Lies, Damn Lies

First things first, I stole the headline from a great article, but I'll address that later.

This post is about the draft, the media, and the things that are told. 

This time of year feels more like Christmas to me than Spring.  As I'm sure it is the same for many of you.  However, it almost feels more like election season than anything with all the ( what almost appears to be) slander that gets slung all over your television and computer screens.  Now, I'll be very honest with you right now...I am very positively biased for the Razorbacks and all things Arkansas.  With that said, the majority of this post is centered around one Ryan Mallet, yet rings true for many athletes this time of year.

Let's start off with factors.  Factors play a huge role in the success or failure of any draftee.  Factors such as being drafted into the right system, with the right coaches, with ample playing time, practice reps, injuries, football knowledge, physical size and attributes, and flat out talent.  All of these things have to come together in perfect harmony to get yourself a great player and a great value.  All the scouting in the world can't get it 100 percent right.  It can boost your chances, but no one has the perfect formula.

Past the factors, comes the funny part.  What are people saying?  What people are saying can make or break any player's draft stock.  As I stated earlier, we will be using Ryan Mallett as the prime example here.  For some reason, all over draft blogs and television, people are killing this guy.  They compare him to Ryan Leaf, say he has a drug habit, say he's too cocky...just things that mostly have come from outside sources that really have no idea what they are talking about.

The Sun Sentinel based out of Florida has put together an amazing series entitled "Draft Winds" that has done an insanely in-depth review of draftees, more specifically QB's.  This leads me to my headline.  "Lies, Damn Lies" which I stole from the article they wrote about Ryan Mallett in their QB reviews.

These guys have quotes and interviews from High School and College coaches to old team mates such as Mike Hart, Jake Long, and DJ Williams.  They cover everything from personal issues people have brought up, criminal history, and overall personality in general.  They also break down plays and throws he made, and situations he was in that people tend to think he wasn't very good at.  Overall its very, very in-depth and paints a better picture of the kid than what people just assume he is.

This stuff happens all the time.  I've seen Bowers' draft stock go from potential first overall pick, to lucky to be picked on the second day because of medical issues, and then more reports saying his knee is just fine.  I read on today that 2 teams that need running backs have completely taken Mark Ingram off their board due to knee problems.  Dez Bryant is another perfect example, amazing talent...went to dinner with Deion Sanders (who wouldn't) then anything little he did after that was magnified to the point where a top 5 talent fell to us way down the line.

The fact of the matter is really this, you just don't know.  Did you hear Parcells the other day basically saying he wished he would've never picked Pat White and that he should've drafted Matt Ryan over Jake Long.  Hindsight is always 20/20 and there is just know way of knowing what's going to happen or why and because of that, it's really hard to put too much blame on people who draft busts.

I've got tons more that I could add to this, and probably make it a little less spastic...but I'll cut it off here, and follow up anything in the comments.

Thanks guys!

p.s. Speaking of, if it were up to taking Tyron at 9!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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