I had no intention of doing another Fan Post this week, However, busy I may be I am neither deaf nor blind. If BTB is to be the BEST site fan source Blog on any NFL team its time some of the air around the place gets purified.


Eagles are doing the opposite of pretty much everything this dude just said."


"and its not

Because the magc cap fairy is going to erase all debts in 2013, its because they’ve been fiscally responsible up to this point.

It’s also the reason Aso and Jenk aren’t wearing Boys jerseys right now."



Normally guys like this are so far below my pay grade I don't even bother, but since it was a very similar comment about the Cowboys that set me off  and resulted in my first Post ever to BTB. I feel I must clear away some of this dis-information and tripe. Please if you Love the Cowboys at all, open your minds for a few moments and follow me.


Jones has a plan.....And it DOES NOT INVOLVE giving 12 mil. a year to a 30 YR OLD CB!


Jones has an unquestionable business acumen. You don't start life selling shoes in El Dorado , Ark. and build a Billion dollar business unless your kinda special.  The logic of  "it would only cost 3 or 4 mil. per year to get him (Nnamdi)." is absolute rubbish.....But if you a billionaire whats a couple million here and there? Not a whole lot, However, If your Shoe Salesman from El Dorado , Ark. its the WHOLE WORLD...


Jones is a Focus Player, he doesn't take a dump with out a plan. Historically speaking he plans in ten year cycles.(in CBA 2.0 I gave a score (20) rules to live by  during the transition years 2011 and 2012, Jones's Plan (Objectives) Probably number around 300 for the 10 year cycle, thats major strategic thinking.)  Alot of his actions seem to be non-linear (without deliberations if you will) unless your seeing  HIS whole plan in 3-D. A Focus Player will not multi-task a job (he eats only one item at a time from his dinner  plate.). Right now Jones is FIXED on the SHINNY new TOY up in Arlington (he already checked-off that new CBA business).  Jones doesn't need strategic insight to see what's coming down the hill and how it could effect his Shiny new toy in Arlington.  It's simple the COWBOY's franchise is ASSET RICH and CASH POOR at this moment in time.  In POKER terms when Jones built the Cowboy Stadium he effectively "PUSHED ALL-IN" yet again. (Jones has a History of this and HE tends to WIN.) He hasn't raked in the millions in PROFITS from his WIN yet...So he has to play small ball (see Spears/Free Deals.) Jerry knows that IF the loans HE has out on the Stadium go up just say 50 basis points on the interest ITS GONNA COST HIM MILLIONS! The only big checks Jerry has going out right now are bank payments to re-structure the debt of the"SHINY NEW TOY IN ARLINGTON"  before the rates go up. I have been advising my clients for the last ten days to "LIMIT EXPOSURE" on ANY Adjustable Financing Packages.(ARM LOANS) That means lock in the rates while you can because next month is not looking real good for any one. That makes you CASH poor, for most billionaires that is lethal, UNLESS you STARTED your PROFESSIONAL LIFE SELLING SHOES  in El Dorado, ARK. (Forget what you CAN SAVE IN SALARY CAP, its about the big picture and the PIGGY BANK.)


To understand the PLAN you have to get into Jones's head.(Don't Dilute yourself he is a lot more complicated than your average UofA graduate with an 800 word Vocabulary.) He is not infallible. (The way he has handled the media in the last 20 years makes me cringe.) However most of the accepted "Facts about JONES" are a MYTH. He has to accept he has ultimately caused most of his image issues. (I think he likes the one of the fast and loose Riverboat Gambler/Carpet Bagger Persona.) On the Local level Jones walked onto the stage and tripped over his own two big feet. ( When Tom Landry left Valley Ranch he drove out in Rolls, Jerry drove up in a 1987 OJ Bronco ! He pushed ALL-IN to buy the Cowboys LITERALLY he hocked everything including the KITCHEN SINK to make the DEAL.) He already faced a PR nightmare in the fact  HE was not a TEXAN, The Local Media-iots beat him with zeal and enjoyed every second (WHERE WAS THAT LIMO? THE COWBOYS DESERVED AN OWNER WITH MORE CLASS A REAL TEXAN, SOMEONE RIDING UP IN A LIMO). Worse still on the National stage he made FAST ENEMIES at the OWNER Meetings.(To that OLD BOYS club we call the NFL OWNERS, Jones was DIRT FLOOR POOR, He needed to stick to the wildcatin' and leave the HALLOWED HALLS of the NFL OWNERS CLUB at ONCE! ) Compounding   it a couple of the Manhattan owners poisoned the well...they went behind his back and knifed him up GOOD! they used our most TRUSTED source the CONNECTICUT mafia (ESPN) to depict Jones as PARIAH who WAS BAD FOR FOOTBALL..They did everything in there power including SUING him.. The real embarrassment was that our OWN Media-iots bought right into it and soon the MYTH was born and IT HAS BECOME EPIC! To every outside source Jones looked like a Micro-Managing version of Steinbrenner,  always at VR always around the team, to some it looked like he wanted to be right there on the field to steal the lime-light. The Facts are these to Jones he had JUST BET his ENTIRE LIFE on the DALLAS COWBOYS Franchise, times were tight, and Yes for a time there HE LIVED IN HIS OFFICE AT VR, he had no choice, He ate at the Team table because it BEAT MAC and CHEESE or  a Couple POP-TARTS. He wasn't there because the COWBOYS were an investment, He was there because they were his LIFE in a BOTTLE. (THATS THE WHOLE ESSENCE OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUSH ALL-IN IN POKER)...


Anytime I see someone HERE at BTB spewing the MINDLESS CONNECTICUT MAFIA GROUP THINK it makes my blood BOIL!


Now to task on all you hunt and peck guys that need a link or a web-site so you can read it. Here is all you need...25 YEARS of Experience.. My summation on Jones is not just technical. About 20 years back I flew up to Stuttgart for a little hunt..About 3am I rolled down stairs in the lodge and found Jones filling a thermos and making a Brown Bag lunch, you see in the Merry Little Hunting Band it was tradition, lunch in the field consisted of the biggest slab of meat you could fit in a CHEST (pork chops or T-bone) and get out to the blind with. After a morning shooting Everyone enjoyed seeing who could finish there Plate Killer, It was ego run -a-muck but thats DUCK HUNTIN..Stranger still on this hunt Jones brought JUST ONE BOX of Steele, and about 30 shells old enough for us to question their contents. ( thats another story)  You can learn alot about a man sitting in a Duck blind especially watching him eat a Cold Cut sandwich, and fumble through his vest to count the last of his shells, knowing that THIS GUY OWNED THE DALLAS COWBOYS...! IT was that tough, and all Jones did was tighten his BELT and wait for the NEW revenue STREAMS he was inventing to PAY OFF! In his mind I am convinced he is STILL a shoe Salesman in El Dorado, Arkansas.


Now to the point ...Just what is Jones building at?????


My opinion is we are in year FOUR of his third ten year plan.  The current PLAN started in 2007 when Jones started to maneuver the League owners to OPT-Out of the old CBA. I doubt his Plan envisioned the financial collapse of the Great Recession otherwise he would have utilized a different set of Tools to finance his share on that Shiny Toy up in Arlington. Small Hick-up, no problem tighten the Belt and wait for the Revenue streams (Stadium Naming Deal) to Pay-off. Besides he has got "Other Chickens" in the pot to cook.  Jones does not like to Push ALL-IN, only time he does it is  for a major pay-off and this time is no exception. Every deal Jones does is a spring-board  to the "NEXT BIG THING". This CBA thing is about the PLAN and the PIGGY-BANK.. Think about how many BIG MONEY FA's have been linked to the COWBOYS in the last 4 years? Now how many of those BIG Money FA Contracts have the Cowboys signed in the last 4 YEARS? Also consider that about 4 years ago is when Jones started to make noise about getting out of the OLD CBA..Run with me here, If you create a bubble with any commodity it will eventually burst,  the more inflated the bubble the deeper the crash, So if this was Jones's plan in order to really CAPITALIZE he needed to artificially inflate the FA market (make teams dump huge wads of CASH and CAP Space into FA's right before a major shift in League Structure takes place.) What we have is a perfect  storm for alot of Teams. Too many contracts running out, a NEW CBA that forces higher Salary and a more Limited Salary Cap, in the same moment the FA bubble starts to HYPER-INFLATE. (BOWEN=CANTY FOLKS).


Econ. 101 ..You buy when the market is at its lowest...Jones is not going shopping until he has his house in order.(He eats one thing on his plate at a time.) and until the FA market really bottoms out going into 2013.


If I am correct I think we will see three things that will point to where Jones is headed


1-Do not be surprised if the new TV deal for the Thursday games is NOT ON BROADCAST T.V.-Look for three revenue stream from those games ..Premium Cable, HBO, and PAY-PER-CLICK Internet.


2-There will be a naming deal of the Stadium in the NEXT 12 months and it will be a Surprise (I do not think IT will be Branson, no matter how much he offers I don't think Jones can tolerate the thought of the house that he built being referred to a VIRGIN FIELD, home of the Dallas Cowboys!) however it will land somewhere around 500-650 mil. over 8 years.


3-Watch the McCourt Bankruptcy very carefully.  (DON'T PANIC, Jones is not moving the COWBOYS!, If it falls into place, The NFL is going into the Canyon.)


Now as far as the TEAMS on the "Dead in the Water"  List from CBA 2.0, Take a moment, Howie in Philly is no dumby, However it is painfully clear his team is in deep trouble He has a two YEAR window to win a SUPERBOWL why else mortgage the farm "with all that sound sensible CAP Experience" the Eagles should be set ? RIGHT???? (But you just dumped over 100 mil. on TWO GUYS! talk about a fairy tale...WOW!)


And how about the PAT's( HAYNESWORTH AND CHAD) now there is some desperation ...(Our friends from the Connecticut Mafia must be fit to be tied!)


The Jets ...enough said....


All three of these teams by their actions in the last few days are accepting their have two years before your blowing up your team's and your new starters are from somebody else's practice squad. And what happens to all those star players (the FA market just collapsed) guys that would have been in the Market for 30-40 mil for 5 years are now in limbo, sit on the side line until the NFL Salary Cap rises again(Pro Players are a perishable commodity.) Anybody here see Chad try and ride a BULL? OR?


For most guys you take the PAY cut say sign a deal at 4 yrs @ 10 mil for maybe a Logan Mankins or how about 6 yrs @ 20 mil for Sam Bradford. Don't laugh too hard this is what the owner's really want ..CONTROLLED EXPENSES..And if you doubt this just take a minute and LOOK AT YOUR HOME APPRAISAL FOR 2009 AND COMPARE IT TODAY 2011...See what a bubble can do? Say the cap is 140 mil. in 2013 that environment you could build a real good team or MAYBE TWO on the FLY and on the CHEAP...


Remember guys like Jones don't just build empires they CONQUEROR THEM...For the REST of the TEAM owners its real simple accept the JONES business a new super stadium..develop multiple revenue streams...or you will be assimilated.... (JFL kinda has ring doesn't it?)


G_SWAG..Please try and keep up!!!


copyrighted 2011 by lqfIII

as usual any media types that think its OK to steal..your going ten rounds with Mohammed Lee....










Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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