Draft Do-Over : What would you have done differently?

This is your opportunity to fix the mistakes Jerry and Co made....

Here is the simple rule to this reverse Mock:  Obviously you cannot pick up a player after they were actually drafted, but anyone before then is fair game. Obviously this gives you a benefit the Cowboys draft team didn't have, in that you can see exactly who will still be available for your next pick and don't have to reach for someone you like.   (but then they have the benefit of a whole team of scouts, game film, interviews etc - so lets consider it even....) 

Also you must pick in the spots the Cowboys picked - no fantasy trades...

So I am going to be relatively kind to the Cowboys brain trust:

#1 / 9:  Tyron Smith   Two quality tackles - nuff said.  (remember, no fantasy trades, gotta pick at 9)

#2 / 40:   Brandon Harris CB   I understand Rob Ryan wants versatile LB's - but please not another injury-prone "finesse" LB....  I understand not drafting a safety given the quality in this draft - have to go FA.   But there are big question marks on both our starting corners:  Jenkins (head/heart) and Newman (age/injuries).   Forget his average size, Harris is a player.

#3 / 71:  DeMarco Murray   After a bit of head-scratching I actually get this one now.   JG needs a quality 3rd down back.  Non of our current crop have shown a great ability to block or catch.  This guy can apparently do both.   All I can say is remember Kevin Faulk - the Pats haven't won a superbowl without him...

#4 / 110:  David Arkin:   Small school interior OL with starting potential upside.   I will take that.

#5 / 143:   Ahmad Black  FS:   No real problem with the original pick, except he had the same specs as my new #2 pick, so went with a true FS.   Lacks size but makes plays, good instincts, sure tackler...  A good development prospect behind a FA acquisition or a possible backstop should disaster happen and we don't get the FA FS to QB our backfield.

#6 / 176:  Greg Jones ILB: Hear's where I go for my longshot / versatile LB - not round 2.    Good run stopper and intangibles (work ethic, effort, "fearless").  Has played OLB as well. 

#7 / 220:   Lawrence Guy DT :  305lb DT Was rated by most as a middle round prospect.   Back-up and likely rotational guy on the DE.

#7 / 252:  Bill Nagy:  Decent pick at this stage in a position where we only need a back-up / development guy.

So that was my go, what's yours?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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