Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Week In Review

The best alternative I've heard to possible missed NFL games. Maybe the NFL and Players Association should take a little more time talking it out.

Let's take a look back at the week that was in the Cowboys world. These links should give you the picture of everything you need to be caught up on.


-- Mediation continues on day 2 in the Lockout hearings. [mysanantonio.com]


-- The good news that Joe Theismann and Matt Millen won't be returning to the NFL Network broadcast is actually great news. Mike Mayock coming aboard is better. Throw Gus Johnson into the mix? You just went from least favorite to top tier broadcast team. [Sportsillustrated.com]

-- All hail #9, Romo's ninth in NFL jersey sales. [espn.com]

-- An in-depth overview of the Cowboys failings on defense. [The Sports Xchange]

-- The Cowboys were one of 27 teams to check out the Pro Day of Eastern Washington running back Taiwan Jones, #8 RB on Wes Bunting's big board. [dallasnews.com]

-- Jerry Jones isn't among the defendants present in US District Court for the Lockout hearings. [nbcdfw.com]

-- Andre Gurode says that teammates have already reached out to Dez Byrant to help him recognize the silliness of his actions. [nbcdfw.com]

-- Ever wonder what happened to Mike Vanderjagt? Me neither, but he's coaching now. [dallasnews.com]

-- UCLA Safety Rahim Moore is confident in his ability to help our secondary should Dallas select him. [mysanantonio.com]



-- Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara made his way in for a visit to Valley Ranch. He's #30 out of 30 allowed visits.  [Star-Telegram]

-- The announcement of the preseason schedule gave us the insight that training camp would not be split between locations this season.  [Star Telegram]

-- The Associated Press has uncovered documents that the league's proposal for a rookie wage scale would limit contract to five years and decrease the money spent on first rounders by $300 million from last year. [mysanantonio.com]

-- BTB took the Internet's first shot at grading the 2010 leaked Cowboys draft board in this installment of Ask BTB.


-- The Cowboys preseason schedule is released. [BTB]

-- A comprehensive round up of all mock drafts and who they give to Dallas. [BTB]

-- Tony Romo's team won the Adams Pro-Scratch. [espn.com]

-- For those of you looking ahead to possible missed games, Toronto is getting a new Lingerie Football League team. [thestar.com]

-- OCC looks at how the advanced metric SackSEER could predict the top edge rushers in the 2011 draft. [BTB]


-- Federal Judge Nelson order mediation for the week for the two sides in the lockout hearings. [BTB]

-- Hudson Houck with a testimonial of Garrett's status as a winner. [Star-Telegram]

-- Keith Brooking guarantees fans the Big D will be back in the Cowboys. [nbcdfw.com]

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