Dadgomed Technology, #2

Yes, I know the lines are wavy (that's the reason I tried the PDF links to make it pretty) -- and no, I'm not drinking, dadgomed it LOL!  2008 results below:

 2008 OL Results

Rd        Sel                     Player                  Pos                School                Team/Result     

 1           1        Jake Long                             OT            Michigan                Dolphins / Starter

 1         12       Ryan Clady                           OT            Boise State           Broncos / Starter

 1         14       Chris Williams                       OT            Vanderbilt             Bears / Starter

 1         15       Branden Albert                     OT            Virginia                  Chiefs / Starter

 1         17       Gosder Cherilus                   OT            Boston College      Lions / Starter

 1         19       Jeff Otah                               OT            Pittsburgh             Panthers / Starter

 1         21       Sam Baker                           OT            USC                       Falcons / Starter

 1         26       Duane Brown                       OT            Virginia Tech         Texans / Starter

 2         39       Chilo Rachal                          OG            USC                       49’ers / Starter

 2         59       Mike Pollak                           OG            Arizona State         Colts / Starter

 3         65       John Greco                           OT            Toledo                   Rams / Back-up

 3         83       Jeremy Zuttah                     OG            Rutgers                  Bucs / Starter

 3         96       Chad Rinehart                      OT            Northern Iowa       Redskins / Starter*

 3         99       Oniel Cousins                       OT            UTEP                     Ravens / Back-up

2008 DL Results

Rd        Sel                     Player                  Pos                School                Team/Result     

 1           2        Chris Long                            DE            Virginia                  Rams / Starter

 1           5        Glenn Dorsey                       DT            LSU                       Chiefs / Starter

 1           7        Sedrick Ellis                          DT            USC                       Saints / Starter

 1           8        Derrick Harvey                     DE            Florida                   Jaguars / Back-up

 1         28       Lawrence Jackson                DE            USC                       Seahawks / Traded

 1         29       Kentwan Balmer                   DE            North Carolina       49’ers / Traded*

 2         32       Phillip Merling                       DE            Clemson               Dolphins / Back-up

 2         47       Trevor Laws                         DT            Notre Dame          Eagles / Back-up

 2         50       Calais Campbell                  DE            Miami (Fla)            Cardinals / Starter

 2         52       Quentin Groves                   DE           Auburn                  Jaguars / Traded

 2         54       Jason Jones                         DT            E. Michigan            Titans / Starter

 3         66       Kendall Langford                  DE            Hampton               Dolphins / Starter

 3         72       Chris Ellis                             DE            Virginia Tech         Bills / Cut

 3         77       Pat Sims                               DT            Auburn                  Bengals / Starter

 3         80       Bryan Smith                         DE            McNeese State      Eagles / Cut

 3         87       Andre Fluellen                      DT            Florida State          Lions / Back-up

 3         90       Marcus Harrison                   DT            Arkansas               Bears / Back-up

 3         92       Cliff Avril                               DE            Purdue                  Lions / Starter



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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