Go BIG or Go HOME: Kevin Ogletree

In the 6th round of the NFL Draft just a few weeks ago the Cowboys drafted a perfect fit for their slot wide receiver position. Dwayne Harris from ECU is going to make this team in my opinion. He is the answer that we have been looking for in the slot. Harris reminds me of Miami Dolphins wide receiver Davone Bess, so yeah that's how highly I think of Dwayne Harris. The Harris selection sends a message to one player in particular, Kevin Ogletree.

Kevin Ogletree



6'1 198

40 yard dash: 4.36 vertical jump: 36


After the debacle that was the 2009 NFL Draft I was really bummed that we didn't add a wide receiver to the fold. Mike Wallace was there for the taking, but we passed. The Cowboys then signed a UDFA wide receiver by the name of Kevin Ogletree. Ogletree was a athletic standout wide receiver for the University of Virginia. I said that summer that "The Tree" or "KO" will make the team. Everyone over at laughed at me and said I was crazy, Well I am not crazy after all because Ogletree did make the team.

Ogletree had a nice 2009 season, especially on special teams. He was a willing and productive player on the teams unit. He was also a productive player on the kick off unit and showed his speed returning kicks. He didn't get too many chances on the field and only assembled 7 catches for 96 yards. In the preseason we did get to see him light it up though. He made an amazing one handed catch for a touchdown against the Titans. Right then I said if we give this kid time and he works hard, we could have a nice slot wide receiver.

So entering the 2010 training camp I thought this would be The Year of The Tree. This of course never matriculated into anything of the KO campaign. Dez Bryant was added to the fold and Ogletree would start off as the 4th wide receiver after Crayton was traded. Then Ogletree displayed something I fear every season coming into training camp, the NFL went to his head. Ogletree developed a lazy attitude and didn't work as hard like he did in his rookie season. He suffered multiple nagging injuries and that showed he was never in shape. Our wide receivers coach at the time Sherman suggested Ogletree had "hit the wall". So from the beginning of training camp Ogletree had the wrong attitude.

I really believe Ogletree's attitude is what kept him inactive the most of the regular season last year. Then injuries began to catch up to our wide receiver core and Ogletree was active again. He never did anything of importance either. He then went down with another injury which ended his season. So the year I thought this kid was going to surpass Roy Williams on the depth chart never happened. But I do believe there is a good chance Ogletree can step up this year, the problem with him is if HE wants to.

Now the Cowboys have added a true slot wide receiver to compete with Ogletree this summer. Dwayne Harris will make this team folks. So now Ogletree has his fait in his hands. He needs to drop all the BS at the door when he comes here and get back to the hard working kid Cowboys fans fell in love with back in 2009. Ogletree is a very good athlete and wide receiver. He is really fast and has the quickness to make people miss. He has tremendous hands and can make all the hard catches. The thing that is holding him back is his route running.

This is where Jimmy Robinson steps in folks. In my opinion we added the best wide receiver coach in the business, to me that's  a huge coaching upgrade. Jimmy Robinson has coached Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones and Jordy Nelson. He coached a Super Bowl winning wide receiver core that had a variety of weapons. You know who I think Ogletree can become on this team? I think he will be our James Jones. Both have that muscular build to them and have great speed. Green Bay had their wide receivers running great routes and this is where Robinson and Ogletree need to spend some together. I believe Jimmy Robinson is going to transform Ogletree into a good NFL wide receiver this summer.

Ok so Dez and Miles will be the outside starting wide receivers, that's not even up for debate. What gets sticky is the Roy Williams situation. The guy is not made out for the slot position. He is too big and goofy for starters. He trips over anything on the field and is not smooth enough to be a slot receiver. So were going to have to keep Roy on the bench and use him in the jump ball situations. Roy is a decent redzone wide receiver, so lets utilize him where he is good. Roy would be happy because he gets his touchdown catches. it's a win win for everyone.

Then we take Ogletree and Harris and make them our slot wide receivers. These two are perfect for the slot. Both are fast and quick, they also should be running crisp routes by then. What we can do is employ both of them in the slot. We can just run a timeshare in the slot, alternating the two according to the play or formation. That way your have your best personnel out there on the field at any given time. This will be a well coordinated plan that allows you to play your guys depending on the match up. Oh we need a big guy for the redzone, Roy your in. Ok we need speed guy for the slot, KO your in. Ok we need our possession and quick speed guy, Harris your in.

If Roy Williams really cares about the team and winning, he should accept his role. If Ogletree cares about the team and winning, he should accept his role as well. Jimmy Robinson has a lot of talent in Dallas, I think more talent here than he had in Green Bay. Ogletree could develop into our James Jones. That slot job is wide open right now. If Ogletree doesn't show up, work hard and lose that attitude of his than he will not be a part of the Dallas Cowboys. It is time to go big, or go home for Kevin Ogletree. He has the talent to he a good NFL player, but does he have the mindset? We should find out soon enough.

This has been a ChiaCrack production 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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