East Coast Bias: Rivals Getting Restless

Offseasons suck. Unless you're more than a casual fan of the national pastime, the days following the end of the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals means that sports fandom has to take a break. Sure the football season has grown, extending all the way through the draft and its aftermath. It does end though, normally around mid-May and stays away until the end of July when training camps normally start. A lot of fans rue the lockout for thus far taking away free agency. At least it does give us something football related to anticipate, the sealing of a new CBA. Other than that though, the slow times are upon us.

So when I see a headline on my news tracker that Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy called Giants lineman Osi Umenyiora overrated, that old NFC East blood got to boiling.


In fact, the dig went a little deeper. Responding on twitter to Umenyiora complaining about the Giants not reworking his deal, McCoy called him overrated and soft. Oh boy.

He said as much on the aforementioned Twitter on Wednesday. McCoy responded to a Tweet concerning Umenyiora's claim that the Giants' had failed to make good on a promise to renegotiate his contract by tweeting (sic, of course), per CSN Philadelphia, "Overrated n soft 3rd best d-line on his team honestly."

The argument could have been made that McCoy was joking--could have. But when Eagles linebacker Jamar Chaney responded to McCoy's tweet with (again, sic) "Lol. Boi u a fool," McCoy shot back "call it how I see it."

- NBCDFW.com

Ahhhh, hatred early in the offseason. Can't wait for our Cowboys to get them ‘some of that'.

The Eagles are mixed in the news with the third NFC East team not worthy of our adoration, the Redskins. Via JasonB of SBNation's Bleeding Green Nation, Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Washburn is having soiled thoughts about adding Fat Albert to his defensive line rotation.

"[Jim Washburn] is convinced he can get the most out of Haynesworth," the Eagles source said. "He wants him badly."

"This is the year," the source said earlier this week. "We think we have a great shot to win it, and we're loading up and going for it."

Wow. With the wheels already greased on intra-division trades with the Great McNabb Fleece of 2010, could the $100 million man be making his way to Broad Street? Will it even make a difference before 2015, Haynesworth's next contract year? The report JasonB referenced is from Michael Silver of Yahoo.com Sports, a normally very credible source. Even with the boring offseason and the attraction of finding anything interesting to report, Silver's unnamed sources might be onto something interesting. Thoughts?

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