Crack Hits:Volume 10: The Teflon Al-Don


Jerry Jones I want to make you an offer you can't refuse. This is the Teflon Al-Don Don, aka Aldon Smith pass rushing specialist from Missouri. He is the John Gotti of pass rushers. It appears yet another Aldon Smith rumor has surfaced, this time from Wes Bunting. The way Wes described the rumor, it was like he was told to hush up or wear cement shoes. Wes mentioned the Cowboys are interested in Tyron Smith and Aldon Smith. That they love the offensive tackle and pass rusher, but that's all he could say. It has a old school mafia type feel to it. It looks like two weeks out from the big night and the Cowboys have us sputtering in all angles.

The big night is two weeks from tomorrow. On April 28th all of our questions will be answered but until then it's a big circus. In the last two weeks alone, Mike Pouncey and Tyron Smith were thrown into the ninth overall pick fire. Now you can throw Aldon Smith into that frying pan. For the first time since 2007, I have no idea what Dallas is going to do on draft night. The best part about being a fan of this franchise during draft time is knowing what we are aiming to accomplish in the draft before hand. I have no idea what is going to happen now. I thought we for sure were in love with Tyron Smith and I advocated that pick for sometime now. Rob Ryan spoke very highly of Anthony Spencer and assured that Spencer is a great player. Now the Aldon Smith rumor surfaces from a pretty reliable source and I actually like it.

Aldon Smith is a guy I have ranked in the twenties as of right now. I think his skill set is definitely top fifteen type material. He is a little young, I cannot find his exact age but I got 21-22 years old. He is a prospect that is still growing into his enormous frame. He is 6'4 263 and has 35 inch arms 4.78 40 yard dash 34 inch vertical and a 4.5 short shuttle. He is a freak of a athlete and when you look at his long arms he reminds me of a raptor. I would have him ranked higher on my board if he was older. He is a bit raw and is still adding pass rushing moves. Do I think he is a good draft pick at nine? Yes I do because adding a premier pass rusher is always a good look. I would look at tackle at nine but the Cowboys cannot prove me wrong here, Smith is a well sought after prospect. He is a physical freak and Jerry Jones was right about DeMarcus Ware, lets not forget that Jerry is the man who drafted Ware.

Bunting described that the Cowboys see some DeMarcus Ware in Aldon Smith. When you watch this kid on tape I can see some similarities. I think Smith is more like Brian Orakpo physically and has similar combine numbers. From my point of view its beginning to look like the end of the Anthony Spencer era with the interest in Aldon Smith. Spencer like I mentioned was raved about when Rob Ryan got here, but that could be yet another smokescreen. Or maybe this is another smokescreen to motivate Spencer. I am leaning towards this is a real possibility on draft night, I think the Cowboys are actually highly interested in Smith. The Cowboys sitting at nine have their pick of pass rushers after Von Miller. Spencer has been a problem, and we need to fix it. If we roll with Aldon Smith I guarantee you the kid gets like 10-12 sacks his rookie season off his speed and raw ability alone. You cannot teach speed, ask Almost Anthony. He lacks the speed to be a true disruptive edge pass rusher, while Aldon Smith has the speed to be so much better in that area of the game.

There at least seems to be two forms of reasoning going on in Valley Ranch concerning the draft. One camp is considering Tyron Smith at nine to plug the hole we have at right tackle. Their argument must be something along the lines of Smith is a great offensive tackle and we have the rest of the draft to focus on defense. Camp two is considering Aldon Smith as a possible Ware like pass rusher that would put this defense into a dangerous category attempting to stop both edge rushers. Their theory must also assure Jerry that they can find a offensive tackle in the second or third round. Now I am more supporting of the Tyron Smith theory, but I do support the Aldon Smith concept as well. I think a great pass rush wins games, especially in a 3-4 defense. I have given Spencer four years to get his act together and become a complete player. Four years later I am still asking for more, and that's not good. So when you actually think about what the Cowboys are looking at here, you cant blame them for seriously considering Aldon Smith with the ninth pick. I believe Aldon Smith from a talent perspective is a great draft pick, there is a high risk high reward type feel to it but many draft sites have Smith listed as a top 10-15 pick.

I am on board with whatever the Cowboys ultimately decide to do on draft night. If we draft Tyron Smith I love the pick and we can focus on defense the rest of the draft. I would welcome Tyron to the Cowboys with open arms and embrace him as my new Dallas Cowboy. If the Cowboys draft Aldon Smith I will love the pick and look forward to seeing a beast opposite Ware. I would still be confident in finding our right tackle in the next two rounds. I would welcome Aldon to the Cowboys in open arms and buy his jersey, because that's how good this kid can be. Aldon has all the potential to become a pass rushing threat. I know deep down that a pass rusher at nine is reasonable because fixing our pass rush will go a long way. Ware would become even more dominant then he already is. Smith would be a freak as a edge pass rusher, and it would allow the secondary more time in coverage. The outcome of drafting Aldon Smith would have secondary effects that improve this defense. I am on board for drafting Smith, count me in. I wont take credit for this one though. This would be all on the Cowboys because I didn't consider Smith a option at nine, but he is a really good one I cannot knock that at all.

Dallas is doing their due diligence this time around. Adding another threat at the wide receiver position looks like a real possibility as well and I am thrilled to hear that. I have felt the need of another wide receiver for some time, especially in the slot. Jon Baldwin is a interesting prospect for a few reasons. Baldwin came into the 2011 season as a first round pick, top ten status actually. For whatever reasons he has slid possibly to the second round. This kid has it all, I am talking 6'4 228 33 inch arms 10 inch hands and a 4.5 40 time. He reminds me a lot of Vincent Jackson and I think Garrett might be applying the Norv Turner school of passing attack here in Dallas. As we all know Garrett and Norv have history together, they run a very similar offense dating back to the Air Coryell school of offensive theory. Garrett could be attempting to install a various package of wide receivers. If you add another big and tall wide receiver with speed, I think the offense goes into override in a good way.

I just find it very interesting that the Cowboys invited Jonathan Baldwin in for a invite last week. Obviously the Cowboys have one of the best wide receivers in the league in Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, but in the new NFL you need three guys. For instance take a look at the Super Bowl teams this year. The Steelers have a wide assortment of receivers in the arsenal. The Packers have a wide array of receivers as well and might be the best in the business at utilizing their talent there. Fortunately for us we imported their wide receivers coach. I don't think taking a wide receiver that high is needed but I will support it. I hate Roy Williams, I think he is the biggest scrub. He would win on The Biggest Loser in my book. Three years of his garbage is enough for me to give up on him. He looked great when Romo was actually playing last year and then when Romo went down Roy packed it in.

That's why I would support the Jon Baldwin pick in the second round. Its obvious the Cowboys are looking at wide receivers this draft. We invited Edmund Gates who is a real possibility for us in the draft. We also invited another tall wide receiver in Andre Holmes from Hillsdale. One of my personal favorites Cecil Shorts from Mount Union was brought in and I think he would be a great fit here. Jeremy Kerley from TCU was another invite and he brings the track element as well. The funny thing is he ran a 4.6 at the combine while Jon Baldwin ran a 4.5. Don't sleep on Baldwin because he is big, that kid has speed. He has great hands and is physical. He is excellent in jump ball situations and the Cowboys could use a guy like him for just that. Baldwin may not be a true need, but I think Garrett is obviously not in love with Kevin Ogletree or Roy Williams. I love it because it shows me he is willing to bring in a stud wide receiver like Baldwin over Roy Williams. Come day two of the draft it wouldn't shock me to see Jon Baldwin become a Cowboy. Jerry needs some sort of shiny toy and it looks like he might get one after all.


Jonathan Baldwin highlights 2009 (via PanthersFootball10)

DE Aldon Smith (via ProDraftParty)


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