Crack Hits Volume 11: The Eve Of The Draft




BTB nation the moment we have been waiting for is almost here. 24 hours from now the 2011 NFL Draft will be under way in New York City. This is a great night for football players, teams and of course us the fans. So for one night let's throw out the uncertainty that is going on right now in our beloved NFL. Lets remove the CBA war going on from our brains and instead focus on who is about to be welcomed into our team. Everyone has their favorite guy, the guy you want to be the next Dallas Cowboy. Now regardless of who we draft, let's try to welcome him with open arms. Remember as soon as that player is announced as our draft pick, he instantly becomes part of the Dallas Cowboys family.    

The draft is a special time for me every year, because it is a fresh start. We get to start all over again and attempt to stock this team up with talented players whose skills translate to making us a better football team. Last year was one of the best moments I have had as a Cowboys fan in a long time, probably winning the Super Bowl vs. the Steelers was the last time I was that happy. I never thought Dez Bryant was going to become a Cowboy, but he did. Dez Bryant is my favorite player in all of sports, I just love how he plays out on the football field. Getting a player that electrifying was a special moment. This year we may go the boring and safe approach to the draft. There is major talk of trading down and hoarding up some draft picks. I for one do not favor that idea. I want the best players I can get, the best talent. I do not want to stock up a team with multiple picks, we did that in 2009. Give me quality over quantity please.

For months I have been on the Tyron Smith wagon because if we are going to draft an offensive tackle, then I believe it should be Tyron Smith. I think he could be the next D'Brickashaw Ferguson and we could really use that on our offensive line. The pairing of Doug Free and Tyron Smith could be the best bookends in the NFL. Drafting offensive lineman isn't a sexy pick like last years, but it's a fundamental football pick we need to start making to solidify our offensive line.

As of writing this I am getting a feeling inside my gut, the feeling I am getting is that Jerry has been playing us all along. Guys and girls, I really think Jerry Jones is going to make a splash tomorrow night. I think Jerry Jones is going to move up for Patrick Peterson or Von Miller, more likely Peterson. For months I have ignored even discussing or doing any draft fan posts on Peterson because he should be drafted in the top five. But today I am just getting this feeling somehow. someway, Jerry is going to find a way to get this kid on our team.

Do I oppose going out and getting the best player in the draft? No. I really cannot blame Jerry for doing this if indeed this goes down. You know what will happen if we do indeed get Patrick Peterson? I will jump up and down. I will scream out sounds of utter joy. This is what I did with Dez Bryant last year, maybe it happens again. Now I have zero sources or information that this will happen, I just have a hunch. If we get Patrick Peterson I think it would be awesome. Yes, we would most likely lose a bunch of draft picks, but as long as the Cowboys can land a decent right tackle in the 3rd or 4th round I can live with that. I still believe we should take Tyron Smith at 9, but if there is a opportunity to trade up for Peterson I say we should do it. I want the best football players on my team and this guy has the potential to be one of the best players in the secondary in the National Football League.

JJ Watt is another guy I love to death. I love what he is willing to do for his team, this dude actually loves the game. It hurts him emotionally when he loses a big game, I love that he cares that much. Many rumors around suggest the Cowboys love Watt and will take him at 9. I would love that pick because Watt is what we need on our defensive line. We need pass rushers who are beastly enough to clog the run but be disruptive. I know it would be a boring pick, but this would be another smart football decision. Same goes for Cameron Jordan, the defensive end from Cal. I love this guy too man, he brings it every game and already played in a 3-4 defense. We need disruptive defensive ends and these two guys fill that role. I know we wouldn't jump up and down all excited, but think about adding disruption and pass rushing to your defensive line. It is a very important part of what Rob Ryan does in his defenses.

I think one of the more interesting spots of the draft for us is the 2nd round. Think about all the prospects that are going to be available when we go on the clock at 40th overall. The 40th overall selection weighs heavily on what the Cowboys do in the first round. If we need a cornerback then I would really want us to pick up Aaron Williams. I think he would be a great fit for this team. The 2nd round is intriguing to me for a lot of reasons. Right now I don't know who we are taking in the first round, so I cannot even get into what we are going to do yet in the second. So pay attention to what Dallas does in the first, then we can discuss the 2nd options for us on Friday night.

Now I want to get into a dream I had last night. The draft was taking place and I was watching it somewhere, not really sure where it was. I saw Roger Goodell walk up to the podium and announce our pick. I couldn't make out the number, so I don't know if we traded down. But then he said "The Cowboys select Nate Solder" and I started to panic. I tried to wake my self up and I finally did. I had cold sweat all over my body and bed. I was praying that it wasn't real. I checked the clock and the date, so thank God that didn't just happen. Nate Solder is my worst nightmare of what could happen to us. He will take at least two years to develop into an offensive lineman capable of playing in our system. I watch him on tape and I see him as the biggest star or bust material in the draft. Please take Carimi or Sherrod over Solder, Jerry.

I have done so much research and homework since January and I am drafted out for real. I cannot wait until we get on the clock and make our selection. Then I will be even more nervous in the 2nd-7th rounds because we could fudge those picks up as well. We need to seriously hit on at least 5 players this draft. This is a serious draft this time around folks, we don't have the option of not getting good players this time around. We got 3 good ones last year, but that's just not enough. We need to start filling this team with great players. This is the most nervous I have been for a draft in recent memory. I have visions of 2009 all over again if Jerry gets cute and trades down, I am sorry but that is just the gut feeling I have. The other side of myself tells me that we got Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan in the war room this year. Those two men need to have their input taken seriously, Jerry needs to listen to them. Draft the offensive players Garrett wants and draft the defensive players Ryan wants. Jerry I beg you please do not turn this into the 2009 draft all over again. 

I will back whatever decision we make this week, but I am praying we come out with some real nice football players. There are so many directions the Cowboys can go here. I am still shocked we have no interest in Prince Amukamara, I find that extremely odd. We need to land a good right tackle, an inside linebacker, slot wide receiver, defensive end and running back. You can throw cornerback and possibly a safety into the mix as well. Personally, I would rather land a good cornerback than a safety we just take because we need one. I am nervous, very nervous right now on the eve before the big night. I think Jerry is either going to make a big splash and trade up or trade down from the 9th spot. I would be shocked to see them make an actual pick at 9. Jerry, just get us good football players and listen to the scouts and coaches. ChiaCrack is drafted out big time, lets get the show started already please.     

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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