Where I pretend to be Jerry Jones.....

Well here is my latest installment for the 2011 NFL Draft...The major consensus is that Dallas needs to trade down and draft an elite O-line, and hope that a good DE falls to them at #40. I have looked at another option for Dallas, where they stayed put at #9 and then traded from 40 back into the first. So I thought why not both?  If Dallas were to trade down a few spots, then they could use those "extra picks" to trade back into the first round... So here are a scenario that I could see Jerry doing.

Now Jerry has a tendency to be reactionary with the draft. What I am saying with that statement is that Jerry uses the draft to "fix" whatever went wrong the previous year. So follow me past the jump to see the draft through Jerry's eyes...(Warning this won't be pretty if you want a 1st round O-lineman...) 

So let's look at what happened last year. The defense simply collapsed. The special teams, while not great early in the year, ended up fairly decent. The offense was simply a juggernaut, even with Jon Kitna and Stephen McGee at the helm.  So given Jerry's history, here is what I see happening:

At #9 Dallas trades with St. Louis, due to Julio Jones falling. The Rams need a true #1 for Sam Bradford. After blowing up the Combine, Jones looks the part. St Louis need to jump Washington, as the reason Jones fell was because the the top 2 QB's (Gabbert and Newton) were taken. The Rams give up the #14, 78, and 111 for Dallas' #9. While there were multiple defensive players available, Dallas was really blown away by the Rams offer. So now Dallas controls the #14, #40,#71,#78,#109,#111,#140,#171 and #209.....

At #14 Dallas selects...JJ Watt, DE, Wisconsin. By now everyone should be aware of the performance that Watt had at the Combine. That, combined with his production in college, is simply too much for Jerry to resist at #14...Watt becomes an immediate replacement for Spears, who was not tendered a contract. 

With the extra third rounder from St. Louis, Dallas now has the ammo to move back up into the first round. Jerry works out a trade with New England giving up the #40 and #78 for New England's 28th and selects: Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor. With New England starting the OT run at #17, they are all gone by the 28th pick. So Dallas selects one of the Best DT's in the draft. At 6-4 340 lbs Taylor has the size to play NT but has enough athleticism to play DE. Touted as "the next Ngata" heading into the draft, Jerry is forced to "overpay" in draft picks to select him. 

I told you it wouldn't be pretty if you wanted a 1st round O-line.

Now normally this is where I would list off each pick with with a fairly random name attached to it. Well, not this time. This is for several reasons:

A. By this point  nobody really knows who will be available

B. The third round is where Jerry likes to start to "throw darts"

C. I really don't want to go into that kind of detail with this post.

I will tell you this though. More than likely in the 3rd/4th rounds there will be either a Safety/CB taken, or an O-lineman. After the 4th I bet there will be an ILB taken, along with either another Safety/CB, and probably another O-lineman.

Now before you go all "We need New O-linemen, Davis and Colombo suck, and Koiser probably wont be back" on me, please remember. This is what I honestly think Jerry could do this draft, based on his history. Remember Jerry has NEVER taken an offensive lineman in the first round...and in a draft class that is considered O-line weak why would he start now? I am with you on the fact that Dallas could use an infusion of 1st round talent on the O-line. But that won't happen until Jerry has conclusive proof that it needs to happen...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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