Chia's Big Board: Top 50 V2.0


In my updated top 50 you will see some big changes to it. What I like about the combine is that I get to see what kind of athletes a lot of these guys are. I like to use game tape, production and the combine as grading tools. To use one sort of method in my opinion is foolish. So after seeing a lot of these prospects in game footage, I had the opportunity to see them a little more up close and this effects my ratings for right now.

Chia's Big Winners

Patrick Peterson tore this combine up, but I knew he was going to do this in September. I don't know how draft gurus do not have Peterson as their number one player on their board. This kid is a beast, lets move along.

Von Miller I hyped back on the night of the Cotton Bowl. He had a DeMarcus Ware like combine and cemented himself into the top five. There were thoughts on BTB that he would fall to us and create the ultimate pass rush, but those thoughts are over gentlemen.

Prince Amukamara finally got a chance to tell his haters what was really good. I predicted he would run in the high 4.4 range, and he was well below that. My only question was his speed and quickness, I believe his coverage skills are top notch. If Prince is there at 9, we should probably select him. The only thing that is holding me back from being a full time Prince fan is our offensive line needs.

Julio Jones worked out with a broken bone in his foot and still ran in the 4.3's. I think he is better than AJ Green, that's just my opinion. I have always liked this kid in college, heck they named a hall Julio Jones down there in Alabama. He is a great wide receiver who should be a top pick this April.

Marcell Dareus is a beast. I thought he was a JAG, Marcus Spears V2.0, but I was wrong. When you look at him standing next to Nick Fairley, Dareus looks like a man child. He is strong, quick and has amazing footwork. Dareus should be a top five pick, I have him over Nick Fairley at this point and believe Dareus will be a very solid player. All the Haloti Ngata fans should realize, Marcell Dareus is about the closest player to him in the draft.

JJ Watt is my corn fed white boy that has skyrocketed up my board. I questioned if he was just another Aaron Smith type lumberjack, but he isn't. His combine was flat out amazing for a man his size. Go back and look at his highlight reel and game tape, the kid is a amazing player. His college production is top notch and he is only getting better. You have to remember this is a kid who has only played defensive end for two seasons. Upside and a love for the game, with a non stop motor, JJ Watt is one of my top man crushes of the draft now. If Dallas takes him, I am ordering my authentic #69 Jared Allen...... I mean #69 authentic JJ Watt jersey.

Brandon Harris did exactly what I have been telling folks for months. He is the best cornerback in this draft that nobody is talking about. He ran in the 4.4 range, displayed his quick footwork, showed his quickness and coverage ability and was top notch in his interview skills. Harris will be a top 15 pick and he will push himself into the #9 debate. Taking a quality player like Brandon Harris makes a lot of sense for us, he reminds me a lot of Joe Haden who went 7th overall to the Browns last year. Wouldn't you like a Joe Haden in our secondary? He also looks like T.I., that adds to the coolness factor.

Tyron Smith didn't run the drills due to a recovering knee from a routine cleanup meniscus surgery, but he didn't have to run the 40 yard dash to impress me. What he had to do was show up over 300 pounds and have long arms, which he did. He is the best offensive lineman in this draft and should be our draft pick at #9 if we want to solidify our offensive line for the next season. I love Prince, Dareus, Watt and Harris, but Smith solves a major need and gives us a blue chip caliber player.

Marvin Austin displayed his first round talent most had him graded with before the 2010 season. After being suspended for the entire 2010 season, you can tell Marvin Austin was in the weight room working hard. He displayed his amazing body, quickness and strength. This is a guy who will be a first round type talent that may slip to the early second. He needed to have a good combine and he did. When I see guys who missed a lot of time and they have good workouts it tells me two things. One, Austin is motivated in becoming a NFL player. Two, it shows me he worked hard during his time off instead of playing 360 and eating Taco Bell. He was definitely a big winner this week.

Chia's Big Losers

Robert Quinn was a prospect I was very high on this year and he didn't impress me at all. He looked like the total opposite of fellow UNC teammate Marvin Austin. It looked like Quinn either didn't care about preparing himself for the combine or he hasn't worked out that much in his free time. I believe all the talent is there for Quinn to be a premier pass rusher, but I am beginning to question his drive. Quinn might of cost himself a top ten pick because of his workout. His workout wasn't awful, but it wasn't special. Quinn will have to have a great pro day to push himself back into top ten status.

Derek Sherrod will be a good tackle in the NFL, I believe he has the skill set to succeed. But I was expecting to see a stronger and more athletic player than what I witnessed over the past few days. I still believe he is a talented player, I just don't see him as a top 15 pick like I previously believed.

Ahmad Black ran a 4.74 40 yard dash. I know he is faster than that, I will gamble and bet he runs a 4.5 at his pro day. The thing with Black is, his game is more about quickness than overall speed. This is why sometimes the 40 yard dash can be misleading. I still have Black in my top 50 for a variety of reasons. He is a leader, playmaker, physical and quick. He can play corner and safety. I really liked his interviews during the week and he displayed to me that he is a great young man. His workouts besides the 40 were actually pretty good, but his draft stock took a dive and he could end up in the 3rd round, which actually would be good for us.

AJ Green is a great prospect and you cannot teach size and speed, but I didn't find him to be overly impressive. Green in my honest opinion is one of those guys who will be better on game day than in a workout. I really believe I would take Julio Jones over AJ Green, call me crazy. I am glad we got Dez Bryant last year at 24th overall. I think Dez is the best wide receiver to come out since Calvin Johnson and nobody since Megatron actually intrigues me like Dez does. AJ Green could have had a monster workout, but he didn't. His combine wasn't bad, but it wasn't special.

Another player with a awful 40 time was Kendric Burney. As I said with Ahmad Black, Burney has a game that relies more on quickness than overall speed. I believe he will run faster at his pro day, but again I think people overlook short speed and quickness over long speed. Regardless, his workout dropped him on my board and a lot of other teams boards. He needs to go to a Cover 2 system and if he does go to the right defensive system he will be a nice player, but as of right now he isn't a 2nd round pick like I had believed.

Nick Fairley is a interesting player to grade actually. He really only has one great year of college football and he weighed in smaller than I expected. I still believe his is a top ten talent, but there are some question marks about him. I think a lot of people are going to be looking for the next Suh, but I don't know if Fairley is Suh like. Fairley didn't have a bad combine, but again it wasn't special enough to put him over Marcell Dareus in my book. I also have some questions about his motivation and attitude. I would love him for the Cowboys, but I would have some character concerns. He could very well be the boom or bust type player in the top ten.

Player Position Change
1 1 Patrick Peterson CB
2 3 Von Miller OLB
3 2 Tyron Smith OT
4 5 Prince Amukamara CB
5 9 Marcell Dareus DT
6 28 JJ Watt DE
7 8 Brandon Harris CB
8 4 Nick Fairley DT
9 14 Julio Jones WR
10 12 Justin Houston OLB
11 11 Gabe Carimi OT
12 7 AJ Green WR
13 10 Cameron Jordan DE
14 6 Robert Quinn DE
15 13 Da'Quan Bowers DE
16 15 Mark Ingram RB
17 21 Jimmy Smith CB
18 16 Rahim Moore S
19 20 Anthony Castonzo OT
20 17 Phil Taylor DT
21 26 Aaron Williams CB
22 22 Aldon Smith DE
23 23 Nate Solder OT
24 25 Mike Pouncey C
25 29 Martez Wilson ILB
26 27 Mikel Leshoure RB
27 32 Stephen Paea DT
28 24 Muhammad Wilkerson DT
29 30 Akeem Ayers ILB
30 19 Derek Sherrod OT
31 18 Cam Newton QB
32 - - Marvin Austin DT
33 34 Marcus Cannon OT
34 - - Kyle Rudolph TE
35 36 Ryan Kerrigan DE
36 31 Corey Liuget DT
37 37 Stefan Wisniewski C
38 38 Danny Watkins OG
39 39 Blaine Gabbert QB
40 40 Benjamin Ijalana OT
41 45 Mason Foster ILB
42 41 Quinton Carter S
43 47 Rashad Carmichael CB
44 43 Cameron Heyward DE
45 44 Adrian Clayborn DE
46 - - Leonard Hankerson WR
47 50 Robert Sands S
48 - - Torrey Smith WR
49 - - Ras I Dowling CB
50 33 Ahmad Black S


Positional Rankings

Cam Newton Julio Jones Kyle Rudolph Mark Ingram Tyron Smith Mike Pouncey
Blaine Gabbert AJ Green   Mikel Leshoure Gabe Carimi Stefan Wisniewski
  Leonard Hankerson     Anthony Castonzo Danny Watkins
  Torrey Smith     Nate Solder  
        Derek Sherrod  
        Marcus Cannon  
        Benjamin Ijalana
Marcell Dareus JJ Watt Von Miller Martez Wilson Patrick Peterson Rahim Moore
Nick Fairley Cameron Jordan Justin Houston Akeem Ayers Prince Amukamara Quinton Carter
Phil Taylor Robert Quinn Mason Foster Brandon Harris Robert Sands
Stephen Paea Da'Quan Bowers   Jimmy Smith Ahmad Black
Muhammad Wilkerson Aldon Smith   Aaron Williams  
Marvin Austin Ryan Kerrigan     Rashad Carmichael  
Corey Liuget Cameron Heyward     Ras I Dowling  
  Adrian Clayborn      


Special Thanks to OCC- Thank you for hooking this up. OCC did all the pretty green arrows and red arrows and the positional chart. He hooked it up, thanks so much bro.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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