Draft Preferences

I remember when they picked in the late 20s last year there were a variety of picks that I would have liked, Iupati, Odrick, and one of the tackles if they fell were the players that I was wanting to fall...needless to say I was pleased with Dez Bryant.  However, this year's draft I am positive that I will be pleased with Dallas' pick.  However, there's different levels of happiness that I would have.  So I guess I'll rank them in "tiers."  

The spend the rest of the night drinking in happiness and dry humping the waitresses at the bar scenario There's really only one player that I would be absolutely ecstatic with beyond my wildest dreams and that's Patrick Peterson, he's a player that I wouldn't mind a big trade up for. Pretty much the only player that fits that bill too, he's widely considered a top three talent in the draft, and while it's unlikely that Dallas selects him I still think that he's the best player for the team given Mike Jenkins' regression and Newman's age situation.  

The Jump Up and Fist Pump Scenario This is where  Nick Fairley, Von Miller, and Marcel Dareus fall in. Obviously Von Miller would fit in greatly opposite DeMarcus Ware, I was critical earlier, now I'm on the Von Miller bandwagon. Nick Fairley and Marcel Dareus are guys I would love to have at defensive end on the strongside to help out Spencer in the pass rush. I think it's somewhat likely that these guys fall and these guys are all studs, they aren't Patrick Peterson for me, thus while I'll be happy I won't be the Peterson level of excited.

The Good Pick Scenario This is where I think the pick will most likely happen. Just because this scenario doesn't involve a stud falling past where the draftnicks tend to have them at, doesn't mean that I won't be satisfied with the pick. The players I have here are Tyron Smith and Prince Amukamara.  I'm firmly okay with Tyron Smith at nine and while I'm not that high on Amukamara I'd be okay with him being the pick.  

The guys in the second and third round that I'd like would be: Rahim Moore, Ras I Dowling, Ben Ijalana, Rodney Husdson, Stephen Paea, Phil Taylor, Cam Hewyard, Martez Wilson, Aaron Williams, John Moffitt, Muhammad Wilkerson, and any consensus first rounder that falls for whatever reason.  

Guys in the 4th, 5th, and 6th that I'd like would be: DeMarcus Love, Roy Helu Jr., Taylor Sash, Deunta Williams, Amhad Black, or Marcus Gilbert.  

At any rate, given the wide variety of options available to the Cowboys at each pick I'm pretty sure that we'll be happy with this year's draft class.  Then again, when you pick 9th you should be happy with your team's draft class.  

Sort of a rough draft here, I'll have these guys ranked in tiers for the later rounds.  

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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