Garrett Kool Aid

I saw a comment earlier about Roy Williams playing like he was looking over his shoulder.  That's sort of how I'm writing this post, going back to the site to see what new developments might be coming down the road and wondering if I may have to dump the whole thing at the last minute because some news flash makes my points irrelevant.

But man, this is wild and crazy and, oddly enough, tremendous fun.  And at this moment, things are working just the way I wanted them to.

Someone told me that the Kool Aid I was drinking for Romo in my last post was red, not cherry.

OK, who's up for some purple today?

First, let me reference some old fan posts of mine.  I was gratified to see that Roy Williams was cut on the first day, because I kinda called this one.  It turned out to be part of a flurry of cuts, but I still lay my claim for a hit on this one.  In that post, I laid out my reasons for him getting cut, and I think they hold up pretty well.  And I laid out some messages that cutting him could send.  One of those is this:

-  I don't care who you are, when the RHG says you are gone, adios.

Now, add Davis, Barber and Brown to that.  Then, if you haven't already (because this has been done in at least one thread today) ask yourself, does this look like a Jerry move, or a Jason move?  If you say Jason, then you see this the same way I do.  If you say Jerry, well, put your reasons in comments and let's have us a discussion while I try to convince you of the error of your ways.

If you've read any of my previous posts, you may have seen me write about how much the success of the Cowboys depends on the work relationship of Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett.  Like here.  And also here.  To summarize, and to save you trouble if you don't want to go back and read my old stuff, I think a return to greatness for the Star is dependent on JJ backing off and letting JG make the key personnel decisions.  On, as the saying goes, letting JG buy the groceries.  If Jerry can put his focus on managing the cap and then going after the players Jason wants, this team can become a champion again. 

Immediately after the season ended, I was encouraged.  Coach Garrett was certainly making all the right noises.  We just needed to see what moves the team actually made.

And then a little thing called the lockout comes along.  Among it's many other frustrations and hinderances, it kept us from seeing what was going to happen with the Jerry/Jason marriage.  Would Jason be able to remain true to himself and have the type of control over the team that a successful coach must have?  Or would Jerry revert to his old domineering self and try to run parts of this operation he had no business trying to?  We only had one thing to look at for evidence during the lockout, and that was the draft.  The signs were encouraging.  This had the appearance of being a JG draft, focusing on offensive players and including the most unJerrylike move of taking an offensive lineman in the first round.

But that was all we had as the lockout sucked its way along.  No free agent signings, no personnel moves, just a deafening, maddening silence out of Valley Ranch.  All we had was hope, hope from the last eight games of the fetid swamp of despair and gloom called the 2010 season, and the things said by the RHG before the miasma of the lockout settled over all. 

As the days drug agonizingly on, and it became clear that the whole free agency/contract negotiation period was going to be a compressed, wildly hectic whirlwind of activity, I began wondering how soon we could tell who was really making the decisions on this team.  I looked at some of the articles and posts on the RKG and the Cowboy Way as set out by Jason Garrett.  And I decided that immediate cuts of some players that did not seem to fit the RKG template or the schemes of Garrett and his defensive counterpart Rob Ryan would be the best indicator that Jerry was going with his coaches' decisions in getting the roster right.  Of course, there are other things going on, like trying to get the money right to sign Free and Bowen, and to allow some manuevering room in free agency, but the real question would be whether there were early cuts and who they would be.

Davis.  Brown.  Barber.  Williams.  Three out of the four look to have "Garrett did it" all over them.

Be still, my beating heart.

And pour me some Jason Garrett Kool Aid.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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