Please let Julio Jones be there at #9

That sets up the perfect scenario for us to move down.  Conceivably, Dallas would have strong interest from St. Louis and New England to move up for the last big time WR in this draft.  As much as I would love to get an extra 3rd rounder, and I know that's what the "almighty" trade value chart says, the front office has to go for bigger fish.  I would be disappointed with anything less than a 2nd to move down, and would love to squeeze a 3rd out in exchange for our 4th or 5th.

With no free agency period before the draft, we're looking at more holes than usual to fill.  My top areas of need for the team are: Offensive Line (1.OT, 2.G/C), the Secondary (1.CB, 2.FS*, 3.SS), Linebacker (1.ILB, 2.OLB) and Defensive Line (1.DE, 2.NT). Sprinkle in a big back, if we are finally going to get rid of Barber, and a nice all around solid WR to throw in the slot.  Now, there's no way we can fill all of those in just the draft, but if things fall right, we could get a very quality haul.

The following is my attempt at some GM'ing

On Draft Day, we make a trade with New England for #9, also giving up our 4th(#110) for New England's 1st(#17), 2nd(#33), and 3rd(#74).  I don't have any idea if that works trade value-wise, but I know I read NE wanted to make a big splash, and Julio is Randy Moss 2.0 (almost). 

1) 17.  OT Anthony Costanzo, BC, (6'7,311) --  I'm a Doug Free fan, so to me the next step in the rebirth of this line is to get a matching bookend on the other side.  Yeah, he might not start at the beginning of the season, because of the lockout, just sign Colombo back for a year or 2.  It won't take long for Castonzo to catch up, and once he does it's a wrap on the outside.  I know Smith has all the potential in the world, but to me we're getting the best T prospect this year.

2) 33.  CB Aaron Williams, Texas, (6',204) --  Our secondary needs help, Newman is on his last legs, Jenkins is coming off a terrible year, and Scandrick really seems to be more of S than CB.  Williams immediately jumps into Scandrick's nickel CB spot, and is around once Newman breaks down.  If everyone returns to form, he could be the final piece to a nice set of CB's.

2) 40.  DE Cameron Heyward, Ohio St., (6'5",294) --  The only reasons I see him falling out this far are because of our trade, at #28 NE will go OL instead of picking this monster and he's not an edge pass rusher.  He's a perfect addition to this DL rotation, because as a top 3-4 DE, he immediately fills Marcus Spears's departure (I don't think he's back)

3)  71. OG Will Rackley, Lehigh, (6'3,309) -- He's a raw talent but I can see him being Houck's "new age Larry Allen"  Don't get it twisted I'm not predicting HOF career, but I think he can be a Pro-Bowler.  Good backup for Kosier and Davis for a year or two, then when he steps in, you have 3/5 of a nice young line, with Free and Castonzo.

3)  74. LB Bruce Carter, UNC, (6'2, 243) --  If it wasn't for the ACL tear, he would have been a 1st or 2nd round pick.  The knee may knock his speed down a notch, but he's still plenty fast and explosive enough to sit in there beside Sean Lee and wreck havoc after James is gone.  Can cover all over the field. 

5)  143.  WR Edmund Gates, Abilene Christian, (6',180) --  Speedy WR that we can throw in the slot to compete with KO.  I really would rather see Miles and Dez lined up outside.  Late bloomer, and I'm hoping his age makes him drop to us in the 5th.  Compares favorably to his former teammate Johnny Knox.

6)  176.  FB Owen Marecic, Stanford, (6',248) -- I had this same pick pegged for Jon Conner last year.  If the 49ers don't snap him up earlier this would be a nice pickup to battle for the FB spot, and I think he'll be a valuable contributor on special teams.

7)  220.  SS Da'Norris Searcy, UNC, (5'11, 221) -- I know I waited forever to address the S position, couple of reasons for that; 1. weak class, 2. The best ones of this weak class are FS.  Yes, we need both, but I think we sign a vet at FS, switch Scandrick over, and still have AOA developing back there.  Searcy seems like the best of the SS types that I see, and throw him in there with McCray and Church and see who competes the hardest.

7)  252. **Comp Pick**  CB DeMarcus Van Dyke, Miami, (6'1,176) -- Another UM CB came out last year, with questions about whether he could get the technique of an NFL CB and turned into a valuable part of a Super Bowl winning D.  (James Shields, for those who don't know).  This could be the sequel, for some reason Miami hasn't developed the talent they've been recruiting.  I think this guy will surprise in camp.

There you have it.  No FS, RB, or edge rusher in this draft.  I tried hard to fit an edge rusher in somewhere, but just couldn't.  I can see a guy like Stevan Ridley being available as an UDFA, to fill the RB hole.  What do you think?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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