What the Heck is "Air Garrett"? Vol 2.

I will be honest. I never thought that My first "Air Garrett" post would go over so well. Not only did I get a Honorable Mention for a Rabbie, but I also inspired (well I like to think I did) the ultimate winner. If you still haven't checked it out, do so now, I feel honored to even be mentioned with a poster like this....

Yet it was this post, and the subsequent debates that I had with CotySaxman, (who I thank profusely) for putting up with not only my lack of Knowledge, but willingness to show me where I was wrong, that led to this. And I admit it. I was wrong. Sort of...

I was wrong philosophically with this statement: 

Jason Garrett Offense - Intermediate/deep passing combined with short passing game to RB’s in lieu of a "dedicated running game"

Ok mostly this Part: 

combined with short passing game to RB’s in lieu of a "dedicated running game"

Truth is Garret wants a "dedicated running game". However He inherited an O-line that Excelled in "drive Blocking". Barber excells in a "drive blocking scheme". Which is why Barber has seen so much time...(See below for Chandus'  Diagram) 




I refer again to Chandus for an explaination:

In this play the Center shoots towards the NT and the Left Guard moves behind him and redirects to deflect the Mike, each blocker has a one-on-one responsability, leading the RB towards the hole left open, which he needs to hit as fast as possible, pretty much following the Left Guard. 

Now bear in mind that there are many different takes on this style of blocking, however I highlighted what I think is the key point about "drive blocking". "Each Blocker has One on One responsibility". Now this was fine for the 90's era Cowboys. Their Line was not only fairly Agile, (Larry Allen the LG, could play LT at an All Pro Level) but also simply out weighed the Defensive line by as much as 50 lbs per person.... Think Leonard Davis in his prime, now make 3 clones of him, if you don't want to include Stepnoski, who was undersized even then.....that was the Dallas O-line back with that in mind lets look at Dallas' past O-line drafts shall we: (will only go back to 07, since that is when Garrett became the OC/HCIW) I will link to their Draft profiles on Draftscout .com

2007- James MartenDoug Free

2008-No O-line taken-Unless you count Martellus Bennett

2009-  Robert Brewster

2010-Sam Young

2011- Tyron Smith, David ArkinBill Nagy

Now I want you to look at each one of those draft profiles....No, seriously, I am not going to list them. What do they have in common? Most of them are all "undersized, athletic types". In fact other than Free (who is a freak of nature) and Brewster( who I still think would make an excellent replacement for Bigg), none of them are weigh over 320lbs, and most are more in the mold of Kyle Koiser, heck even Sam Young was "only" 316 coming out of College....

So what Does this say when Dallas is constantly taking these "smaller, more athletic" O-linemen? To me it says that Dallas won't be doing much "drive blocking"...They will be doing alot more of this:


This is an example of "zone blocking"  Again I refer to Chadus for the Explaination:

Lots of moving parts makes for quick decisions on the move, the development of the blocks from the RG, RT and FB should leave at least one gap open which the tailback needs to find and make the cut into the hole fast.

 Also think about this. If you look at the Zone blocking scheme, it would seems like this was tailor-made to defeat a 3-4 Defense, which BTW is becoming more and more prevalent in today's NFL. Just saying.....

Now Most would say that Dallas doesn't have the center for this type of play. However Chandus(yes I am taking alot from sue me! I am still giving him Credit!) gives us an example of this type of Blocking Here:


Now If that isn't enough, Look here:

Dallas Felix Jones Touchdown Against Cincinnati (via hottrizzy15)

 If you pause the second video at the 0:03 mark, clear as day, you can see #75, Mark Colombo, pulling ahead of Felix....just like a normal zone blocking scheme.

However Garrett has thrown a few "tweaks" in it. If you Notice Davis and Witten are both in a "drive blocking" setup. Davis on the DT, with Witten on the DE.. Gurode plows Straight ahead(Drive Blocking) while Koiser and Flozell both seem to be area blocking....Notice that Garrett put each of them in what they "should" Excell at....and when it works? well a TD is the result....

Now think about this....Dallas has drafted how many player that fit in the Leonard Davis mold? None....Now why is that? I mean they had ample opportunity in this past draft alone...Gabe Carimi, John Moffit, Marcus Cannon, All of these guys fit the Davis profile, big, strong, fairly agile....instead Garrett opts for Tyron Smith and David Arkin.... Maybe there is something to this Coryell/Walsh thing after all? Yeah he says it is Coryell based....And we see that through and through...We see that with every pass to Witten that pulls the Safety down, and with every deep post that Miles and Dez run...and every Inside run that Marion does...

But yet, I see the Walsh Influence. In every Draft pick from Felix Jones to James Marten(who actually was fairly athletic), every swing pass and Bubble screen, every toss play....

No, I cannot Deny that Garrett has a Coryell based air attack.....but what if, he wants a more Walsh based run attack? Not one that is a "short passing Game" but one that instead of "Power runs up the Middle" relies more on sweeps, and Counter Draws, that pull the Opponent out of position, rather than plows through them. 

That is what I think "Air Garret" is all about. Attacking the Defense at it's weakest point. That is one reason I think that the Dallas Offense has had Issues in the first quarter....That is Garrett, Probing, trying to find the weak point....Watch the play calls this next year... Pay attention to the "Successful" ones...I bet that you will see ones that are merely variations of those "successful ones" though out the game....Study the opponents carefully. Find out where they are lacking defensively. I bet you will see alot of plays designed to target that area....Is this a "new scheme"? No, merely an adaption of two old ones albeit in a new fashion....That is "Air Garrett"

As always I Look forward to your Criticisms and Critiques... I Hope that I have shed some more light on what I think "Air Garrett" is becoming...and it sure looks good....

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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