UDFA Signings Day Two: Who's Left?

After a flurry of late evening activity last night, about 180 Undrafted Free Agents have reached verbal agreements with 31 NFL teams (the Raiders don't appear to have anybody yet), according to nepatriotsdraft.com. Keep in mind that these players can't actually sign with their new teams before 10:00 am EST today. In theory, they can still back out of their verbal agreement, like LaGarrette Blount did with the 49ers last year.

Although not official, all indications are that the Cowboys have secured eight UDFAs so far. Last year, the Cowboys signed 19 UDFAs. With the roster for training camp expanded to 90 players, it stands to reason that we'll see more UDFA signings today, both by the Cowboys and by other teams. But who's left?

Boston College LB Mark Herzlich, who famously battled back from cancer to resume his college football career, is probably the highest profile player still available. Herzlich twittered late Monday night that he had not made up his mind as to where he’s going to sign and would make an announcement today.

Perennial Cowboys message board favorite Deunta Williams also has not been picked up, and there are rumors that he may be taking a year off to recuperate from his leg injury. There are also rumors that any team wanting to sign him needs to get in a very long line, so don't put too much weight on any rumors right around now.

After the break, we look at the top 20 undrafted free agent players left who have made no verbal commitment yet and are likely to be gobbled up today.

I can't claim to know most of the UDFAs still available, so I used NFL.com's draft tracker, which ranks all players by their draft grade, to determine which 20 highest graded UDFAs had not made a commitment through last night.

Rank Player POS Height Weight College NFL.com draft grade
1 Locke, Derrick RB 5'8" 188 Kentucky 5.6
2 Williams, Deunta DB 6'2" 205 North Carolina 4.8
3 Hamler, Jamel WR 6'1" 193 Fresno St. 4.6
4 Clay, John RB 6'1" 230 Wisconsin 4.2
5 Davis, Joshua OL 6'7" 313 Georgia 4.1
6 Herzlich, Mark LB 6'4" 244 Boston College 4.1
7 Lemon, Orie LB 6'1" 242 Oklahoma St. 4.1
8 Sanzenbacher, Dane WR 5'11" 182 Ohio St. 4.0
9 Parker, Martin DL 6'2" 303 Richmond 3.9
10 Forbath, Kai K 5'11" 197 UCLA 3.8
11 Hurd, Zachary OL 6'7" 316 Connecticut 3.8
12 McGee, Andrew DB 5'11" 195 Oklahoma St. 3.8
13 Smith, Willie OL 6'5" 310 East Carolina 3.6
14 Graham, Cameron TE 6'3" 244 Louisville 3.5
15 Sims, David DB 5'9" 200 Iowa St. 3.2
16 Johnson, Carl OL 6'5" 361 Florida 3.0
17 Oordt, Schuylar TE 6'6" 261 Northern Iowa 3.0
18 Tarrant, Jerrard FS 6'0" 204 Georgia Tech 3.0
19 Cuff, Vance DB 5'10" 178 Georgia 2.9
20 Gantt, Charlie TE 6'4" 252 Michigan St. 2.9

Very roughly, the NFL.com draft grades work out as follows: 8 or higher: first rounder; 7: second rounder. 6: 3rd-4th round, 5: 5th-6th round, 4: 7th rounder. Anything below four is usually a free agent after the draft.

RB Derrick Locke heads the list going into day two, but there are strong rumors linking him to the Rams. Obviously, this ranking goes strictly by NFL.com's draft grade, but other "name" free agents also remain available, like WR Armon Binns, WR Terrance Tolliver (strongly linked to Houston) and OLB Dain Taylor.

The seven Cowboys UDFAs don't do all that well on the NFL.com list. Only CB Mario Butler (2.4) and K Dan Bailey (2.0) even show up in the NFL.com database.

Who would you like to see the Cowboys sign on this second day of the "UDFA draft"?

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