11 Reasons The Cowboys Will Be 11-5 Or Better

Well, there are many reasons why our Dallas Cowboys could very well be a 6-10 team again this year. (I don't believe they will) I think there are many more reasons why the Cowboys could be a 11-5 team or better. I think that's what its going to take to at least make the playoffs this year. The NFC has a lot of young up and coming teams like Detroit, Tampa Bay and St. Louis. Making the playoffs will be a battle this year.


But having to work through my 4th of July weekend I thought I would take some time out for my first Fanpost and 11 reasons your Dallas Cowboys will be 11-5 or better.

11. The Lock Out: I despise this lockout as much as any of you, but on the other hand I think this could benefit the Cowboys minus the rookies this season. The Cowboys are an old team, guys like Keith Brooking and Bradie James have been banged up the past couple seasons, and could probably use the rest. And I think the Cowboys are actually getting ahead of the game with their player-led workouts. Granted, the workouts aren't going to be as intense and they aren't going to learn as much as they would with the coaches. But the player have to be getting something out of these workouts whether its camaraderie or development of leadership, something the Cowboys really need. But I think this will be a big bounce back year for most of the vets like Keith Brooking, though my next reason my have something to say about that.


10. Sean Lee. Lee, though often injured, showed flashes of brilliance last year. The Colts game in 2010 was exactly what the Cowboys hoped for when they drafted him in the second round of the 2010 Draft. I think if he can stay healthy and that's a big if, he can go a long way in Rob Ryan's system, he a smart guy and athletic enough to play all over the field. Sean Lee could be what sidelines Keith Brooking next year, not injury or age. But our defense will greatly benefit from...


9. No Alan Ball At FS. Alan Ball is probably the poster boy for the 2010 season. While last season obviously can't solely be the fault of Alan Ball, he didn't help matters much. Last year I really missed Ken Hamlin just sitting back there not letting anything go over his head. Instead of Alan Ball chasing DeSean Jackson into the endzone arms out wondering, “What just happened?” Hopefully he's just relegated to special teams duty, and emergency situations at cornerback. I don't think I can take DeSean burning him anymore. This next group should do all the burning on the field this season.


8. The Stable of Running Backs. The Cowboys running attack really started to come together in the second half of last season. Now this was mostly vaulted by better performances from the front five, I still think the Cowboys have one of the best backfields in football. Felix Jones showed us last year he can be the feature back in this league. For what ever reason, Tashard Choice has yet to show Jason Garret that he can be a feature back, but he'll get his carries. So, with the imminent departure of MBIII , that leaves us with DeMarco Murray. I don't know about any of you, but this kid gets me pretty excited for this year. He's not a real shifty guy from what I've seen, more of a one cut and go kind of back. But he can fly and is pretty good catching the ball out of the backfield. The Cowboys run game should return to form in the 2011 season, and one guy who could help a lot in this category is..


7. Tyron Smith is someone this whole Cowboys fan base has hopes for in the upcoming year. He certainly looks the part at 6'5” and 307 pounds and looks to be chiseled out of granite. Losing Tony Romo last year most likely opened the eyes of one Jerry Jones to see he needed to get younger on the offensive line. Seeing the face of your franchise sprawled out writhing in pain may do that from time to time. Tryon is a freak athletically and moves like no man his size should. I know some may ask “why did he only play the right tackle spot at USC?” Go have a look at Matt Kalil that would be the reason. The Trojans had the same problem the Cowboys have, two blindside capable tackles and only one blindside. If you ask me, that's a good problem to have. I think we'll be pretty good on the ends assuming we get Doug Free signed. But we will need...

6. Better interior OL Play. The Cowboys interior line came on towards the end of the season last year. This is one of those groups I think will get some benefit from the lockout. This team is pretty old up the middle on both sides of the ball but non showed it more, in my opinion, than the guards and center of the offensive line. Leonard Davis often looked outmatched by quicker defensive tackles in the early part of last year. Most notably the Titans game. Davis' feet looked slow, he just couldn't get ahold of the man in front of him. Andre Gurode, though voted into the top 100 players by his peers, had a down year last year. I don't think this was the start of a slide in performance for him, he's still able to handle some of the best DT's in the game. I expect a big rebound for him this season. That goes for Kyle Kosier as well. Injuries hurt the start of his season last year and the line was noticeably better upon his return early last season. This group will have as much to do with the outcome of this season as the..


5. Conerbacks Return To Pro Bowl Form. Now I'm not going to speculate into the signing of a certain free agent cornerback with a weird name. Let's just stick with the ones on our team at the moment. Terence Newman was off to one of his best seasons last year, until the rib cartilage injury. He may be a little injury prone during his time here, but he is our best corner even if Mike Jenkins can play as he did in 2009. Mike is a whole 'nother animal though. He showed so much promise in '09 but took a big step back last year. But the regression is pretty easy to explain, he was on the wrong side of some calls and that in-turn caused him to lose some confidence. And there was that play in Green Bay where he completely turned it off. That is inexcusable, yes Deion Sanders made “Business Decisions”, if Mike Jenkins played like Deion I don't think anyone would have a problem with that. I really believe he can flourish with Rob Ryan here, but he can't have anymore of those yellow bellied plays like the one in Green Bay, unless he's shutting it down like Neon Deion. Who recently didn't have such kind words for...


4. Dez Bryant. He could take this offense to another level, he could be that fiery receiver who has a passion for the game and a desire to be the best. He could be all these things but right now he's not. Dez' own worst enemy is himself, but this kid has the talent to be a perennial Pro Bowler if he chooses to. Many times last season, Dez was the most talented player on the field, but didn't know how he was supposed to work in the offense. His numbers, getting by on raw talent alone, last year are pretty impressive. Hopefully he's spending all the time he can with his Pro Bowl Stat Monster Quarterback...


3. Tony Romo. Not having Tony, last year closed a lot of the play book for Jason Garrett. Jon Kitna did a great job last year and could probably be a starting quarterback for a few teams in this league, just not this one. Tony can make every throw there is. Some may question his ability to win the big game, but let's be honest, we could do a lot worse at quarterback than Tony. Do you want to go back to the Quincy Carters and Ryan Leafs? I didn't think so. The offense wasn't the problem last season but, with Tony Romo back under center, I like our chances that much more. The other side of the ball, now that is up to one man...


2. Rob Ryan. How we do next year has a lot to do with what Ryan can get out of this defense. I really believe he will make this a Top 10 unit this season. You can tell he carries a swagger about him like, he knows how good he is and isn't afraid to let you know. And above all else that's what this defense needs: confidence. Now Wade Phillips was a heck of a defensive coordinator, but wasn't going to get anyone fired up about anything. Rob Ryan is pivotal in how we do moving forward. As much as...


1. Jason Garrett. I'll be honest, I didn't know much about Jason Garrett other than the fact that he was the highest paid offensive coordinator in the NFL and had red hair. But after that first press conference he began to open my eye to the enigma that is Jason Garrett. I saw a guy with a little attitude to him, a coach who wants the best out of his coaches and player alike. A by the book coach who won't waver on any issue. In those final 8 games I think he showed he has the ability to lead and rally the troops towards a common goal, by “stacking good days on top of one another.” I think we'll be looking back a few years from now asking why didn't we do this sooner?



The Cowboys still have a long way to go to reach 11-5 or for that matter have a season at all. Like you, I can't wait for this season. I just hope this lockout ends soon so we can get on with this season. Hopefully we get some good news after the 4th.


Happy 4th to everyone.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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