Combine numbers. The story of one Bruce Campbell

The savior of the day.

How can a psyche be altered by some impressive measurables.

In the case of Bruce Campbell, those were darn impressive. A 6-6 and 314 behemot running a 4.75 40 is impressive. Seeing him jump a vertical of 32 is impressive, too. Adding a 4.69 shuttle, 7.58 three cone drill and 34 reps in the bench press is cool, too.

That was enough to push him in some minds to the 1st and 2nd Rounds, even with serious worries regarding his film.

Film was right, no one wanted to touch him in the first 100 picks of the 2010 Draft. Soft, dedication, love for the game and others were big enough question marks to prevent teams from falling in love with measurables. Even if they were really impressive.

You say, what's my point?

Simple, that no matter how impressive some numbers are, they shouldn't make a big difference regarding a long and tedious work of reviewing film.

I'm talking about J.J. Watt. The savior of the day.

Sure, that guy was considered high 2nd Round - late 1st Round material earlier in the year, so comparison with Bruce Campbell is kind of silly.

Well, I'm guilty. Exaggerating to make a point is the kind of thing from which nearly anyone is guilty from time to time... I'm kind of certain that everyone is guilty of such, but who can make that claim?

But, why are we seeing him jumping up as a candidate for the Cowboys number 9 pick? Because of his measurables or because of his film? And are those enough to push him past Jordan and Clayborn?

Not sure, earlier in the year the condensed ranking of the DLineman looked very close to something like this:

1. Fairley

2. Bowers

3. Dareus

4. Jordan

5. Clayborn

6. Heyward

7. Watt

And now, after the Combine, I'm supposed to believe than Watt jumped up to the 4th place?

What's the basis of such a jump? Is his film that good? Call me unimpressed. The guy was a 4 man front edge rusher (lined up wide outside the Tackle or TE, a lot like Ware in 4-man fronts) that Wisconsin would usually move from the left to the right side regularly (even in a play by play basis).

So, what's up with all the love? Sure, his stats and measurables look good in a combination, but I'm really not sure that he deserves all the love. I'm not even sure that he's 3-4 DE material. He has some explosion and quickness, but his hands and consistency leave a lot to be desired. So, I'll guess that we will find out in a month and a half.

DLine isn't a need?

Sure, I've heard it all, "the 3-4 DLineman shouldn't be drafted high" and "the Spears or Bowen, Ratliff and Olshansky are fine". I've been there, I've discussed that. What's the point of bringing this up? That Bob Sturm is a respected analyst and the guy agrees here and here:

  • But, when I look at 3-4s that have great success, Shaun Ellis and Cullen Jenkins are disruptive ends in the 3-4 with regards to pass rush. Brett Keisel and Ryan Pickett are dynamic at plugging the run. But, to have success, your DEs need to be great at one or the other.
  • I like [Cameron] Jordan more than [Marcell] Dareus at DE. I don't think I would touch [Robert] Quinn. And I don't believe the Cowboys are going to touch Prince [Amukamara].
  • I think I need to get better on both lines. I need a stud in the 1st. I don't see a safety worth it, but I see good OL and DL in the 1st. I might need to trade back on OL, but DE at #9 would be outstanding.

So where do you stand? A need or not?

I'm still a fan of Cameron Jordan.

Sure, his numbers weren't as impressive as those from Watt, but his numbers were pretty good for a 6-4 and 287 pounder and they're evidence of what I've seen in film and what several sources liked in the Senior Bowl practices. How he may not be the most explosive defender, but has several skills that make him an extremely versatile guy.

Decent explosion? Check.

Quickness? Check.

Speed? Check.

Technique? Check.

What's the value of versatility? Look at the Cowboys DLine in 2010. Look at the rotation of the 3-4 DLine and 4-man fronts. Run and pass packages. Look at the talk of predictable defenses. Look at the acquisition of Rob Ryan, known for his tough to predict packages that need versatile DLineman.

Which are the versatile DLineman in this Draft? Fairley, Bowers, Dareus, Jordan and Heyward are at the top (IMHO).

Are there 2nd Round versatile prospects? Maybe Wilkerson, but I'm not that certain, neither are the sources that have looked deep into his film, they all say that he has the ability and that says it all.

And that's the thing, if versatility is important, and I believe that it's going to be, who's the best pick?

Watt or Jordan?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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