The truth? OLine is the Cowboys biggest need

The truth? Do you really need to invest top picks to be successful? Not so much, I just reviewed every team that went to the Super Bowl and found that a 1st Round pick at OT can be of help, but they aren't the determining factor.

So, let's look at the Super Bowl teams and their starting Tackles:

Steelers - Packers
Starting Tackles:
Jonathan Scott (FA / 5th Round - Detroit) and Flozell Adams (FA / 2nd Round - Cowboys).
Chad Clifton (2nd Round) and Bryan Bulaga (1st Round).

Saints - Colts
Starting Tackles:
Jermon Bushrod (4th Round) and Jonathan Stinchcomb (2nd Round).
Charlie Johnson (UDFA) and Ryan Diem (4th Round).

Steelers - Cardinals
Starting Tackles:
Max Starks (3rd Round) and Willie Colon (4th Round).
Mike Gandy (FA / 3rd Round - Bears) and Levi Brown (1st Round).

Giants - Patriots
Starting Tackles:
David Diehl (5th Round) and Kareem McKenzie (FA / 3rd Round - Jets).
Matt Light (2nd Round) and Nick Kaczur (3rd Round).

Colts - Bears
Starting Tackles:
Tarik Glenn (1st Round) and Ryan Diem (4th Round).
John Tait (FA / 1st Round - Bears) and Fred Miller (FA / 5th Round - Rams).

Steelers - Seahawks
Starting Tackles:
Marvel Smith (2nd Round) and Max Starks (3rd Round).
Walter Jones (1st Round) and Sean Locklear (3rd Round).

Patriots - Eagles
Starting Tackles:
Matt Light (2nd Round) and Tom Ashworth (UDFA).
Tra Thomas (1st Round) and Jon Runyan (FA / 4th - Oilers).

Patriots - Panthers
Starting Tackles:
Matt Light (2nd Round) and Tom Ashworth (UDFA).
Todd Steussie (FA / 1st Round - Vikings) and Jordan Gross (1st Round).

Buccaneers - Raiders
Starting Tackles:
Roman Oben (FA / 3rd Round - Giants) and Kenyatta Walker (1st Round).
Barry Sims (UDFA) and Lincoln Kennedy (FA / 1st Round - Falcons).

Patriots - Rams
Starting Tackles:
Matt Light (2nd Round) and Greg Randall (4th Round).
Orlando Pace (1st Round) and Ryan Tucker (4th Round).

Ravens - Giants
Starting Tackles:
Jonathan Ogden (1st Round) and Harry Swayne (FA / 7th Round - Buccaneers).
Lomas Brown (FA / 1st Round - Lions) and Luke Petitgout (1st Round).


Each of those teams didn't made it all the way to the Super Bowl because they had the best pass protection or the best run blocking. They made it all the way because they did all of this at an above average level:

  • Run blocking.
  • Pass protection.
  • Run stopping.
  • Pass pressure and coverage.

My reasoning is this: are the Cowboys capable of doing all of that at an above average level? If your answer is no, then a 1st Round OT isn't the answer to all of the Cowboys problems and the key to the Super Bowl. The Cowboys have several areas in which they need to work and stand at least a couple of good Drafts away from being capable of Super Bowl talk.

That's why I wouldn't be surprised if the team decides to go against the public opinion and takes someone that isn't an OLineman with the 1st pick in the Draft.

And on the other hand, I won't be surprised if OLine is the pick, because the need is great.

That's the idea, I've seen so much discussion about how this or that is the way to go and how there is no other way, but the Cowboys needs are many and nobody should be surprised that the Cowboys front office didn't moved in his desired direction.

If it's OLine? It's great. If it's DLine? Great. CB? Great. OLB? Great. RB, TE, QB or something else? OK, that wouldn't be so great...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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