My trip to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame

I've been on vacation the past two weeks. First week I was with my Dad and we traveled from New York all to the way to Canton, Ohio. The next week I was with my Mom on a cruise to the Caribbean. They were both awesome trips, but the first one caught my interest a lot. Plus I figured it's more appropriate to share some of my pictures from the Hall of Fame. Mostly Cowboys pics. 

Well we traveled for about 7-9 hours. We took a lot of stops, but it only took that amount of time. On the way we passed through Steelers country. Pennsylvania is a lot more rural than New York. I felt like I was in upstate New York , but me be a suburbs guy I was bored by all the grass and farms on the way to Ohio. When we got into Ohio I was really excited. They advertised the Hall of Fame right away and I was pumped to go. The first night though I stayed in my hotel. Which was very nice, and talked with the family. The next morning it was off to the Hall of Fame.

When we arrived we saw the reconstruction happening around the building, and parking was easy. We walked and saw this giant poster of Walter Payton. It was amazing and the older generation of my family began talking about how great he was and how it was a shame he died. My little brother who is not a football nut asked if that was Sammy Sosa. -_- This conversation quickly turned into an Emmitt Smith one about how he broke the rushing record vs. Seattle. Move over sweetness!

Then we finally came in and bought the tickets they asked us what teams we all liked. The family told them Cowboys, and then they asked us where we were from. Well actually my future cousin in law is a Vikings fan. We responded New York. The Giants fans behind us were a bit puzzled. Then walked in some Detroit Lions fans. Who I felt bad for. They weren't going to see a lot of their favorite team. 

My family is mostly Cowboys fans because of my uncles father. My uncle is not a blood relative so his father isn't really my uncle, but he was a great guy and passed the tradition of the Cowboys down throughout the family. I'm proud to be a fan and carry on the tradition because even my Dad is a fan. 

We got past the ticket station and was throwing into the middle of the Hall. It was overwhelming. This tour guide started talking to us and told us to go along the side of the wall to read about the origins of the Hall and why it's in Canton, Ohio. We noticed she was a volunteer. Actually mostly everyone who "worked" there were volunteers. They dedicate their free time to help people around the Hall of Fame and keep the place in top shape. We found out the reason it was in Canton was because of the Canton Bulldogs and Jim Thrope. Next we moved into a few different rooms where there were stories of the some of the greatest players. I took this picture of a game worn jersey from Staubach and Lilly.

Then finally we saw the heads! 

Some of the special statues I took a picture of. The triplets! Also we were looking at some guys and some players played for the New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, etc... Baseball team names! But actually back then each sports city used the same name for their football and baseball team. That's why the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Cardinals exist. They both originated from the Chicago Cardinals. Well it's very confusing, but it's cool to thing about. You can find this stuff in almost any league. I mean the Yankees were once the Baltimore Orioles then they became the New York Highlanders before they became the Yankees. 

Actually a funny story a tour guide told us about the Emmitt statue. One time this lady who came to the Hall of Fame loved Smith so much she started kissing his statue on the lips. She thought that was disgusting. Which when you think about it. It's nuts! These things are right in front of you and you can touch every single one and damage it. I saw Joe Namath's statue and his nose is a little banged up from people being ungentle. 

In the room there were these touchable t.v. screens that showed you every teams amount of Hall of Fame players. There were some cheap players in for some teams. Like the Vikings were credited for Warren Moon. But to take away from true Hall of Famer candidates for a team they placed the ones who made a major contribution to the team in bold. They also gave a little video bio about the player. 

Then we went into the Super Bowl section. This was really great. They had the Lombardi Trophy in the middle and I took a picture of it of course. It seemed like a custom made one because it didn't have a team name on it. Plus any real trophy would probably be in a teams front office. We saw this 10 minute video about the NFL season. They had some in game talking. For example I could hear Clay Mathews talk during the Super Bowl on the sidelines. Pretty cool video. I sat next to a little kid who was a Steelers fan. He wasn't too happy with the production. 

Then they had the rings section. I took a picture of all 5 Cowboys rings and 3 other rings that caught my eye. The Steelers 6th, Giants 3rd, and the Patriots 3rd. They all had something about them. The Steelers ring was huge. Here's my favorite Cowboys ring. 

There was also a feature where you could create your own virtual ring. Me being optimistic created this. (Look below.) Then I began to get funny and made a Buffalo Bills one. A guy called me nuts and ran off, but he didn't see the year I put on it. 2025 (Would have been longer, but the machine didn't go that far. 

We left that got lunch, but near the food stand was games. We could throw the football to a WR, basically a hole. I was doing well because I'm a pretty accurate passer. My brother was alright also. Then we played a game of Madden 1 minute quarters. My brother scored early and wasted the entire clock and won. We moved onto the team records section. I saw the game balls from the Patriots longest winning streak record. 

We hit the gift shop and my Dad bought my a Deion Sanders - Prime Time HOF shirt. It's pretty sweet. Then we left, but we weren't done yet. We wanted to check out the field where the Hall of Fame game was played. We did and they let you play on it. I played a 3 on 3 game with the family in the back of the end zone. Here's me score a touch down and throwing the ball over the goal posts. Well I didn't dunk, but I touch the goal post enough to get the ball over it. :/

(Yes I'm repping a Cowboys shirt.) 

So that was my trip. Hope you liked the story.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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