Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Week In Review

The Tidbits Week in Review is back, full of links and summaries for all of our weekend warrior friends out there. Those that have been able to stay tuned but still might have missed a couple things can get caught up as well.


-- Were the Cowboys looking to hire a mentor for Dez Bryant? Or is a young kid inferring or adding things that weren't there? DMN.com has this report that a star Auburn recruit decided to stay committed to the school despite the possibility of a Cam Newton related investigation. Quarterback Zeke Pike, from Kentucky, stated that since the coaching staff stayed, that was a good indication that there would be no sanctions coming. What does this have to do with the Cowboys? This little quote:

`If they thought they were going to (have) any NCAA allegations I think a lot of the coaches would have left," Pike said. "Coach (Gus) Malzahn turned down $15 million (from Vanderbilt) to stay there.
``Coach Trooper (Taylor) turned down his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, to stay there.''

(tires screeching to a halt)

See, Trooper Taylor was the wide receivers coach while Dez Bryant was at Oklahoma State. Though it's possible that an offer of employment could have been anything ranging from WR coach to babysitter; I'm hard pressed to imagine someone taking the college version if they also were offered the Cowboys position. Yes, even if that college program is defending national champion. Of course, no one had Brian Baker on their radar for defensive line coach before BTB uncovered the report, so anything is possible.

-- Cowboys draft needs analysis from the Associated Press, via the Washington Post. [Wash Post Sports]



-- Dez Bryant enjoys a dinner with Gurode, Brooking and Romo, inferred to discuss personal conduct. [BTB]

-- The last week before the draft kicks off with rumors, leaks and misinformation. Here, we get reports that the Boys are high on JJ Watt and not considering Nick Fairley. [BTB]

-- Cowboys Stadium will play host to the US Women's Bowling Tournament. [USA Today]

-- The initial ruling on the NFL lockout is expected to come on Monday, according to numerous reports. After four days of mediation and no progress, the next session is tentatively scheduled for May 16th. As the story goes, the talks move slowly because major points of negotiation are going to be decided by a series of rulings, expected to begin Monday.

Both sides, players and owners, expect Judge Nelson to grant the injunction to the lockout, however the owners plan to appeal the decision immediately, and request an injunction stay until it can be heard in the US 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. That appeal is not expected to be ruled on until after the mediation begins again mid-May. The Appeals court is said to be more business-friendly than this court room.

In the meantime, look for a ruling on May 12th in the case dealing with the 'lockout insurance', money built into the TV deals that would give the owners $4 billion despite no games being played.  Per the NY Times story:

a federal court hearing will be held May 12 in Minneapolis on potential damages in a case in which Judge David Doty determined that the owners improperly negotiated television contracts to assure their being paid during a lockout.

The damages sought by players has been redacted from court documents. But if Doty awards substantial damages, it could sway leverage toward players.

-- DeMarcus Ware infers that the Cowboys are having some trouble organizing themselves without the structure of the... organization.

-- Rainer Sabin then intimates that Ware might be getting tips from strength guru Mike Woicik. [DMN.com]


-- Jason Witten describes Tony Romo's actions as those of a man 'really being a leader'. [NFL.com]

-- The NFL denied a law firms request for a conflict of interest waiver. The firm had sought to bring an entirely new set of players into the law suit against the league, as they feel their interests aren't being fought for by the elite group of talent (Brady, Manning, etc) already involved. Barnes & Thornburg of Indianapolis represent the league in certain music licensing dealings. [mysanantonio.com] I'm sure this will resurface shortly, just with a different law firm.

-- Charles Haley was selected as the Cowboys great who will announce the team's second round pick at next week's draft in New York. [Ft. Worth Star Telegram]

-- Rainer Sabin talks about a kid who could be the next Miles Austin, Monmouth's Chris Hogan. [DMN]


-- Jason Witten opened up about how alcohol abuse in his family influenced his early years, while speaking to a group of kids during a youth rally at Fellowship Church. [Star Telegram]

-- Legendary college basketball coach, Coach K of Duke on Jason Garrett: "I can see why he was chosen". I love it. [NBCDFW.com]

-- Scout Inc.'s Matt Williamson looks at the Cowboys D-Line. [espn]


-- Dallas Cowboys 2011 schedule released, team to get 5 prime time games. [BTB]

-- League has built in a lockout plan B into the schedule. The league would be able to miss the first three weeks and still play a fulls schedule without cancellation of games.  All Week 3 matchups are between teams that share a bye week. Presumably Week 1 games would be moved to 'Week 18' (and eating up the bye week before the Super Bowl) and Week 2 games would be moved to Week 19 (pushing the Super Bowl back only one week). [sbnation.com]


-- Dez Bryant reaches settlement with jeweler. [NBCDFW.com]

-- A look back at the Bill Parcells era, as the legendary coach retires from the NFL for the last time, again. [BTB]



-- Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara

-- Louisville CB Johnny Patrick

-- USC CB Shareece Wright

-- rabblerousr and Drafttek.com's Long Ball bring you the scoop on the late-round interior linemen

-- Southern Illinois CB Korey Lindsey

-- Utah CB Brandon Burton

-- Texas CB/FS Aaron Williams

-- UCLA S Rahim Moore

-- Nebraska Saftey Eric Hagg

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