannon, whose 350lbs makes him too large and immobile to be considered for many contemporary NFL blocking schemes, to fall into the 3rd.  Dallas is very happy to take him here in hopes he will become the kind of big mauling guard that it imagined Leonard Davis to be.  Cannon’s size makes him an upgrade in the running game and his history at left tackle gives him the experience to make the pass protection duties of a guard seem routine.

Round 4 – Ryan Jones – CB:  Corner is perhaps the deepest position in this draft and with Scandrick on the last year of his contract it’s time to bring in competition.  Ryan Jones is a small school guy that could be the next AOA.  He needs at least a year to develop but could become a starter with time.

Round 5 – Henry Hynoski – FB:  Dallas finally gets the versatile thumping fullback Garrett has desired so strongly for his system.  Hynoski is a 265lb monster who can always find his man in traffic and not just get them out of the play but punish them for even trying to be on the same field as him.  He also has versatility out of the backfield, catching 25 passes one of which was for a touchdown.  He is the full package that gives the offense the firepower to power run the ball in short yardage or line up for a run then send everyone out on passing routes to confuse the defense.

Enjoy yourself some Henry Hynoski here ->

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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