Here is an Option for Dallas.....

Dallas has a problem...The team needs a "blue chip" OL, young CB depth, DL depth, ILB help, and at least one safety. For some teams this wouldn't be a problem, however Dallas is stuck with just 7 picks this year, with no guarantee of free agency...However there is hope for Dallas...

Scott Pioli is GM of the Kansas City Chiefs. He is from the Belichick Family tree, which means that he could be looking to trade down from the Chiefs current spot of 21. Now notice where he is at, prime O-line territory. I figure if someone was wanting to trade to that spot, Pioli would be very receptive, especially if that team held several high round picks, like Dallas does. After the Jump lets explore this scenario shall we?

Number Dallas is sitting at #9, and an awesome player falls down to them, say Von Miller. You have to take them right? Yes, Dallas needs O-line help, but we are talking top 5 talent here. The type of player that not only could start immediately, but could also play multiple positions(something Dallas loves), and meets a team need. So lets say Dallas stays put at #9 and Takes Von Miller( its my post so I will use my personal pet cat). One slight problem...Dallas still needs a First round talent on the O-Line, and I am not talking about Alex Barron. What to do? Remember Kansas City? How about this:

Dallas receives KC's 21st and (213th?) in exchange for Dallas'  41st, 71st, and 105th. Now I know what you will say, "That is too much to be giving away!". But really is it? What are Dallas Needs...OLine, better pass rush, perferably either a NT or DE, ILB depth, Safety. Now Currently available is Micheal Huff among others, some really good Safeties that Dallas could pick up as of right now. For the rest of it,( ILB, DE/NT) do we really need instant starters? Or maybe just depth that could evolve into starters? O-line is a different beast altogether...Dallas really needs an instant upgrade for Marc Columbo and/or Leonard Davis. They could also use some depth at the LT spot where the only players are Alex Barron(yuck!) and Jeremy Parnell(who could be something but needs at least a couple more years). So here is my Mock for this...

#9 Von Miller OLB Texas A&M-  The next Demarcus Ware, he could fall to Dallas if a couple of teams take QB's, along with the early mini run on D-Line and CB's. Instantly he could come in and start over Spencer, but could also evolve into a player that lines up at every ILB spot. Provides insurance(knock on wood) if D-Ware goes down, and along with Sean Lee and Spencer could create the scariest set of LB's in the league....

Alternate picks-Prince Amukamara, JJ Watt, Cameron Jordan, Brandon Harris

#21 ( from KC) Tyron Smith OT, USC. An absolute steal at this point, Tyron is simply one of the best OT's in the draft. He would Fill two needs (LT depth and RT starter) while providing competition for Doug Free at the LT spot. Allows dallas to carry only two back ups on the gameday roster, Holland (swing Guard) and Young(RT). 

Alternatives: Derrick Sherrod, Gabe Carimi

Now with Dallas trading off three picks the back half of the draft becomes extremely important. Fortunately for Dallas they have excelled at that. Here are my last Three Picks(disclaimer: I used Wes Buntings rankings here so certain players may not be there when we draft.....)

#140- Jarvis Jenkins- DT Clemson: a raw prospect with good athleticism, could makeup the loss of Spears due to his ability against the Run. However needs some work on his Pass rushing, however does show ability in that area.

#171- D J  Young- OT Michigan State- another Raw prospect, though for the O-Line, Young has alot of upside as he played DT before transferring to Michigan State. Has played on both sides on the line, and would solidify the OT depth Behind Sam Young, allowing Robert Brewster to move to guard.

#210-Tejay Johnson FS TCU- a steal here at 210, a player that would increase the depth at free safety, but doesn't have great speed. Would  excel in Zone Coverage, but could be adequate in Man. 

There you have it. I know that I have been bombarding you guys with Mocks, but I  really Love this kind of stuff.  Well Here it is...POLL TIME!!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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