Where I pretend to be Jason Garrett

I admit this post was inspired by a similar post I did here, in which I laid out a scenario for draft day as run by Jerry Jones... Now the general consensus was this: The trade with the Rams was awesome, the picks were less than stellar...Considering that it was Jerry Jones I was trying to emulate I think I nailed him....

So here is what I want to do. I am going to take the exact same scenario, a trade down with the Rams, mix in a little Draft Tek computer simulating, and see if I cant emulate what I think Jason Garret would do if he was in charge of the War Room. Now the first 4 picks will be what I think Garrett will do, and the rest will be via the ODS. The reason for this is because:

1. I really don't feel like sorting through the 200+ players trying to find the right player for each spot

2. I really like using the ODS. Thanks for the new toy O.C.C.!!!! 

So let's have some fun shall we?

Now as I said earlier I will be using the same scenario as in my earlier post. If you didn't check out the link, and shame upon you if you didn't, here it is: 

At #9 Dallas trades with St. Louis, due to Julio Jones falling. The Rams need a true #1 for Sam Bradford. After blowing up the Combine, Jones looks the part. St Louis need to jump Washington, as the reason Jones fell was because the the top 2 QB's (Gabbert and Newton) were taken. The Rams give up the #14, 78, and 112 for Dallas' #9. While there were multiple players available, Dallas was really blown away by the Rams offer. So now Dallas controls the #14, #40,#71,#78,#110,#112,#142,#175, #220 and #251.....

So with Dallas on the clock at #14 they select Tyron Smith, OT, USC.  With this pick Dallas signals a new era in Big D. No more will they be content to try and "coach up" late rounders. Garrett knows that he needs a good O-line to protect Romo, and provide him with enough time to be able to execute his offense. Smith, though seen by many as a project, could very well start at RT, and may even compete with Free for the LT position within 2 years....

Now at #40 Rob Ryan makes his case for a player...while Garrett really would like to get another O-line he knows that an offense's best friend is a great defense....So Dallas selects, Phil Taylor, DT34, Baylor. Here is a player that seems to be Taylor-made (see what I did there...haha) for Rob's defense. A mountain of a player at 6-3 330 lbs, Taylor is strong enough to anchor against the run, yet agile enough to be an effective pass rusher. Paired up with Ratliff, these two could easily become the most feared duo from any D-Line...Once D-Ware is factored in, Garrett knows that he will have a defense that can match his offense in firepower....

Now at #71 Garrett turns his eyes back to the offense. He Knows that both Leonard Davis and Kyle Kosier may need to be replaced. He hopes that he can keep Kosier, who is a free agent, but knows that either way with both of them over thirty, he will have to replace them soon. Fortunately he sees that a certain player has fallen so he immediately strikes and takes Danny Watkins, OT, Baylor. Spotted by Rob as he was scouting Taylor, Watkins is an immediate starter at either guard position. Now his age is a concern for Garrett, as he is already 26 years old, however the trade down with the Rams allows Garrett to take a chance. 

With #78, Garrett again gives in to Rob and takes Ras-I Dowling CB Virginia. Dowling is big at 6-1, 198, and fast (4.4 40 speed) however has had issues with injuries, highlighted by pulling his hamstring at the Combine. However Rob thinks that not only could Dowling be a good CB, but could become his "centerfielding" FS.  While Garrett is somewhat skeptical after seeing the mess that Alan Ball made of the defense, Rob assures him that Dowling can make the transition.

As for the rest of the Draft here it is:

#110- Lawrence Guy DE34 Arizona State

#112- Clint Boling  OG Georgia

#142- Josh Bynes ILB Auburn

#175- Jermale Hines FS Ohio State

#220- D. Johnson-Koulianos WR  Iowa

#251- John Clay RB Wisconsin

Well there you have it...My view of a Jason Garrett draft. I hope that this draft makes more people happy than the Jerry draft did..I know I would be ecstatic if the draft fell this way...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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