Tony Romo and the Deathly Hollows


***Warning if you are illiterate like Jeterian 2 and have not read the books this discusses what happens in the books, there is not one thing that is movie specific and seriously it has been 4 years so shame on you***

I was watching the last movie and realized that Romo is Harry Potter. Think about it? Boy who came from nowhere (under a staircase is pretty much like being undrafted) but is beyond famous. Is there any QB in the muggle world under more scrutiny than Romo? 

When we last saw Tony, Voldemort's buddy Draco Malfoy (New York Giants) has just taken him out of the game. I don't want to say it was a dirty play but watch how Boley's hand pulls Romo's arm into his body and he slams his shoulder to the ground around the ninth second:

Tony Romo Injury vs. Giants 2010 (via TheBenjiBeast)

So you are probably thinking how is this like Harry Potter and why are you comparing my Cowboys to a kid's book?

In case you don't know in the last book of HP he is trying to find out all of he-who-must-not-be-named's secrets and basically they are parts of his soul that he made (called horcruxes) in an attempt to live forever. Harry learned about them and is going about destroying them so that the world can be set right again. It is a dark time where evil rules the day and there is only one person who can by himself restore order. Harry does have his trusty friends Hermione (Jason Witten) and Ron (DeMarcus Ware) there to help him along the way. 

In our case we don't depend on a little kid wizard for our salvation and hope to end the reign of evil. No our's hope depends on our QB (who some might say acts like a child at times). Author's note If you have not read the books stop what you are doing, do yourself a favor and read them. I know they are super hyped but I promise you will not be dissapointed. Just like a now older and wiser Harry our Tony has finally seemed to realize that as good as everyone else is he and he alone can defeat the dark side that has gotten the better of him (see the way his 2007 and 2010 season ended). 

In the books Harry was forced to leave the place he loves Hogwarts and goes about destroying the horcruxes much the same way Tony was forced out of playing football and has had to sharpen his skills without the help of the Dallas staff. The way Romo will destroy his own horcruxes is game after game defense after defense until the playoffs where he will likely do battle at some point with Voldemort or one of his evil followers (Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, etc). 

In the two previous books the Ministry of Magic used the papers (NFL Media) launched a smear campaign against Harry (Romo) so much so that they actually got almost everyone to question how good he really was. Was he not more famous then he was good? 

It even gets so bad that it seems like Voldemort had won; the Ministry of Magic is under his control, Hogwarts is under his control and Harry is no where to be found. 

The NFL is locked out, Dallas has been in a long drought of going to the Super Bowl and Romo was injured before he could make a difference last year. 

I predict that much like how Harry Potter has to be killed by Voldemort before he can ultimately slay Voldemort and become the Champion we all knew he would; Romo will probably fall short of winning the division before ultimately winning the Super Bowl and becoming the Champion we all know he will become. I just hope that unlike Mr Potter who took seven years to finally become who was needed that Romo will do it in six. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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