I saw Cowboys Stadium


I flew thru DFW last week, and my aunt lives in Arlington, so I had a long enough layover to grab breakfast with her, and she took me to the stadium first and then we ate at the Waffle House a few blocks away. The sun was just rising and the orange sky was reflecting off the windows. It was impressive and beautiful. And it was even bigger than I imagined.

I know this is probably not a big deal to many of you. But I think there's a lot of Cowboys fans spread around the country/world who have never seen the stadium, much less a game in the stadium.

A lot of you know I have been around here at BTB as a regular poster for a long time and I love my Cowboys. So it is cool to see the place where they play.

For me, its a funny contradiction. In so many ways, Jerry Jones and all this spectacle is the opposite of what generally I stand for. I'm kind of a community organizer for local self-sufficiency and appropriate scale in a remote rural community. Cowboys Stadium is the ultimate grand spectacle, the expenditure of energy and resources purely for mass entertainment, the modern coliseum.

But, somehow when I was young, I caught the football bug, and specifically the Cowboys bug, by some chance of fate. And the way I see it now, it is the best show on earth. The game itself is unparalleled in the range of different types of prowess it requires and demonstrates, and the complexity with which we can engage it. And the Cowboys are the ultimate hype, with the owner who puts in the resources to make it the best he possibly can, including building one of the most incredible buildings ever built to showcase the team.

I know on one level, it's totally meaningless and irrational to care about whether some particular group of guys I don't know thousands of miles away win or lose in their athletic competition.

But yet, I can't help but love watching football, and rooting for the Cowboys. I love so many things about the game, and even though I'm into the Cowboys just because I happened to get connected with them when I was young, I see the Cowboys as the pinnacle of entertainment value.

When it comes down to it, It is the most entertaining form of distraction I know. And I think we all, or most of us, need distractions sometimes. We need things outside of ourselves that we can engage in together and have fun. Athletic competitions are universal in cultures, and football is deeply ingrained in American culture.

We also need to keep distractions in perspective. What I was really looking forward to and enjoyed was being with my aunt, and sitting down across from her for a few precious moments. To have her appreciate my Cowboys fandom and take me to see the stadium and to share that with her was really cool, but that part of it was small compared to just being with my aunt who I love and treasure.

Figured worth sharing here since I've been here sharing my Cowboys fandom for years (and since we're in the middle of a labor stoppage and there's a definite dearth of content). Visiting the stadium gives me a chance to reflect on it some. I can get a lot more philosophical about it (and maybe I will), but suffice it to say for now... Hopefully, one day I can visit, take her to a game, and enjoy seeing my ultimate entertainment experience and sharing it with my awesome aunt at the same time! Meanwhile, I'm glad my travel arrangements allowed me to share breakfast with her, and seeing the stadium of my favorite sports team in the process was a nice extra treat!

(Originally posted as a fanshot but it was recommended to be a fanpost so I've reposted here...)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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