Myth Busters: Cowboys Edition

So I've been thinking about doing something a little fun before this lockout ends and we start talking real football again with new material. I thought of a little thing we could all participate in that resembles the TV show "Myth Busters". I am sure most of you have seen it, but for the ones that have not the basic premise is they take an urban myth and either confirm it to be plausible, or confirm the unlikelihood of said event. Well, we all know there are constant "myths" about our beloved Cowboys so I'd like to see BTB participate in putting them all out on the table and stating the case for why they should be confirmed or not. I would like to update accordingly (while giving props to the person who thought it up) so that all myths are in the post and you can scroll down to join the discussion in myths you might dispute.

We will start simple so here goes nothing:

Myth #1: Alan Ball is a safety - Confirmed False

We were all hopeful upon the release of Hamlin that Ball would be able to convert to safety. We were all supremely let down by his play this year. Before the season began, it was hyped as if there would be no drop off, and possibly even an upgrade at FS. That was quickly confirmed false. I almost went a step further and said the experiment of us converting ANYONE from CB to FS will be a failure, but due to small sample size I will leave it as just Ball. As of right now, Ball has not been officially replaced as the starting FS for this year's squad, but I see that changing very soon after FA starts.

Myth #2: Dez Bryant is the real deal at WR, but has maturity issues - Confirmed True

It was clear last year, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone that would disagree Dez Bryant is a legitimate receiving threat if he can stay healthy. Unfortunately I hate to admit it, but Dez does still have some growing up to do. I am one of the biggest Dez supporters, but if it wasn't the pads, it was the mall incident, or it was jewelry debts... It is just too much to deny that he lacks a high level of maturity. I do think he has his head on the game and wants to be better, and he has shown that in cases such as his response to Primetime's comments. He just needs to continue focusing on football and stay out of the negative media spotlight.

Myth #3: Tony Romo is a choke: Hence why we lose in the playoffs - Confirmed False

Football is a team game. People like to point the finger and say we lose because Romo chokes. I am not saying he is flawless by any means, but he is not the sole reason we lose in the playoffs. As a matter of fact, he was the first QB to win a playoff game in over a decade so that alone proves he can win a big game. The root probably lies in the Seattle game, but I pose two questions: Why was our starting QB even holding kicks in the first place and why were we in that position? Well, he was holding kicks because he made the playoffs his 1st year as QB and Gramatica was comfortable with him as the holder. He takes a blemish on his career for trying to help his team in something he shouldn't have had to do. You don't see Peyton holding kicks. Second they were there because Romo drove them from their 28 yard line to Seattles 2 yard line. He did his job. The other two losses were clearly line problems and defensive trouble. Against the Giants he was sacked on both of the final drives by shoddy line play, and against Minnesota Colombo was a turnstile. Those games were team losses not Romo choke moments.


Myth #4: Roy Williams is a #1 Receiver - Confirmed False (Contributed by cwby4lf) 

It was a hope that with a change of scenery that RW would live up to all the hype he had coming out of college. With the exception of a few of mediocre years in Detroit and a somewhat promising start to last year then the cooling off, he was never worth the trade made for him or the contract he was GIFTED. He is an ok an average #2, bu he will be a solid #3 and goal line threat. He never lived up to his contract.

In order to change some things in your gotta change some things in your life.


Myth #5 : The lockout sucks - Confirmed Absolutely True (Contributed by Pineywoods)

No real explanation needed for this one. The lockout has been awful.


Myth #6 Jerry will excel in this FA climate - Still Under Debate (Contributed by BlueNSilverBlood)   Depending on what your idea is at excelling is, we have yet to see how Jerry does in this years Free Agency period. I believe if he: 1. Resigns a few key pieces (Doug Free!!). 2. Fills a few holes with above average players (CB/S/DL/OG). 3. Restructures our cap space so we are in a bind going forward. Then I would consider that sufficient to confirm true.  


Myth #7: Rob Ryan utilizes players strengths - Still Under Debate (Contributed by BlueNSilverBlood)

We all hope to see this prove true ASAP. It is said Rob Ryan can transform our defense into one of the top defenses in the league again, but until this lockout ends and he can actually teach the players we have to wait. Will he use our guys in a way that suits their strengths? Hopefully we know the answer to that soon, but for now it is better than knowing that our defense is continuing to regress under the Doughboy. 


Myth #8: Jason Garret is a solid Head Coach - Still Under Debate (Contributed by BlueNSilverBlood)

Jason did very well in his short stint at interim coaching. That does not mean he will be solid going forward, but it gives us something to be hopeful about.


Myth #9: The Cowboys are Americas team - Confirmed True (Contributed by gsj61191)

The Dallas Cowboys regardless of their Superbowl drought, and recent woes continue to lead the football world in following. The #2 sporting franchise in the World is still Americas team. There is no team more polarizing then the Cowboys, but they are beloved as much as they are hated all across America.

***Updated @ 0600 20110721***

Let's hear some of your myths, or feel free to debate mine. Cheers

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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