Would you make this trade?

Let me just start this post by saying I'm a big Tony Romo fan. He is just shy of being elite and is a top ten QB in the league. Only six QBs in the league are better in my opinion, so put him in the top seven. Anyone who remembers the post-Aikman problems of the Cowboys at the QB position will be hesitant to take a chance of wandering in the wilderness again.

However I want to propose a what-if scenario....what if the Cowboys pulled the unthinkable and traded Romo? I know all the reasons this wouldn't happen but that's not really the point of this post is it?

Here is the proposal....Would you do this deal?

The Cowboys trade Tony Romo to the Minnesota Vikings for their first, second and third round picks.

(Focus people, I know the Cowboys-Vikings trade history...remember the point is not why this won't happen but would you pull the trigger on this deal)

The trade could make sense for the Vikings since the shelf life of RBs in this league is not very long and Adrian Peterson is great NOW. The Vikings weakest area is QB and Romo would be a huge upgrade over any rookie that could come in. He would be better than a McNabb and after the Favre fiasco do the Vikings really want to go through a rent-a-QB situation again? The Vikings have to improve at the QB position if they are going to keep up with the Packers and that whole division is improved. Without improvement at QB the Vikings could quickly get left behind. Romo makes them a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

The Cowboys still trade down with St Louis and pick up an extra third rounder. Their draft would then look like this:

1st-Cam Jordan DE

Their is no substitute for getting after the QB and Jordan can do that as well as anchor against the run. Experienced in the 3-4 at Cal, Jordan can be a day one starter and pair with Ratliff and Ware to give them a pass rush that will improve every area of the defense. Rob Ryan gets an early Christmas gift.

1st-Anthony Castonzo OT

Some rate Castonzo as the top OT in the draft and the Cowboys have a glaring need at right OT. He also would be a day one starter and would instantly upgrade the offensive line. The Oline is the number one problem on the team and the Cowboys invest a first round pick in fixing it.

2nd-Ryan Mallett QB

The Cowboys trade up two spots to jump ahead of Tennessee and select Mallett. Romo's gone and they will now have to address the QB spot. Mallett has all the talent and looked better throwing at the combine than any other pick but his big concern is decision making (On and off the field). The Cowboys roll the dice here.

2nd-Benjamin Ijalana G

A tackle in college, his best fit may be guard at the pro level. The Cowboys have needs across the line and if Ijalana does not start to begin the year, he will probably be starting by the end of the year. He has some problems with speed rushers but a move inside would play to his strengths.

3rd-Ras-I Dowling CB

Terrance Newman isn't getting any younger and is anyone completely sold on Jenkins? The Cowboys get a young CB to groom for a year who can play special teams and hopefully start next year. Dowling is a steal here and has the ability of a first or second rounder but has some mental lapses and needs some coaching. He has massive potential though and the Cowboys are excited to get him here.

3rd- Clint Boling G

The remake of the Cowboys line is complete. Quite a feat in one draft. A hard worker and team guy, he shows good athleticism but needs a year to work on his strength. He should be ready to step and start year two. He resembles a younger, better Kosier.

3rd-Kenrick Ellis DT

Big , big, big. Ellis gives the Cowboys options along the defensive line. The team spends a fifth pick on the men in the trenches on a man that contribute this year. Let the calls for Ratliff moving to defensive end begin.

4th-Kelvin Sheppard LB

A three year starter with good instincts with the size to play inside. Bradie James is getting long in the tooth and the Cowboys take another 4th round LB from LSU to be his replacement and pair with Lee for the next ten years.

The Cowboys begin to show a trend in year one of the Garrett era by drafting a lot of high IQ, hard workers that are team first. This echoes the preaching of Garrett that winning is accomplished through the process. The Cowboys begin to get reshaped in the image of Garrett.

So heres the question......would you pull the trigger on this deal?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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