Trade Bait - Value of some of the roster players

Alright, its time to get younger.  Any team can use more picks to try to bolster some depth on their team or plug some holes.  Time to examine the value of some of the players on the team and we will see what their trade value may be.  I will even attempt to present some outlandish trade proposals for consideration.  Please, if you have any ideas for others that could be traded then please post in the comments section.  This is more of a discussion board for the upcoming draft than actual proposals.  Here we go.

Tashard Choice - I would be extremely disappointed if this happened, just for the record.  I think most of us agree that Marion Barber is the one of the three that needs to go.  The only reason I mention Choice is because he actually has some trade value.  Barber's contract is too big for anyone else to want to trade for since the production doesn't meet the contract.  I would expect that a 3rd round pick would probably be realistic compensation for him, although I think what he has shown as a temporary starter, amongst other things, would merit an earlier selection.

Martellus Bennett - Personally I like this kid and he seems to have taken a more serious approach to things and matured a lot as a player in the last off-season.  Best second string tight end in the nation I think, could be a starter most other places.  Would definitely deserve at least a second round pick.  There seems to be some pretty athletic tight ends in the draft this year like Virgil Green out of Nevada.  Can any of them block as well as Bennett?  I don't know how they would stack up against him in comparison though.

Orlando Scandrick - Probably our most physical corner that we have.  Probably worth a 3rd round pick or so as compensation.  We could probably find a good corner later in this draft to take his place with some really good ball skills.  A guy I really liked in the combine was Curtis Brown out of Texas.  Scandrick could also start on some teams out there, so his value might even be higher than where it was.  He was up for the starting position here 2 seasons ago after all.

Stephen McGee - Might be some good value here for this guy.  After all, we have all seen what Kitna can do in the backup role.  I think Romo will still be around for a while longer so this guy will be too old to be able to count on down the road when we decide to move on without Romo, whenever that may come to pass.  Probably get a third or late second round selection for him based on his performance last year in Arizona and in Philly.  There are some teams out there that could use a starter and he is probably better than anyone on their roster currently.  Personally, I think you could do this and then try to nab Andy Dalton from TCU in the draft and let him work.  Very accurate and has good technique.  Probably the best footwork that I have seen from any of the QBs in this years draft, although I haven't gotten to see Blaine Gabbert yet.  His resume @ TCU is also impressive.

Miles Austin - Definitely don't like this idea, but trying to look at all angles or proposed trades I've heard through friends and other fans.  Can't trade Roy because no one is going to want to take his contract.  Probably get a 1st rounder this year and next year with another 2nd or 3rd rounder this year for Miles, maybe even more.  Only question is, do you trust Roy as the #2 now, probably not.  Unless you want to use that 1st rounder this year to get a guy like Julio Jones.  Probably could trade with a team in the 10 - 14 range for that and pick up a good receiver or one of those tackles that so many of you have been coveting (although I don't think you get an OT that high unless you plan on him playing the left side, which is the side we are good at).  I think Dez is going to be the #1 receiver now anyway.

Alright, so like I said this more of a discussion board than an actual proposal.  So let's here what you have to say fellow cowboy fans.  Also, post any other possible trades and feasible compensation for said trade in the comments section.  Just want to see what you guys think.  Jerry did say that there would be much more roster moves this off-season than in recent years.  That could be difficult with the CBA situation, and even still it remains to be seen whether it would happen that way or not.  And just for the record, I think the Stephen McGee trade scenario would be the best one if I had to choose one of them.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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