How they Will Fit...the 2011 draft class Edition

This will be my Final How They will/would Fit post. In this edition I will simply be taking the Entire Draft class and seeing How they will Fit(and who they replace) in next years roster. So here it is in all its glory, the Dallas Cowboys 2011 Draft Class:

Tyron Smith,OT, USC

Bruce Carter, ILB/OLB, NC

DeMarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma

David Arkins, OG, Missouri State

Josh Thomas, CB, Buffalo

DeWayne Harris, WR, East Carolina

Shaun Chapas, FB, Georgia

Bill Nagy, C/OG, Wisconsin

Overall I give this draft a B+. My reasoning? In a DL heavy draft you don't take a single one? Especially when 3 of the DE's from last year are FAs?  Other than that I like this Draft. Fills alot of needs that were known, plus a couple of ones that weren't. Look after the Jump to see how I think it plays out:

First off is Tyron Smith. Obviously He will be replacing Marc Columbo at RT. However judging by a few Comments from Jerry and Garrett, I believe that He will be given the Opportunity to take the LT spot from Free during TC. Will he take the Spot? I don't think so, at least not this year....

Bruce Carter- Will be the "nickel back" this year, and will supplant Bradie James next year. In Ryan's scheme I see the need for ILB's that are fast, agile, and versatile. Carter can play any LB spot, and may even be able to play a little safety..... 

Demarco Murray-Covered this here. I see him as not just a backup to Felix, but possible "compliment". Not in the Barber sense, where you have two different backs, but in the sense that both bring that "home run ability". I can see a set up like this: a "12" set (which is a 1 TE, 2 RB, 2 WR set with Witten, Miles and Dez, with Jones and Murray. As this is a fairly standard set, most "D's" will be in a base set.....However with Murray's (and to a certain extent Jones') receiving ability you could motion either Jones or Murray out, thus creating in effect a 3 WR set. Now from that Witten motion into the backfield as a "FB". Now is it a run? is it a Pass? can you imagine the confusion created?.....

David Arkin- A developmental O-line that may only need a year or two be a starter...Will probably be replacing Leonard Davis in the near future, if not this coming year......

Josh Thomas- Ideal "slot CB", as he is very quick, but not big enough to play "press". If Newman is released, I see Thomas taking Scandrick's spot with Scandrick moving into Newman spot. You could also move either Thomas or Scandrick to the FS spot as both are fast, willing tacklers, that have really good coverage skills.....

Dewayne Harris-Will at minimum take over Sam Hurds spot, and could possibly take Roy Williams spot(if he is released), however I see Ogletree, possibly taking that spot, if he gets his head on straight.....

Shaun Chapas- Takes over the "H"-back role from either John Phillips or Gronkowski....

Bill Nagy- Looks to be competition for Phil Costa for backup C/OG, May take either Guard spot that Arkin doesn't fill...

Well that is my take....Now this may change after FA, and as several of these scenarios will take place at minimum next year(2012) so any new draft picks will alter these...However, the best thing is that I honestly see Every one of these players not only making the team but also contributing within 2-3 years......


As Always I welcome any Comments and Critiques......

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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