The first cut is the deepest.

Before I go on, I will mention that there are several versions of the song I cribbed my title from.  If you didn't think of the Rod Stewart version first, well, why the hell not?

Anyway.  The news/rumors/speculation/wild drug-fueled fantasies coming out of the CBA talks seem to be mostly positive, although no one really knows.  For the sake of argument and my own sanity, I will assume that we are now a couple of weeks away from an agreement, to be followed shortly thereafter by the ability for teams to make actual, real live personnel moves.

So.  Allow me to offer my suggestion for the first personnel move to be made by the new Garrett regime.

Cut Roy Williams.  It's the best move you can make.

Don't talk to me about cap impact, or tell me how Roy was finally getting his groove with Romo.  Don't tell me that Alan Ball or anyone else is far worse for the team and needs to be the first to go.  That is all just distraction.  Nope, sorry, this is a decision based on one thing:  Proving that Jason Garrett is in charge, and means exactly what he says.

It is not based on like/dislike of Roy himself.  I don't know the guy.  He is obviously able to do things I can only marvel at.  He has lived a life I cannot imagine.  He can buy and sell me (I am not cheap, but I can be had).  It's just that in July/August 2011, his greatest value to the Dallas Cowboys, to Jason Garrett, and to Jerry Jones is to get cut.  Openly.  No garbage about trades or anything.  Just a clear statement: The Dallas Cowboys no longer have need of this player on their roster.  And tons of reasons to get him off it.

Oddly enough, I would not be surprised if he goes somewhere else and has a couple of good years.  I don't think it is unlikely that he could put up some decent numbers for the 'boys this year.

Doesn't matter.  Ain't worth it.  Mr. Williams, the door is over there.  Try to avoid having it impact your posterior.

Oh.  You think Jerry Jones might have a word or two to say about that?  Why, yes, I rather imagine he would.  The whole idea is for Jason to put his foot down.  Hard.  And say, to JJ and the whole organization, this is how it is going to be.  I am going to build this team with a certain kind of player.  Sure, he could do it with the small steps, the daily influence, driving the point home with persistent, precise taps on the chisel.

Or he could use a sledgehammer.  BOOM!  Leave no doubt. 

Look at all the messages this one thing can send:

-  I don't care who you are, when the RHG says you are gone, adios.

-  We no longer are going to be hindered by our past mistakes, but work towards winning the next game, the next season, by making positive steps, and not looking over our shoulder.

-  There is more to being a champion than what happens on the football field.  Anyone who does this is not exactly a champion.

Most of you can insert your own version.  I think we all pretty much get what this says.  I just want it shouted, in no uncertain terms.  I think this one thing would get the team focused, in step, and headed where they need to go.  I think this should be done before training camp, right off the bat.  Just as fast as it takes for someone from the Cowboys to speak privately with Roy and let him know it is coming.  (I don't want him on the team, but have no desire to strip him of whatever dignity he has left after the engagement ring fiasco.)

Everybody else can wait until camp starts.  Let Igor and Alan try to prove they are better than we think.  See if MBIII has anything left in the tank while trying to get something in trade.  Give Barron a chance to prove he can do more than stand there and make the rushers go around him.  No one else has the reputation that Roy has on this team.  The notoriety.  No one will make more than a ripple when they go.

Roy getting cut would make a splash that would empty the pool.  And set the tone for the season.  In the locker room.  On the field.  Most importantly, in the office of the owner. 

I will confess.  If this were to happen, that is the one thing that would mean the most to me. It would be almost incontrovertible (thank you spell check) evidence that JG was in charge of the grocery shopping.  It would show that JJ was backing away from the day to day coaching, letting the man he has invested in do his job. This team needs that.  Whether that has actually happened is something I will be very worried about until something like this clears things up.

Everyone knows that the lockout (which sucks, by the way) will compress things. Time is short.  There is not going to be room for subtlety.  Things have to get done now.

 This is the time for a sledgehammer.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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