Cowboys Eying Running Backs, Tried Trading Back Into First Round

Mark Ingram, almost a Cowboy?

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys tried trading back into the end of the first round last night, but weren't able to find a dance partner. The Cowboys couldn't find anybody who would take what they were willing to pay. But an interesting note that came to light because of that was the Cowboys interest in running back Mark Ingram, and their willingness to draft a running back.

We've all wondered about the future of Marion Barber, who has had decreasing production over the years. He was famously, if briefly, in new coach Jason Garrett's doghouse when he didn't follow the dress code early in Garret's interim tenure. His playing time was reduced towards the end of the year, with Tashard Choice becoming the preferred complement to Felix Jones. This led to widespread speculation that Marion Barber was done in Dallas.


Jerry's eagerness to draft Ingram, and his words about drafting a running back in this draft, pretty much seals Barber's fate. It looks like he'll soon join Colombo in the annual veteran purge that takes place on all NFL teams.

Here are the notes about the possible trade, and Jerry's comments on running backs.

Who were the objects of the Cowboys’ affections? Running back Mark Ingram, who went to New Orleans with the No. 28 pick after a trade with New England. Defensive linemen such as Cameron Jordan (No. 24 to New Orleans), Muhammad Wilkerson (No. 30 to the New York Jets) and Cam Heyward (No. 31 to Pittsburgh.

"This draft is deep in running backs," Jones said. "Not to say they’re deep in running backs like Mark Ingram, but they’re deep in running backs. We’re going to have opportunities to draft a running back."

While not a definite that they'll be drafting a RB, it sounds pretty dang close. Now the question becomes when they choose to do it. If the Cowboys truly wanted to get Ingram, that may say a little bit of what they think about their current backfield. Now, Ingram looks like he could be special, so the Cowboys may have been thinking we could grab a star here. But for them to be considering it makes me think they're not totally comfortable with their current situation. If all you wanted was a third-down specialist, you probably wouldn't be thinking about it on day one, or even day two.

Could the Cowboys surprise us and draft a back earlier than most predicted?

Granted, it's all just wild speculation, but hey, that's what we do during the draft.

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