An idea for a new revenue stream for the NFL

In the never-ending quest for "mo' money" by the League, here's a new idea, and one we might like and appreciate as fans.  Stream games for instant viewing on Netflix.  Offer a special package for, say $10 per game, and season packages of say $140 to follow one team the whole season.    I've noticed we don't have many choices for viewing games, either we get the "free" network broadcasts, or we pay for ALL games every week on Sunday Ticket from one satellite provider.


They could get the individual networks to perform each streaming game so they can insert the ads and have their usual announcers.  It would be similar to DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket, but without some of the bells and whistles, and just pay on a game or team basis (so as to create a different product not competing with Sunday Ticket).

The production quality may not be quite equal (depends on quality of throughput) to what you see on live networks but HD can be streamed on Netflix, so we should be able to get that. 

On the plus side, the NFL would then control online content and actively support it, so that less-than-aboveboard (ahem) sites have an official competition.  It would offer the possibilities of new packages and fans can pick which packages they want to get and watch:  free games on network TV and you take your chances that your favorite team is on; Sunday Ticket package that has ALL games each week for those fans that want everything (or for avid fantasy football fans); and Netflix online streaming packages for viewing individual games not covered by local network or for season packages for individual teams for fans to follow.  Another plus is that NFL Network games should be included for those folks that don't get that channel.

On the negative side, it would possibly (probably) compete with and maybe edge out the more expensive and probably more lucrative Sunday Ticket package as a revenue stream.  I think, however, that most fans would rather follow individual teams that are rarely on networks or supplement a team's games on networks with a few games on Netflix, and I truly believe that that option should be given to the fans.  Netflix does sometimes have issues with captioning/subtitles either not existing or not being synced up for those of us who need it (like me), but that's something the site is still working on. 

Also, I know it has probably not even been brought up in any official circles so it would take some real time to set up and make sure it is feasible, so, not this season, surely.  Maybe a thought for the next TV contract negotiations, though.

If fans got behind it and asked Roger for it, maybe it would happen.

Any ideas, thoughts, etc.?


And now for something completely irrelevant yet strangely relevant anyway to my interests.



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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