Take a Deep Breath Folks......

Okay...I have noticed a lot of Teeth gnashing, whining, and WTFing going on....So here is what I propose...Take a Deep breath...Hold Exhale....There now, feel better?..OK.. Now that we have all cleared our collective heads, I want to point a few things out.....

First off-The Jump!!!!

Okay is the first thing....

Dallas had to purge...We knew this was coming, we were what around 16 million over the cap?.....All these cuts simply got us down to where we HAD to be....All this was, is Garrett and Jerry, "cleaning the closet" so to speak....Nothing to see here....Yeah it was exciting, and had to be done, but that is it.....just S.O.P. to get under the new cap....Now I am notsaying that the players that we got rid of should have stayed...HECK NO!!!....But they might have been let go Even if they were actually playing up to their contracts.....Not to mention that they were in the way of the young guys....

Now in regards to Free agency.....Yeah would it have been nice to Pair Nnamdi with Rob Ryan again? Of Course...did anyone Really think we stood a chance at getting him? I know I didn't.....yet we almost did....but He went to Philly...same with Cullen Jenkins, I honestly didn't think We could get him...yet again we almost did, but again Philly got him.....Now I admit see the team that has been My personally most hated team(and has been since they booed Irvin as he laid on the turf.....) However this tells me something...Philly is scared...They know that with Rob Ryan that Dallas will become a contender they are doing everything in their power to keep us from getting better players....and considering their cap space....they are succeeding. Yet I am not worried....Why? Well lets look at who The Eagles got shall we? 

Nnamdi Asomugha - Okay this one hurt....a little.....With Asante Samuel , and DRC(who they got by trading Kolb, seriously Arizonia?) they have three of the better Cover corners in the league....yet frankly I am not scared of DRC, Nnamdi or Samuel...why? They are corners...that is all...yeah they may contain Miles and Dez...but unless Nnamdi is playing FS, that is it...which means that Philly still has to contain Witten, Bennett, Felix, and possibly Murray and Ogletree(or whoever gets the 3rd WR spot.....) yeah that ain't happening...Scrabble is also 30 years old, and while he may be really good now, what happens in two to three years, which BTW is when Dez should be hitting his prime, and Austin although starting to decline will still be fairly good... What happens then? yeah that's right..torched city.....also Both DRC and Asante are both "gambler's" while they may get the odd interception or two, they will also get burned on a regular basis.....expect alot of Play-action Double moves from Austin and Dez.....

Cullen Jenkins- Now this did seem to come out of nowhere...Yet What did Philly get? a 30 year old DT that (in a contract year) got a bunch of sacks?...oh and is a HUGE injury risk to?.......yeah.....nuff said on that...

Jason Babin-see Cullen Jenkins.....

So Philly got 1 young player in Cromartie, though he has been very inconsistent, and 3 30+ players on their last contracts probably....yeah good luck with that Philly...

The great thing for Dallas? We won't have these guys cluttering up our we should get a great look at what we have....Dallas gets younger, Philly gets what if they seem "better" than us.....I would rather us see what we have currently than bring in a bunch of FA's  have some mild success, then be right back here next year, still having no clue as to how good our young players are....JMHO

Now does this mean that I am against ALL free agents? No, but I do like what Jerry is doing.....grab the guys you want, resign you own players, and be reasonable......that is how Dallas should build....we have a great core of players....however they have been held back because of coaching and really crappy players....if we can upgrade those players then JG and Ryan will be able to field a team that will be the class of the league.....and if you are not sure just click the link, which is a big shot of Kool-Aid......if that doesn't work...then may I suggest this

Feel free to let me have it in the comments...I'm a big boy.....I can take it.....

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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