Jerry's 2011 Luck(Y) draft

Jerry's 2011 Luck(y) draft

Scatter shooting and wondering....

I'm no Blackie Sherrod, but my mind wanders and I shoot from the hip without aiming

This will be the first in a 32 part series about:  me, my thoughts, my ideas, me, the Cowboys, the draft, free agents, my feelings, the NFL, the lockout and, of course, me!

I know I'll probably get flamed for shotting a post or posting a shot but here goes.

Is this a great Blog or what?  Even without Raf V, the info/posts here are of unbelievable quality and depth.  Every time I think I might have something to say, someone smarter and more computer literate has already posted my thoughts even better than I could have written a reply myself.  If only I could be a private in Chia's army or OCC's maid.

2010 was the WORST season in Cowboys history.  We may have won less games in previous seasons, but never have expectations been so under achieved.  For me the depression started in September, continued in October and my work and home life suffered greatly.  Some seasons I have to get professional help to detach myself from the Cowboys success determining my feelings about my own life.  After the Green Bay game, a blogger said it best for me (don't have the line), even when the Cowboys win, you don't feel joy, just some temporary relief from the pain.

Now comes the NEW/next season of draft, FA and possibilities.  It seems every one has recovered from last season (with JG's ability to get the team back to semi-respectability).

How now springs eternal.

I, myself, every year at this time get caught up in the idea that some unproven rookie (look at his "potential") is going to come in and play better than/replace a proven NFL back-up, let alone a starter.  I think I have been able to correctly predict maybe 1 Cowboys draft pick every 2 years (could we have a blog on who has most correctly picked the Cowboys draft choices before the draft).  It seems to me Rick Gosselin has the best track record in predicting draft picks.

Anyway, here it is:


First, I have to preface this with OCC's incredibly insightful post on the income of NFL teams. JJ/Cowboys make $80 million more than the next highest team? 

$150-170 million more than the average?  I guess (don't know for a fact) that JJ/Cowboys have won the MONEY BOWL more often since 1990 than ALL other NFL teams COMBINED!!!!  $100 million is about $300,000.00 a day.  So Jan 1st JJ pays off his car payments for the year. Jan 2nd, he pays for his wife's clothes and beauty shop, Jan 3-7 he takes the 4.5 million to pay his rent.  If he can't pay the rest of this year's bills with the $6 million he makes in the rest of Jan., he's just gonna have to use some of the Feb money.  (He's only got 90+ million to cover the rest of the year's expenses.)

So, it's the night before the draft and JG is home sick with a terrible flu.

Jerry has had a couple or 6 drinks and he is thinkin'.  He looks at his left hand and says MONEY BOWL, he looks at his right and says SUPER BOWL.  He goes back and forth-money bowl, super bowl, money bowl, super bowl.

So, he calls me and I tell him (in my best Deion Sanders voice)-BOTH.

This year's rookies should/may contribute 1/2 or less of what 2010 rookies did due to lockout.

2011 or 2012 should have rookie wage scale.

I know player trades can't be made DURING the lockout, but maybe trades/agreement to trade between owners COULD be made among themselves, agreed upon now, effective when agreement reached.

We come up with JERRY's 2011 LUCK(Y) draft

#1 TRADE Miles Austin to Carolina for their 2012 1st rounder and maybe a 4th or 5th this year or next year

#2 TRADE Jason Witten to Denver for their 2012 1st pick.  Another blogger got flamed for this idea but Witten is just too white.  He plays white.  He runs like a lumbering full back.  I've never seen him make a movie on anybody.  Even his name is almost white-WITtEn.  (OK, I know Jason.  I met him for 5 seconds at a charity benefit a couple of years ago and he shouldn't mind me playing the race card).

#3 TRADE Tony Romo to Buffalo for 2012 1st and 3rd and 2011 2nd.  Chan Gailey will go for a franchise QB.  Without Romo we don't need this safety valve-Witten.

#4 trade this years #9 to Cincinnati for 2012 1st maybe a 3rd or 4th in 2011 or 2012.

#5 and #6 trade with Arizona and Cleveland.  They get 2% ownership in the Cowboys (est value 1.5 billion-2% est value 30 million) which JJ can buy back at any time at market value for their 2012 1st round picks (what would Bidwell do for $30 million?).

#7 Jay Ratliff to Houston for 2012 1st rounder and 2011 2nd rounder

#8 Trade Marion Barber, Roy Williams, (and Terence Newman) to the Redskins for Albert Haynesworth and Donovan McNabb (and a 3rd round pick in 2012).


Sign TO and Randy Moss to help mentor Dez Bryant

Sign safety-Huff or equivalent

Sign Asomugha

Imagine seeing McNabb throwing TD's to Moss, TO and Dez for the Cowboys.  My stomach is queasy.

Even without #5 and #6 we have 5 2012 1st round picks, plus our own-6 total.  JJ should be able to get Luck and several other blue chips.  Surely, this would make even Belicheat clench.

JJ knows Eagles fans will now watch all Cowboy games to see what McNabb and TO will do-2 million more viewers.

Redskins fans will watch to see what Haynesworth and McNabb do-2 million more.  And the rest (millions) of the NFL fans will be watching to see what the heck these crazy Cowboys do.

Maybe the Super Bowl happens in the future, maybe not.

But the Money Bowl-GUARANTEED

As a reward JJ gives me 2 end zone tickets to all pre season games-parking not included.

Draft 2011

Concentrate on OL, DL, CB, ILB

Get (mostly) football players, bargains, or athletes (potential).  Historically (the last 10 years) the Cowboys have seemed to do well (above average) with undrafted players and late round picks.  We have seemed to hit with D Bryant, S Lee, M Jenkins and F Jones.  But it seems like the Cowboys have a below average ability to consistently evaluate top draft pick talent.  Maybe we should consider intelligence, character, team captains, wonderlic, blue collar guys who don't determine their self worth with 1/2 million in jewelry (yeah, I know this is my bitterness because I only have a Timex watch).  At least if we win or lose (31 teams do each year), we can still have a little pride/self respect.

OK, here is my 1st mock prediction based on need.


1 OL-100%

2nd OL-50%

Running back-50%



QB, TE-0%






S-2nd DL-50%



Since I am just a simple fan and know NOTHING personally about the draft picks, except what I read here and on other web sites, I will defer to those of my brethren who actually do know the truth and will share their opinions/knowledge.  So, until my next post about me, my feelings, my thoughts and my ideas and, of course, me GO COWBOYS!!!

FYI (this long and tedious post contains posts 1-6 so only 26 posts remain).

Coming soon:  My 1st mock on players that I don't know anything about but have been evaluated by someone I don't know.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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