Crack Hits #15: Ware Is Legend

Just a man and his dog...................and his M-4...........on a stroll..............looking for vamps

Just a Ware with his Rat Pack...............looking for quarterbacks

Honestly I have other fan posts that were under construction in my editor but I decided to write a brand new one today. After reading the front page article about the lack of OLB depth I had a brief discussion with 5Blings about DeMarcus Ware. Ware has been in the news recently with his NFL Top 100 ranking. How Ware was ranked the 12th overall player in the NFL I will never know, nor do I care. Ware is the foundation to this team and I think he is highly underrated by the NFL and his peers.

The NFL consistently undervalues DeMarcus Ware and that will never go away. In my book Ware Is Legend, like the Will Smith movie I Am Legend. Instead of patrolling the post apocalyptic landscape with a M-4 and his dog looking for vampires, Ware patrols the barren NFL landscape with his fellow Cowboys hunting for quarterbacks. Yes the Cowboys defense is talented and Ware has partners in crime, but none of them are on the level this man is.

Editors Note: I am Legend is a fascinating book and a great movie as well. If you need a good book to read, pick up I Am Legend. If you need a good movie to watch, rent I Am Legend.

I look at Ware as a one man wrecking crew. Ware is a beast in his own right and doesn't need any help. Anthony Spencer may one day be his partner in crime, but that day has not come yet. Until that day Spencer is part of the Rat Pack, his understudy. Ware entered this league with questions surrounding his draft selection. Many felt we should have selected Shawne Merriman, though Mel Kiper was Pro-Ware since the combine that year. I was pretty happy when Jerry Jones, not Bill Parcells, drafted DeMarcus Ware out of Troy University in the 2005 NFL Draft with the 11th overall pick.

Selecting DeMarcus Ware will go down as one of the best draft picks EVER. Ware is the face of this franchise in my opinion. No he doesn't play quarterback, which is the biggest position maybe in the world besides shortstop for the Yankees. But Ware is a part of something bigger. Ware is the foundation to this defense, he is where it all starts. This 3-4 defense is built around DeMarcus Ware. If we were to lose Ware it would be catastrophic, like I Am Legend the Cowboys world would go up in flames. Vampires cough I mean quarterbacks would sling balls with no problem in this post non Ware landscape. Running backs would set the edge with no fear. It would be a disaster without the legend of Ware.

Standing in at 6'4 262 and running a 4.56 40 yard dash the man is a beast. I have a hard time not focusing in on Ware when I watch the defense. Its really hard not to sit there and hone in on #94. The man is a superhero in every aspect of the game of football. Its really moronic in my opinion when nobody talks about this man in the regards of the best player in the NFL. #12? So were saying DeMarcus Ware is the 12th best player in the NFL? Get outta here with that nonsense. If Ware was not a Dallas Cowboy, but say a Pittsburgh Steeler the NFL Network would be non stop head over heels for DeMarcus Ware. The Cowboys bias is in full effect here in my opinion.

Rookie season 2005 he put up 58 tackles 8 sacks 3 forced fumbles. In 2006 his sack total jumped to 11.5 with 5 forced fumbles. In 2007 he put up 84 tackles 14 sacks and 4 forced fumbles. 2008 he had 84 tackles 20 sacks 6 forced fumbles. In 2009 the "Down Year For Ware" he had 11 sacks and 5 forced fumbles. In 2010 on a dismal defense he put up 15.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. That is 80 sacks, 25 forced fumbles, 422 tackles in 6 seasons. He is a statistical machine when you look at the numbers. His 20 sack season was almost a record, I was upset he didn't come away with the NFL record on that one because he was flat out dominant that season.

Ware in my opinion is the best pass rusher in the NFL and its not even close. I am so glad we locked him up long term because DeMarcus Ware is the epitome of what it means to be a Dallas Cowboy. He shows up and gives everything he has every single game. No man prepares or works harder at making his craft better. Ware will be entering his 7th NFL season and I pray he is here another seven years. To be somewhat of a realist I will say that Ware has at worst four years left at this level of play. If we never win a Super Bowl in that time, it will be a complete waste of this mans time. DeMarcus Ware is the best football player on this team and its not even close. That is no disrespect to any player on this team but Ware is one of the best players in the history of the NFL.    

The Scariest Moment Ever

The moment he became a LEGEND in my eyes was the 2009 season. Week 14 of that year we were playing the San Diego Chargers in a game we honestly should have won. We are not here to discuss why we lost that game, we are here to discuss Ware. DeMarcus comes around the edge and runs into a pile of Chargers players with his neck clearly the issue. As a Cowboys fan for 27 years, that may have been the scariest moment I have ever encountered. I honestly thought Ware was not going to walk again for a brief moment, I was worried for the mans life.

Eventually he is carted off the field and honestly I thought the season was over right then and there. I still believe to this day if we ever lose him for a significant amount of time we will go nowhere on the defensive side of the ball. He is too special to lose for any amount of time. Leading up to the biggest game of the season in New Orleans against the red hot undefeated Saints, Ware was supposedly not playing in the game.    

Demarcus Ware Injury (via newhaircut1)

DeMarcus Ware Hurt December 13th vs. Chargers (via freefallin324)

The Legend Is Born

Minutes and I mean minutes before the kickoff out comes DeMarcus Ware. Now that really got me pumped up for that game. I said we are winning this game, I just know it. Ware obviously was not 100 percent that game and he took some plays off. When he was out there, he was downright dominant. Ware was in Drew Brees face the entire game, especially on third down and that is where Ware makes his money.

Ware makes two of the biggest plays of the year with 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. In the last seconds of the game the Saints are driving down the field. Ware comes around the edge, drops his shoulder pads and drops the patented Ware Hammer. Now I have only watched football for about 23 odd years, but nobody and I mean nobody is better at forcing fumbles coming around the edge like that than Ware. Many sack artists go just for the hit, Ware on the other hand goes for the ball first. On this play he not only knocks the ball lose, he wins the game. That instant Ware is declared LEGEND in my household. Ware Is Legend was born that game.    

Cowboys beat the Saints 24 to 17 (via RJOEnt)

Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints Highlights, HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!! (via cmpunk753)

Ware Dat...................Demarcus Ware sacks Drew Brees to end the game (via chuckgilliam)

Demarcus Ware "Game saving play" (Cowboys vs. Saints) (via wizardjb2)


The Aftermath

Funny how I am pointing out a play that happened in Ware's 5th NFL season as his defining moment, because Ware has had plenty of other defining moments in his career. For my money though, that is where he became a superhero and will go down as a legend of this game. Near wheelchair experience the week before, game changer the next. That is how legends are born. Ware is a warrior that put everything on the line that game for his team, not for himself. If there ever was the "team player", Ware would be that man.

DeMarcus Ware in my opinion is arguably the best defensive player in the NFL. Until he wins a Super Bowl, he will never garner the respect he should have. He will go down as one of the best pass rushers in the history of the NFL. Some say he reminds them of #94 Charles Haley. When I watch Ware I see Derrick Thomas former Chief great who in my opinion was the best pass rusher of his era other than LT. Ware reminds me of Derrick Thomas and its scary how similar they are with that "hammer" move. Hopefully Ware never ends up like Thomas did, who died tragically during the 2000 season while attempting to attend the NFC Championship game that year in a car crash. RIP to Derrick Thomas, he was a great man on top of a great football player.

Ware is currently at 80 career sacks in 6 NFL seasons. The man is a flat out beast and I pray to the football gods that they send him the personal needed to win the one big game to immortalize his career in eternal glory. Much like Tony Romo, Ware will be judged by his hardware and not his individual performances. Some have the balls to call Ware out and say that he is not a leader. Well for those doubters, I guess they missed those two weeks of the 2009 NFL season where DeMarcus Ware put everything on the line leading his team into battle.


My Parting Gift To You.....................The Ware-A-Holics

Demarcus Ware highlights (via DCowboysTV)

Ultimate DeMarcus Ware Dallas Cowboys Highlights (via Roadtrip635)

Demarcus Ware Beware Of D-Ware Highlights (via SugaShaneMV15)

Dallas Cowboys Outside Linebacker DeMarcus Ware Top 100 NFL PLayers #12 (via cowboysportsblog)

Demarcus Ware (via parlicious)


Just to stir the pot here...............Osi Umenyiora of the Giants was Ware's teammate at Troy...................Osi is a free agent pretty soon..................what about pairing the two up again?


This has been a ChiaCrack Production 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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