Cowboy Killer: Episode 1: DeSean Jackson

Yes I know this image is burned in your heads like mine. Today I heard some Eagles fans talking up their boy DeSean Jackson and you know I cannot blame them. I talk my boys Dez and Miles up every time I get the opportunity to. What actually irritated me was when they described him as a "Cowboy Killer".

Well I got news folks, Desean Jackson is not a Cowboy Killer just yet. I believe that he is one of the best big play wide receivers in the NFL. He is one of the most dangerous players with the ball in his hands no doubt. But he has some work ahead of him before he is labeled as a Cowboy Killer.

One area he needs to work on is his hands. He drops a ton of passes and gets the TO butterfingers too often for my blood. He only had 47 catches this season, but still amassed 1,056 yards and 6 TD. His yards per catch was amazing at 22.5. But you would think he would have more than 47 catches and 8 total touchdowns.

He has some flaws in his game, but his speed is the best in the league no doubt. I am just saying this guy needs to improve in certain areas of his game in order to be called the best.

The Facts


2008 Game 1- 6 catches 110 yards

Yes he had a big game but fumbled the football before entering the redzone. He is lucky Pacman or some other Cowboy player had not picked up the ball or it would have been Dallas ball. He had a big game and displayed his big play ability, but also put on full display how much of an idiot he can be.

2008 Game 2- 2 catches 46 yards

The Cowboys got blown out of the water that game, but it was not because of DeSean Jackson. He was shutdown by Terrence Newman.

2009 Game 1- 2 catches 29 yards

This time Mike Jenkins was the starting cornerback and he did a great job on DeSean. Minus the one big game in 2010, Jenkins has shutdown DeSean Jackson and that is a fact people. Jenkins held DeSean in check for 2 catches and 29 yards, in my book that is getting shutdown.

2009 Game 2- 2 catches 36 yards

Are we seeing a pattern here? We put Mike Jenkins on this guy and he shuts him down twice in a row. Again DeSean is held without a touchdown and racks up only 36 yards on 2 catches. Mike Jenkins has shutdown capability and this proves that. This game was also a HUGE game and had the Eagles won they would have had homefield next week. Instead they came back to Dallas.

2009 Game 3- 3 catches 14 yards 1 TD

Again Mike Jenkins locked him down the entire game and this was a playoff game. Jenkins is a great corner when he is playing with his head in the game. Jackson was shutdown the entire game. He had a touchdown in garbage time aka fantasy football time. The game was out of reach and he finally scored on a bubble screen. So much for stinging our asses DeSean, Mike Jenkins stung you!

2010 Game 1- 4 catches 210 yards 1 TD

Now this is the game DeSean Jackson torched our entire secondary. He straight embarrassed us that Sunday night. I cannot sugarcoat that fellas. But my point is this, this is the only game DeSean actually lit us up badly. 

Editors Note: DeSean Jackson sat out the last game against the Cowboys



 DeSean Jackson is one of the best PLAYMAKERS in the NFL. He can make something happen anytime that ball is in his hands. My point tonight is that he is not a Cowboys Killer, at least not yet anyway. Mike Jenkins has shutdown DeSean Jackson a bunch of times. The true Cowboys Killers? They are Steve Smith (Giants) Mario Manningham and Santana Moss. Dez Bryant is a Giants Killer, in two games he has torched the Giants and I cannot wait to see him in the future.

In order for DeSean to receive the Cowboy Killer label, he must do it on a more consistent level. One big game in 3 seasons does not yet earn that title. Mike Jenkins was awful in 2010 and it showed against Jackson. If Mike Jenkins is back to his 2009 form, Jackson will get shut down again.

Team Killers tend to be big play guys. I would like to continue this series and take a look at which certain players have killed the Cowboys. Also we can use this series to debunk any myths or legends out there like I did tonight. The dawn of a new series has been formed folks.

Final Grade: DeSean IS NOT A COWBOY KILLER............URBAN LEGEND


Editors Note: I wanted us to draft DeSean Jackson in the 2008 NFL Draft...................and Jamaal Charles


This has been a ChiaCrack Production 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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