Trade Scenarios: Pouncey sees a Cowboy in the Mirror

To start off, just a quick opinion about trading picks during the draft.  I don't believe that a team will trade up unless they feel they are getting a game changer.  If he isn't going to be a game changer on your team, you would just wait to see what happens and take them if they fall to you.  Patrick Peterson and Von Miller are the only guys in this draft that I would see as a "Game Changer" no matter who drafts them (although Miller fits much better in a 3-4 scheme).  That being said onto the scenarios.

I am not a fan of the trade down, unless someone offers the farm to get to your spot.  We will not be drafting this high again for a while, so we need to use this to get the best player possible or trade up for one of the two "National Game Changers" as I refer to them.  Also the thing that kind of bugs me is how much emphasis I see placed on the 1st round selection and nothing else.  The second round selection for us is just as important.  Whoever we get in the second round is going to contribute this year as well.  I can almost guarantee that.

Personally, I don't believe those draft trade charts are accurate.  I see them as unreliable but you can get somewhat close by using them.  This year will especially change that with the installation of a rookie pay scale so the value of picks will change with that in my own personal opinion.  So here are the scenarios I wouldn't mind seeing with each, with Mike Pouncey being the first pick (this being because he can play any position on the line).  He is a great guard and running up the gut is what we lack.  Anyone can run around the edge if you have a speedy, shifty guy.  But up the gut (Mr. HOF Emmitt Smith's specialty) is where you need to be able to go to have a solid running game.  His favorite play was the lead draw (of course they had Larry Allen though).  Jason Garrett was on the team at that time, so the "Lead Draw" might be coming back if we have the interior line to execute it.  So here is what I see as the more likely scenarios.

I believe that the Rams will be willing to part with their 1st and 2nd rounder for our 1st and 4th rounder (maybe our third but we'll stick with the 4th for now).  So here is how I see it shaking out.  In this scenario we see us really overhaul our O-Line and get a ball-hawk starter for us at FS to replace Alan Ball.

  1. #14 - Mike Pouncey
  2. #40 - Safety (Rahim Moore or Aaron Williams [who is now Mike Mayock's #1 Safety])
  3. #47 - Tackle (Marcus Gilbert if he is still there)
  4. #71 - O-Line or LB (G/T Marcus Cannon, TCU; LB Bruce Carter, UNC; LB Kelvin Shephard, LSU)

I don't know who the other team is but I am willing to bet the Patriots would be one.  With 2 picks in each of the 1st 3 rounds, they got plenty of ammo.  And Julio Jones (or A.J. Green) would be a game changer on their team.  They surrender their 17th and 28th picks for our 1st and 3rd rounders.  So here is how I would see it.  In this scenario we shore up the O-Line and get a starting Safety.

  1. #17 - Mike Pouncey
  2. #28 - Offensive Tackle (Nate Solder, Gabe Carimi or whoever is best available, maybe trade up?)
  3. #40 - Safety (Aaron Williams or Rahim Moore)

And to satisfy those of you who want to just stand pat here is another scenario not involving Mike Pouncey as a G/C isn't worth a pick THAT high.  Just realize though that we aren't the only ones trading here and someone could jump us for Tyron Smith as the Titans are ahead of us and probably only a QB away from contention.  Here we see us get younger once again on the line and get a starting FS that can be a ball hawk.

  1. #9 - OT Tyron Smith
  2. #40 - FS (Aaron Williams or Rahim Moore)
  3. #71 - O-Line or LB (G/T Marcus Cannon, TCU; LB Bruce Carter, UNC; LB Kelvin Shephard, LSU)

And some of you may want to trade up and grab Patrick Peterson (like me).  I believe that we won't be drafting this high again so you just need to grab not just the best player available, but arguably the best player in the draft while he is within reach (should he fall enough).  Trade the our 1st and 3rd to Clevland for their #6 selection (Jumping SF).  I am under the belief that they will be able to get any player they would draft there @ #9 (A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Robert Quinn).  So here is how it shakes out to me.  Now you have to go O-Line with the second pick but Peterson could eventually end up moving to safety later on.

  1. #6 - Patrick Peterson
  2. #40 - OT (Marcus Gilbert, Florida)
  3. #110 - Safety or LB (Deunta Williams, UNC or Casey Matthews, Oregon)

So that is how I would personally like to see the draft shake out.  However i would support subbing J.J. Watt for any of those Mike Pouncey picks but I really like Pouncey's versatility on the O-Line, and he has a great pedigree too.  In the end we don't know what will happen in the draft.  I would expect all of you are anxiously awaiting April 28th to find out what happens.  Maybe not as much as me, but we all miss football.  I trust that is why you even read this article.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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